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Gigi Hadid world’s highest paid model is into a lot of project. With brand like Reebok Woman, Bulgari in her kitty she has now started her latest endeavour with Maybelline. Her new project is the latest buzz in the fashion industry and not just in the domestic market but also in the international markets as well. During the launch of her limited edition makeup adventure with Maybelline, Gigi said, “I have always believed that great makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” Gigi says about the line. “I was empowered to create something that I couldn’t find before, while also making sure it was a full set at an affordable price.”

Jet Setter Palette

Her launch began with the entry of the first ever jet setter palette. The palette was everything that was present in her statement. It is economical, and had a wide range of products in a compact palette. With two lip balms, four eye shadows, one highlighter, one matte bronzer, two concealers, and one mini mascara — oh, and two travel size brushes — this palette truly has everything you need to create a variety of killer makeup kit.But that was just the start, the jet setter palette was part of the first phase of her launch, there is a lot that came after the amazing jet setter palette.

East + West Coast Palettes

Precisely after the launch of the palette Gigi launched a dozen other products under to broad range categorized as the “East Coast Glam” collection and “West Coast Glow” collection, clearly named after where the 22-year-old model spends most of her time.The East Coast collection is inspired by the “vibe of Gigi’s favorite Soho alleyways” i.e. smudgy, chic, and perfectly imperfect. It features products with neutral tones we can imagine wearing to work, plus vampy shades we can’t wait to slick on and wear out on this weekend. There are two Eye Contour Palettes in “Warm” and “Cool” shades. Both palettes include five matte shadows that are meant to mimic the eye’s natural contours to recreate Gigi’s go-to eye look. Not sure how to go about eye contouring? Pick up the special Eye Contour Brush, which has narrow and flat sides for getting into all the nooks and crannies of your lids.

East Coast eye shadow palette

But what is an eyeshadow look without liner? No worries — the East Coast collection has got you covered with a black liquid liner for razor sharp cat eyes AND a smudgy gel liner. For skin, the East Coast collection has two tinted primers, which are lightweight and give major #modeloffduty vibes; top with the collection’s “Liquid Strobe” highlighter for a silvery iridescent glow and you’re practically Gigi. Lastly, the East Coast collection has three matte lipsticks — including a light nude named after Gigi’s pal, McCall, the quintessential Gigi nude, and a mauve-y purple we can’t wait to don all season long.

West coast eye shadow palettes

Gigi’s West Coast Glow collection has an eyeshadow palettes (also named “Warm” and “Cool”) feature yummy beachy shades with pops of color. And the real treat is that the collection has a nude gel eyeliner made specifically to sweep along the waterline for that well-rested I-just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. With the Lash sensational mascara (which features Maybelline’s patented 10 layer brush) and you’ll look bright eyed and bushy tailed regardless of how much sleep you got the night before. Lastly, the collection boasts a golden shimmer gloss and three poppy matte lipsticks that range from orange to red.

Gigi Hadid Collection launched in India

Recently, Mumbai hosted the launch of Gigi Hadid’s collection with a long list of Bollywood A-listers. The event also saw the presence of Elton Fernandes the leading make-up artist of B-Town. The launch welcomed a very vivid range of lipsticks from the limited collection of Gigi Hadid. The palette that was launched has vibrant lip shades, mascara and felt-tip eye liner. The collection was then launched on Nykaa. And everybody is going crazy over this NYC spirit make-up edition. It will definitely be the top seller without a doubt. Can’t wait to try’em Gigi Hadid lip colors!

Vibrant Gigi Hadid Lip Colors




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