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The winter and the summer holidays are the best time for us as Indians to travel. We are just mad travellers. We need a vacation in every 6 months! But one thing we lack is to be travel ready. We are never prepared for a trip. Maybe mentally but not practically. We are clumsy in packing and prepping.

But  a vacation is best when you have everything that you want to make every bit of the trip feel amazing. We have an awful tendency to keep forgetting things. And, because we are never prepared we undoubtedly forget things which are a travel essential and the whole trip is spend pondering how come we left that one little thing.

These are some things that you should always remember before going on a trip be it a solo or the one with friends or family :

  1. Prepare a to-do list

    ALWAYS MAKE A LIST! Yes, this thing always needs extra emphasis. A To-Do list is always a must be it on a paper or on your phone. It keeps you updated over what is already been kept and done and what all needs to be done. It is always important. I have been doing so for almost 5 years now and I have never left anything behind when going a trip. It makes you remember everything . If anything needs to brought from the market you will just know y simply looking at the list.

    Travelling To- Do
  2. Pack in toiletries

    Toiletries are the most essential things when you are on a trip. Keep all your shampoo , conditioners, soap/ body wash , moisturiser , combs, bands, everything!! Because if you miss out on these you will be cranky as hell. And, this includes your make up and everything else. They should be packed first always. Clothes can be easily bought but your favourite product can be may or may not be bought when you are travelling.

    various personal hygiene products for travelling
  3. Always carry more!

    In every possible sense carry more of everything. Maybe an extra pair of shoes, socks, slippers and most importantly clothes. Always one extra pair of clothes in case of an emergency and also to have a little variety in clothes. Being extra cautious in such thing when you travel is important and also not to forget a medicine bag is so so so essential. Carry only the important medicines for fever, allergy, nausea, diarrhoea so that you are fully prepared.

    packing technique
  4. Carry eateries

    These are kind of optional but just carry some so that in case you feel hungry you have so thing to chew and fill your tummy with. Specially for people travelling abroad and are vegetarian they should definately carry so extra packets of dried food items. Because travelling abroad and not having anything to eat is a problem. So only some packets to calm your hunger.

    Road Food
  5. Handbag

    Not the traditional handbag but your main luggage is in the big suitcase and you need to prepare small with just some important stuff that you might need when you are travelling. Mainly containing your charging cables, portable charger, ear plugs, some gum, or any other thing that you think is important for you to have without taking the pains to open your suitcase and get that stuff out.

    Travel Bag
    Travel Bag






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