Huda x Nykaa

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The most famous make-up brand, Huda is making its way in the Indian market. Nykaa being the leading online seller of cosmetics and make-up products, lured Huda Beauty into the Indian market. Yes, Huda products will soon be seen int he Indian market and all the make-up enthusiast can grab on their Huda product whenever they want.

Huda products are considered to be the top most make-up products which are not just economic but also of a very good quality. Mostly all the leading beauty bloggers and even the actors and other celebrities prefer either Mac or Huda products for the make-up. Huda has a wide range of make-up products, from eye shadow palette, amazing lip colors, bases, fake lashes and what not. Its a great deal for the Indian market because here the leading make-up brands were Mac and Bobby Brown, though Sephora also owned some share in it and so does Clinque and other brands. But Mac was the leader in India and now with Huda stepping in the Indian market it will give a tough competition to the leading brands.

Recently, Huda Kattan the founder of Huda beauty did a January cover for Grazia India. Huda looked ravishing on the cover and also did a piece for the magazine. In the interview she talks about her journey from being a beauty blogger to turning into an entrepreneur and then starting the biggest makeup brand. She talked about her journey in this industry and what it takes to be a businesswoman and owning a make-up empire of her own. She even talked about her new venture and her debut in the Indian market. Probably by the end of January Nykaa will start selling Huda products on its website.

Huda Beauty

Taking a look at Huda Kattan’s career path, she started off as a blogger from America with the name Huda Beauty. And later on became the #1 blog in the Middle East and a top 20 beauty blog worldwide. She posts her video content to her self-titled YouTube channel. She is a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant. Later she moved to Dubai and started of her own make-up brand by the same name as that of her blog, Huda Beauty. She first came up with her concept of the beauty blog while at the University of Michigan. She was a beauty and fashion enthusiast since childhood. She has over 23 million Instagram followers, more than 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, and over 45,000 Twitter followers.huda kattanIn her interview with Grazia, she mentioned the changing trends in fashion. She said that any sort of imperfection adds character. Then continued saying that thick thighs, cellulite , gaps in teeth , stretch marks or skin order need to be celebrated. She further added that these things make a person unique and these things should always be celebrated and rejoiced about. Thereafter, also added that Huda will always find such people who have something unique about them. She felt a lot has changed during the years over the definition of perfection. She supports imperfection in any form and said everyone else too should celebrate these things and not hide them.

Well, it will be a delight to see the response that Huda products will get in India and it will surely be surreal. The big launch of Huda is what India has been waiting for a very long time and it will be worth the wait. Nykaa has done a great thing for all the gorgeous Indian ladies out there. We can’t wait to go all Huda because thats how badly we’ve been waiting for!


Dear Departed.

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Goodbye are the hardest for some and the easiest for the detachable. But for the former who think goodbyes are the  most difficult part of life. Be it the departure of a near and dear one on a new journey or someone leaving us for a new world greater than ours. Belonging to the part of the ones who are emotional and who feel goodbyes are always hard and full of heart pangs.

Be is the crying the only solution? Nah, crying almost increases the pain of letting someone go. So why cry and make it even more tough and unbearable. There are many ways one could easily say goodbye with definitely a lot less amount of tears.

Souvenirs turn into a friend at such occasions and they are somehow a cute memory to go ahead. They can be in a form of gifts, letters, cute cards, a journal and many things.

 A Goodbye Journal


A goodbye journal can be a small diary. It can include your pictures with small texts that remind you of all the time that you have spend together with that person. Journal can also be your feelings for the one leaving. It can include your experiences with your closed ones, narration of an incident. Or it can be a reminiscing thought of how your life will go through extreme alterations after the departure of your fellow.

 Sweet Memory

It can be the favourite food item that the one departing loves. Either you can arrange it, buy it or to attach more feelings to it you can cook it to show the importance of the person leaving. But all in good spirits. Food often gets the toughest things done in a rather softer way, conversations down over food are always cherished. These conversations are not sentimental rather mature.

 Hamper Pamper

Like the name suggests obviously means to gift all the favourite items in a box or basket. Hamper does the same thing like the food and the journal but more importantly it shows how much you value the person. It shows the care and the attention you have given to that persons likes and dislikes.

  Memory Jar

Like a tiny jar that has small notes of all the good or bad moments you have spent together with that person. It will not out bring out beautiful memories but will also make you realise the time magical time that has been passed with the person of your dear one.

 Planting Memories

As a goodbye gift you can choose to give a plant as a souvenir of friendship. More the plant grows more your bond grows and one can never forget the such a thoughtful gift. And, not just the gift but the person giving such an unforgettable gift is also equally remembered.

  Throw a PARTY!


What better than that? Probably NOTHING! Throw them a farewell party a night no one could ever forget. 100% tear free plan. Yes, no tears no drama just dance it out in a party, the last dance that lits them up1

Celebrities and their clothing venture

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Besides being the leading ladies in Bollywood, some celebrities have set foot in the clothing line. Mainly all the leading ladies have started either their own brand or have collaborated with some clothing brand to showcase the world their creativity and their designs. 

It is probably a new trend which is catching up a lot of air in the B-Town. These designer clothes are affordable and unique in their style and design.

1. Anushka Sharma


It is just two weeks ago that Anushka sharma launched her clothing line NUSH. After becoming a successful producer,she now aims to bring affordable , accessible clothing line which gives a sneak peak into her comfort yet chic style.The designs resonate well with her vibrant and chirpy personality bringing out the cool vibe in her autumn winter collection.

2.  Malaika Arora, Bipasha Basu and Suzanne khan

TheLabelLife is just an year old but the co-joined effort by  Malaika, Bipasha and Suzanne is their way to provide elegant home decor, clothing, shoes , accessories and bags. The recent Diwali decor collection was a mix of trendy and simple. Malaika is often seen sporting clothes from her brand.

3.  Mandira Bedi

The MandiraDesigns is the saree brand founded by Mandira Bedi. Because of her profound affliction towards sarees she planned on launching her own brand of sarees. It was only this summer that she has launched a hot summer collection, Salt.

4.  Shilpa Shetty 

In 2014, Shilpa shetty started her own saree line, SSK in collaboration with homeshop18. Without a doubt this skillful entrepreneur is doing extremely well in the clothing industry as well!

5.  Deepika Padukone 

van heusen clothing collar

In the year 2014, Deepika also collaborated with the American brand , Van Heusen. Though it was a limited edition specially desgined by her. The limited edition clothing collab had articles that were simple and neat and not loud just like her!

6.  Alia Bhatt 

alia clothing

The SOTY star collaborated with Jabong for their autumn/winter collection 2015. Just like her all the clothes were quirky and cute like a button. Moreover,the collection was a blend of cultures and long forgoten patterns and designs.

7.  Kangana Ranaut 

marquee clothing

Marquee by Kangana Ranaut was the award collection designed by Kangana that helped Vero Moda to up their game. The design were a reflection of her way to dress. The collection was multi dimensional.

8.  Lara Duttachhabra clothing

Lara Dutta-Chhabra 555 was an effort by Lara Dutta create beautiful sarees for her fans. This was a joined venture that was launched in the year 2012.

9.   Shraddha Kapoor

mara cloth

Imara by Shraddha Kapoor  was her way to incorporate ethnic and modern style dressing, and the brand is still doing  well and going strong.