I Like It With A Touch Of Drama

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Ever since we grew up things get real and ugly. On your face, it’s a terrible world. Drama is missing. Not Shakespearean drama, the fashion drama. In this world where you are no more than a little space, make yourself visible. Live, smile and wear yellow knee-high stockings with blue strips just like Louisa Clarke did in the movie “Me Before You.” Young and vibrant, fashion differs from person to person. I say, make it your identity. Sometimes, looking like a sugar plump cake is what you need because that’s what you are in your mind. Untameable, carefree and innocent, expecting a lot from life. Well, it’s only an observation from the vulnerable outfit you don.


Louisa Clarke is a pretty girl in her mid-20s. She is employed to look after a paralyzed man. They both love life. But not in the same way probably. The outfit that she wears throughout the movie is remarkable and eye-catching. Colours play an important role as it stands in contrast with Will’s life and Louisa dons all the colours and represents Will’s alter-ego. Polka dots, dramatic patterns, printed mary jane heels, fluffy jackets and what not, she takes a lot of pride in being herself. And enough of chatting, let’s have a look at some of her outfits from the movie.

She wears that smile as complimentary with every little skirt and sheer blue, red stockings. Unmindful of the place that is serious and anti-drama, she manages to throw some life in the otherwise monochrome mansion. Those red boots in the picture are just so perfect when it’s she who is wearing them. Not everyone can carry the childish boots so confidently.

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She is lit like a Christmas tree when Will gift’s her her favourite yellow stockings with blue strips on it. The happiness on her face is evident. While she drowns herself in some fairy tale magical world, her hair seems to be sober and in touch with the reality. Her character is portrayed so beautifully through her attire that not much needs to be said yet everything is understood.

Now, this sky colour printed dress is perfect for a date night. Though she goes as his caretaker in the wedding in the movie, they end up celebrating their togetherness. The neatly done hair in a bun with flower headdress adds a final touch to her entire look. Neither too cheeky nor too shy, she pulls the look together with a wide smile.

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Isn’t she slaying this dress? This combination doesn’t go together in real life. But when Louisa wears it in the final scene of the movie, we cannot agree more. From start to end, she brings to fore some quirky combinations from her wardrobe and no there cannot be a better outfit to portray the character so neatly.

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This red dress is ethereal and magical. She dons in the colour of love and unknowingly woos Will to loving her.  Her outfits run parallel to the scene and deliver the emotions quite adequately. “Me Before You” is a romantic movie starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin. It’s a wonderful story, indeed!




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