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Wedding season is on and its time to hack that perfect wedding guest look. A look that is as easy as the title of the blog and its even more simple to achieve. But for the perfect look you ought to have some vanity essential to escalate the look. You would need the obvious essential for every look. A perfect lip colour, good non oily base, highlighter, eye liner, eye shadow palette, perfect blush, and the most important a blow dryer.

You need to first do your make -up and then start with your hair. Hair won’t take look as this hack can work for a voluminous blow dried look but in case you want to experiment with your hair you can curl them or ¬†you can straighten them.

  • For the make-up like mentioned above you need to have the correct base( the one that matches with your skin tone), but before putting your base you need to moisturise your face.
  • Then apply either a BB cream or a base. But don’t overdo the BB cream. I would suggest to mix the BB cream with your moisturiser to have an even tone and equal effect of the cream.

  • Then on the application of your Base you can go for contouring by using 2 new set of base; one which is a tone lighter than your skin tone and another should be two tone darker than your skin tone. Then apply the lighter tone under your eye and on your nose. Then use the darker tone to highlight your cheek bone and your jaw line. Apply the darker tone on your jaw line and just below your cheek bones.
  • And then you can either smudge it using the right brush or you can use a make-up sponge.
How to apply highlighter
  • On smudging nicely you need to apply highlighter, like all the Youtubers you are not required to highlight your entire T-zone or your lips. Just rub your finger once on the highlighter and apply it on the top of your cheek bones.
End result of the eye makeup
  • Then for your eyes; first fill your eye brows with an eye brow pencil. Because its the wedding try opting for shimmery shades, like golden, silver, or best is bronze colour. bronze shade or slightly orangish shade go well with wedding look. You do not have to smother your eyes with these just apply the eye shadow along the shape of your eye lid. And use the silver eye shadow to apply a very little amount on the corner of your eyes and finish off the type of liner you like. For the perfect wing use a spoon to help you get it right and then apply mascara.
  • Then take a dab of blush and apply it and finish it off with a pop lip colour; red, maroon, magenta whatever you like!

  • For the hair blow dry them upside-down. Go against the grain and for your crown¬†backcomb your hair at the crown towards the roots. And for your bangs blow dry them in the opposite direction. This will give them a bounce and then you can either have big curls or you can straighten them.
  • That’s it for the make-up and hair but for the wedding guest attire remember if your outfit has a lot of work going on then opt for a subtle make-up but if its a simple one you can use a darker shade of lipstick to bring it all together. And prefer juttis instead of heals they are so in these days.




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