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The last month of 2017 started with a bang. It was Heartwork Tattoo Festival making its way to the capital. The festival celebrated the art of marking tattoos and inking. Many tattoo artist and tattoo enthusiasts made their way to the 3 day fun-packed event which happened in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium from 1st of December to the #rd of December.

inking fest

The 3rd edition of Heartwork will featured tattoo artists from across the globe which South-East Asia had rarely seen. The festival which made its debut in 2015 is great way to celebrate the art of inking. Artists known for their beautiful art of tattoo come under one roof. The showcase their talent and prove their worth in their act.

The tri-day inking fest had live stage acts and had three competitions and the exciting winning prize was to get a trip to the USA. USA being the hub of tattoo artists where in some streets in Miami are called tattoo streets.

Anil Gupta

The fest had famous artist like Jeff Gogue from US, Steve Butcher from New Zealand, Anil Gupta from NYC, Jamie Mahood from US and many more. Who not only did live acts and showed their enormous talent but also gave inspiration to a lot of tattoo enthusiasts.

The live stage act had volunteers who came up and got their bodies inked. Their were stalls made for artists who came all the way to India to be a part of this special event.  The best thing about this whole event is that the real Gods of inking where their to inspire you and any one could get a one on one chance to interact with them and know more about this special form of art.

Their was one special event, which was to give the budding artist a chance to present their talent. The last day of the fest was dedicated in selecting the winners for the competition who could win a trip to USA.

A glimpse of the inking talent:

Events like these help in encouraging unknown talent in our country. These events give the noob in this field platform to know their true strengths and also a chance to a beginner to know more about it. It also helps give a rise to the talent which no one talks about. Also besides the artist knowing more about their fields, it helps tattoo collectors to come across various designs and type of tattoos.

Tattoo making or lets inking our fields which still need a big push to elevate their standards here in India. It is always said that to get good looking tattoo you need to go to Goa. But why just Goa why not spread this unknown talent in the country to make it receive recognition that it clearly deserves. One more important fact about this field by organising such thoughtful tests they are making the whole taboo around ” Tattoos ” go away.

The art of inking is a way of making your thoughts and ideas come alive. It is a way of making a memory stay with you forever in your heart and on your body. Or on the brighter for the artists, the give people the chance to get inked and get those memories inked on them.





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