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Your skin benefits more when you are sleeping.

Once you hit 25 your skin starts reminding you of your age and its a constant reminder that you are AGEING! But being a goof around magazines and skin treatment I reckon reading a proven fact that a growing women should start taking care of their skin from the age of 25 and should follow regimes to keep their skin away from ageing and wrinkles when they hit their 40ies.

Keeping in mind that skin is our largest organ, awfully exposed to the strident environment. There are a lot of regimes to be followed but the best skin regime would be to treat your skin before sleeping because during naps your skin has the maximum time to recover from all the damage caused during the day and then when you wake up in the morning it gives you a refreshed look even after a long 10hour sleep! 

(even though night time skin product are wee bit expensive but there are a lot home remedies you could follow to save up your money and to replenish your skin naturally. )


  • Remove your Make-up 

Even though you have had a very tiring day and all you want to do is to tuck yourself in your bed and just go to sleep but here is the thing, removing make-up is a MUST!

clean face
remove make-up




You should never sleep with your make up on. Leaving make-up on clogs your pores. The leftover makeup clogs your pores and makes your skin feel greasy. This often leads to acne, pimple, and an increase in the number of white heads. So, to save you some trouble make sure to keep a pack of wet wipes on your bed side. This will save you the trouble of getting up and cleansing your face        ( great shortcut for all the lazy heads out there!)


  • Use a toner

Once you have cleansed you face its time to use a toner. Toner basically is a product that makes all the part of your face of the same pH. Some people ignore using a toner stating that it is a total waste to use a toner on your skin. On the contrary, a toner works to remove residue from makeup and even that cleanser you just used to get rid of dirt, which believe it or not, shouldn’t stay on your skin for too long.

Gently apply a toner made for your skin type each night before bed. Using toner that’s too harsh for your skin could result in some irritation.

toning skin

Dry and normal skin types should avoid alcohol-based formulas, which are really only necessary for people with oily skin. The best available toner is Ice. It works the same way. Instead of spending too much just open your freezer and grab some ice.



  • Use an Eye Cream

    eye cream
    Apply eye cream



First up, you need to decide what you wish it to do. Do you want it to smooth out wrinkles? Depuff bags? Minimise circles? Or all of the above plus colour correcting, brightening and tightening too? There are a lot brands but once you start getting into the depth of eye creams you will realise that though they come into small pots but they can be really expensive-and with even bigger promises.

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Cream




And the only cheap eye cream( in terms of price ) present in the Indian market is the Lakme Absolute perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Creme. It acts as a good lightening cream and easily blends and also it is not at all greasy.

Forest Essentials product for skin
Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream Tub

The Forrest Essentials Night Creams are expensive but have even more good result which truly justifies there prices. It has natural extract of all the natural herbal elements which really help in correcting dark circles.

Clinique for Skin
Clinique Night Creme

Same way, Clinique is all not so economical but it is said to give tremendous results once you get into a habit of using it.


  • Use a hand cream

Your hands need equal nourishment they are the severely affected. You end up touching a lot of things during the day and then when you use soap to clean it takes away all the softness of your hands leaving them dry. So, just before going to bed apply a small amount of hand cream son your hands and then sleep. It will work its magic during the night and you will have soft and smooth hands in the morning.

BodyShop Hand Cream

 BodyShop hand creams are probably the most bough hand creams. They come in various types strawberries, Peach, Shea Butter, Coconut, Moringa, etc.


 P.S. Try carrying a hand cream with you everyday as it will help in keeping your hands smooth all day long.

  • Sleep on your back for a glowing skin

    sleep on your back

    Research shows that over time, applying pressure on your face can lead to wrinkles. If you always sleep on your right side or your left side, that side of your face can potentially develop more wrinkles. Sleeping on your back not only keeps your face free of fine lines, it also props your head up just so to keep fluids from pooling under your eyes and creating unsightly bags.





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