Back In 90’s, It Was All About Rachel Green

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Left a man at the altar, came gushing in the central perk, a bride. She was Rachel Karen Green. Childish, crazy and careless, we might call her but in the nick of time, she gained authority. Her authority came with her job. She became independent and from season 1 to season 10, she evolved graciously. The heartthrob of many, Rachel’s wardrobe was something that we can’t stop drooling over. Even today, the impression is undoable. From her goofy knicks pullovers, pencil skirts, body-fitting dresses to formals, she looked ravishing in every dress she wore. Here, I will talk about some of her best picks in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


The checked mini skirt is from season 1. She offers the look of a school girl and probably this mini and knee-high stockings are a great combination. She is gullible and child-like as is depicted in these episodes. Her wardrobe is so right that it probably speaks her mind. Denim, dungaree, turtleneck etc covered season 1. She didn’t miss a chance to portray her immature nature.


This dress is one of the sexiest dress that she wears in the series. A green body-fitting slit dress with minimum accessories and light make-up. She looks ravishing and godly. After struggling through endless dresses she saves this dress for the end. And indeed, it was worth the wait.

The Kimono dress is another one on the list. She wears this black flower print close-necked slit kimono dress in season 10.

What Wear Want –

She awes her with her impeccable dress sense. Be it simple sweater shirt paired with blue jeans or plaited skirt with broad belt and black turtleneck, she has everything in place. Also, not to miss those knee length boots. We know her love for boots from season 1 itself, needn’t say more!


This black bodycon dress is a big thumb up for an interview or meeting. She nails her formals as well. She wore this dress when she had an interview with Ralph Lauren. From Bloomingdales to Ralph Lauren, her dresses change for the best every time with her job prospects.


And when you put a violet leather coat over that black dress, we can’t get enough of her, can we?


Now, who wouldn’t like to be served by a waitress like Rachel? The mini-skirt with full sleeves shimmering sweater and sheer stockings is 10 on 10. She loves to dress up and she is indeed very confident about her body. We can take inspiration even from this waitress dress. And it will work for any party girls night out.

Rachel Green is the style icon for all those who adore themselves. Her fashion statement is one of the other things that comes complimentary with the story. Be it joey’s award show or regatta gala or even a fake party, she never misses a chance to flaunt the godliness in her. And we take every bit of it. She is certainly the best dressed in the show.







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