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From Day 3 began the tremendous flare of the fashion week. I mean from Day 3 the line up of all the designer was just great. We saw so many big actor and actresses walk the ramp for some of the very famous and acclaimed designers. There were outfits and fabrics that blew us away and it was something that any fashion enthusiast would have died to be there.

Line up included very acclaimed and the most talented duo, Flaguni shane Peacock, then the amazingly gifted person  with loads of creativity, Tarun Tahiliani. We also saw the refreshing collection by Gaurang. Two very different collection also made an appearance on the ramp, Amooh, and Anaam. Lastly with a Circa Malgudi. But besides the supremely talented designers fashion week are fairly interesting because they make us come across some very quirky and stylish fashion bloggers who are seen capturing the moments at fashion week. These bloggers are just a notch ahead of us with their style and looks.

Bloni Atelier

The regeneration of all the electric colors was all that glittered on the runway when it was time for Bloni Atelier to shake the runway with some jazz. The hair web was a total eye catcher. But the web was not behind the crown but instead in front! Who would have thought of that, that was something which made it clear that it is the Day 3 of fashion festival and it is going to get more interesting.


Bloni and ASA were part of the same time slot. But ASA was different than Bloni. Their outfits had more earthy colors and the way the models walked up the ramp it was like some sort of a drill. But it was very exquisite and different. We saw heena green, tangy orange, nudes and all the cool shades on the ramps.

Rahul and Shikha

Fresh, easy, breezy colors and lovely prints. The Virsa by Rahul and Shikha was a window to the beautiful summers and similar to an evening spent in a garden. The outfits were very flowy and had a lot of fabrics and beautiful prints of bees and flowers. As accessories the models wore over size glasses and had slings. There were very minute details to the creation especially the button which had flower embroidery on them.


There was a lot teal that was soon in his collection. Teal and gold embroidery saree and dresses and capes so many other elements all out of the same tone. The one popping fact that all the models from Gauging’s collection had was that they were sporting a grey coloured ‘tikka’ which was very contrasting to the teal shaded outfits. Also, the hair of all models were wrapped by a shimmery fabric but again in teal color. But not to be too biased with regards to the tone of the collection, the collection also had soft shade of blues.


Well, well, well, their designs were red carpet worthy. Anyone wearing them wouldd create a statement then and their itself. They were raunchy, stylish, full of tassels, glamorous and everything that a red carpet look needs. 431-88 made the runway lit with all the glamour and sexy designs.

Falguni Shane Peacock

Straight away moving onto the elephant in the room( though its not really a room) but even then on the closing if the show one would have never thought of seeing Karan Johar walking the runway in silver hair. Yes, thats what the husband wife duo did they made him walk the ramp with so much panache and poise no one would have ever thought of. Also it was Sonakshi Sinha accompanying him in the closing of their collection. The collection that the FSP brought to the runway was set in black. It was all glittery and shimmery without the signature FSP feathers clinged to the outfits.

Tarun Tahiliani

This was probably the best closing collection in the 3 day fashion festival. This time got some pastel hues to life oknt the runway. The designs were elegant, and so amazing. There were a lot lehenga that we spotted on the ramp. All of them looking super gorgeous. There wasn’t even one design were we could even find faults. The collection was really elegant and very quintessential. Kriti Sanon closed the show and looked superb in the floral lehenga. It was a brilliant wedding wear collection. And the waterline silver eye liner just took our breaths away.







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