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Sixties is considered to be the most influential time for the fashion industry that we have today. From messy hairdos to skinny tights,  bold liners are the gifts of the sixties. It was the time that the world was moving towards modernisation and these trend setters made the transition even more easy. These women are considered to be the woman of their times. The ones who were bold enough to bring a change in the world of fashion.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jackie was the real fashion First Lady of America. She was the wife of the 35th president of America, John F Kennedy. She became famous due to her impeccable style throughout her time in the White House. Jackie’s prim skirt suits, pillbox hats and super-sized dark glasses made her the style inspiration for women across America. The pink suit she was wearing on the day of her husband’s assassination has made a mark in history as one of the most iconic outfits of all time, and a staple 1960s fashion look.

Audrey Hepburn

LBB- Little Black Dress is her contribution, during her appearance in the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She made LBB stand on the fashion map. And besides her debute movie she had the off-duty style game; she was an utter champion of chic capri pants and ballet pumps ( fashion staples of today’s time ).

Mia Farrow

The Rosemary’s Baby star and former wife of Frank Sinatra was an icon of the era, always adding a playful touch to her looks and paving the way for the likes of Alexa Chung with her Peter Pan collar dresses and off-beat shoe pairings. The elfin crop was made famous by Mia Farrow in the late 1960s and still continues to inspire the hair world today.


Twiggy, real name Lesley Hornby. Bob hairstyles were staples for 1920s fashion, but this girl cemented an even short hairstyle‘s place in history – the pixie crop. Twiggy quickly rose to supermodel fame, thanks to her paint ’em on thick eyelashes. Almost overnight she became the face of the decade; instantly recognisable. She has graced the covers of Vogue and Tatler.

Yoko Ono

She was the one breaking all barriers buy dressing in just one colour. Wide-brimmed hats and knee-high boots were her signature accessories during this defining decade. Yoko Ono has never done colour. From her private wedding to one of the most defining moments of the 60s, the John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed-in, the petite artist championed a head-to-toe white aesthetic.

Marianne Faithful

Just like her name she was faithful to her mini dresses. Marianne Faithful’s style was one of the most desired of the 60s. Her love for over-sized sunglasses, the shortest of minis and full, choppy bangs – all rounded off with a heavy rock ‘n’ roll attitude – some of the reasons she inspired some of the Rolling Stones’ biggest hits including You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Wild Horses, and I Got the Blues.

Brigitte Bardot

The world-famous French bombshell’s style was unabashedly sexy and defined 1960s fashion forever. She made messy, piled-high up-dos the hair of choice, and every girl wanted a piece of her signature confidence. Who knew that perfectly un-perfect, slightly parted fringe would still be so sought-after more than 50 years later?

Barbara Hulanicki

Known for her affordable velvet trouser suits and unisex T-shirts. Barbara Hulanicki opened the doors to her cult Biba boutique in 1964, a defining moment for 1960s fashion. Her shop became a hip hangout for artists, actors and rock stars including Mick Jagger and David Bowie.





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