Fashion Tips for the Skinny Body Type

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We should celebrate our bodies no matter how healthy or skinny we are. There are a lot of videos and blogs on how should a person with a healthier body type should dress up. But in my opinion its high time someone did a blog on how skinny people should dress up to celebrate their bodies. Firstly, do not care of what others think of you what really matters is what you think of yourself, which is the only opinion you should really care about.

Dolly Singh

Secondly, dress according to your size, the skinny ones are always buying clothing that are slightly bigger than their actual size which makes them look even more thin and skinny. Wear the right kind of clothes, no matter how tight they are. Also, in older days there were not too many brands with all the size ranges, but now we have brands like H&M, Forever 21, even Zara that like to keep clothes of all sizes. I personally feel Zara has the best range of jeans and lowers as in they have jeans of literally all the sizes which is a rarity as Zara gives the best fitting of jeans. And for tops, shirts I think Forever 21 has probably the best range in terms of quality, variety, and sizes. I never came back home disappointed from forever 21.

Sarah Hyland

Thirdly, celebrate who you are. If you are still not able to find your mojo then take some inspiration from some of the skinny personalities who are just breaking all the taboos. First on my mind is, Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. She is a diva and she is 27 years old. But look at her thin structure it makes her look younger. And the way she dresses makes you wanna take some notes out of it. She is often seen wearing crop tops. Which is a perfect advice for the thin structured people. If you are thin then flaunt your structure, wear crop tops, racer back top and every thing that accentuates your waist line, and your neck line. Upon wearing a crop top wear some jewellery like Sarah, big hoops are a huge thumbs up.

Sarah Hyland

And then why just crop top wear them with some ripped jeans, styled hair and a dark sexy lip shade. And for footwear prefer anything with a little height not only heels, but even opting for shoes with some heels. Thin people with a good height are no less than a model. And because you are thin you can experiment with a lot of jeans, skirts, shorts even. Try avoiding to much fabric, like flowing gowns because they will just highlight your structure in a way that you end up looking like a hanger.

If you still are under confident then start with some layer, experiment a lot with jackets, cardigans, shrugs and anything which is an add on layer and not the primary one. And for some further inspiration go check Dolly Singh, Instagram handle, Spill_the_sass which is something every skinny should see to learn and praise what you have. Dolly according to the Indian standards has probably the best wardrobe sense even though she is skinny and sexy at the same time.Also if clothing still make you uncomfortable with your body then divert the attention to your make up and hair that is the best way to draw someones attention to your talent and not your physique.




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