Inking the streets of Delhi!

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The last month of 2017 started with a bang. It was Heartwork Tattoo Festival making its way to the capital. The festival celebrated the art of marking tattoos and inking. Many tattoo artist and tattoo enthusiasts made their way to the 3 day fun-packed event which happened in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium from 1st of December to the #rd of December.

inking fest

The 3rd edition of Heartwork will featured tattoo artists from across the globe which South-East Asia had rarely seen. The festival which made its debut in 2015 is great way to celebrate the art of inking. Artists known for their beautiful art of tattoo come under one roof. The showcase their talent and prove their worth in their act.

The tri-day inking fest had live stage acts and had three competitions and the exciting winning prize was to get a trip to the USA. USA being the hub of tattoo artists where in some streets in Miami are called tattoo streets.

Anil Gupta

The fest had famous artist like Jeff Gogue from US, Steve Butcher from New Zealand, Anil Gupta from NYC, Jamie Mahood from US and many more. Who not only did live acts and showed their enormous talent but also gave inspiration to a lot of tattoo enthusiasts.

The live stage act had volunteers who came up and got their bodies inked. Their were stalls made for artists who came all the way to India to be a part of this special event.  The best thing about this whole event is that the real Gods of inking where their to inspire you and any one could get a one on one chance to interact with them and know more about this special form of art.

Their was one special event, which was to give the budding artist a chance to present their talent. The last day of the fest was dedicated in selecting the winners for the competition who could win a trip to USA.

A glimpse of the inking talent:

Events like these help in encouraging unknown talent in our country. These events give the noob in this field platform to know their true strengths and also a chance to a beginner to know more about it. It also helps give a rise to the talent which no one talks about. Also besides the artist knowing more about their fields, it helps tattoo collectors to come across various designs and type of tattoos.

Tattoo making or lets inking our fields which still need a big push to elevate their standards here in India. It is always said that to get good looking tattoo you need to go to Goa. But why just Goa why not spread this unknown talent in the country to make it receive recognition that it clearly deserves. One more important fact about this field by organising such thoughtful tests they are making the whole taboo around ” Tattoos ” go away.

The art of inking is a way of making your thoughts and ideas come alive. It is a way of making a memory stay with you forever in your heart and on your body. Or on the brighter for the artists, the give people the chance to get inked and get those memories inked on them.


College Diaries

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College is the transformation time. We enter like a geek and come out as a diva. But apart from physical transformation, mentally as well we go through a lot. Mental transformation is for life but physical transformation is for the present.  College changes us through and through. From our fashion sense to eating sense, we all grow somewhere in between them. And we cannot deny the fact that fashion is at the core of college. We develop and evolve and so does our fashion sense. Dressing up according to the occasion is something we become a pro at while we graduate. And girls’ can understand this better.

We wake up early not to do our assignments but for something bigger than that. Yes, you are right if you are thinking about the eye-liner.  That little curve which renders a vintage look to your outfit is important. We all know that old is gold. Eye-liner is important with a touch of kajal and eye-shadow only if required. Then deciding on the dress and hair is another hurdle that we need to cross in a limited time. To win, try deciding on the dress a night before because that will keep you calm in the morning and you will also get a bonus on dark-circles free eyes. How’s that, now?!


Okay! if you like drama then you will probably not settle for casual jeans rather replace it with pants, palazzos, dungaree or skirts. And for the top, you can go for ruffles, flares, tight-fit, halter neck or off-shoulders. Mix and max because remember you are anti-boring. A dungaree with closed neck top with ruffled sleeves is perfect for a casual day. About the hair, make it in a loose high ponytail. Remember to pull out one or two strands randomly so that your hair looks a little wild while the dungaree plays the cool chic.

Now, shoes are also important. In Delhi, the present trend is of white shoes or call it sneakers. Dresses go perfectly with such sneakers and pair it up with denim jackets. It’s a tried and tested trick for a day trip. Boots will take over soon, as it’s winter time. If you are a frequent metro traveller then you have the opportunity of seeing endless varieties of boots since Delhi never compromises on fashion. So, your task is done, make a list in your mind and try to get at least two boots so that you can change and rock everytime and anytime.


Accessories like bags, lipstick, mufflers, go parallel with others. They cannot be ignored as your outfit is incomplete without it. Dark shades of lipstick are highly recommended for all the dusky girls out there. For light complexion, go with peach and dark colour is always recommended. College is your battleground. Win it with your look as not only the first impression but everyday matters. Confidence is the key. Jeans and top are outdated. Play with colours, style and textures. Because college diaries are non-recurring.

Travel Partner

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The winter and the summer holidays are the best time for us as Indians to travel. We are just mad travellers. We need a vacation in every 6 months! But one thing we lack is to be travel ready. We are never prepared for a trip. Maybe mentally but not practically. We are clumsy in packing and prepping.

But  a vacation is best when you have everything that you want to make every bit of the trip feel amazing. We have an awful tendency to keep forgetting things. And, because we are never prepared we undoubtedly forget things which are a travel essential and the whole trip is spend pondering how come we left that one little thing.

These are some things that you should always remember before going on a trip be it a solo or the one with friends or family :

  1. Prepare a to-do list

    ALWAYS MAKE A LIST! Yes, this thing always needs extra emphasis. A To-Do list is always a must be it on a paper or on your phone. It keeps you updated over what is already been kept and done and what all needs to be done. It is always important. I have been doing so for almost 5 years now and I have never left anything behind when going a trip. It makes you remember everything . If anything needs to brought from the market you will just know y simply looking at the list.

    Travelling To- Do
  2. Pack in toiletries

    Toiletries are the most essential things when you are on a trip. Keep all your shampoo , conditioners, soap/ body wash , moisturiser , combs, bands, everything!! Because if you miss out on these you will be cranky as hell. And, this includes your make up and everything else. They should be packed first always. Clothes can be easily bought but your favourite product can be may or may not be bought when you are travelling.

    various personal hygiene products for travelling
  3. Always carry more!

    In every possible sense carry more of everything. Maybe an extra pair of shoes, socks, slippers and most importantly clothes. Always one extra pair of clothes in case of an emergency and also to have a little variety in clothes. Being extra cautious in such thing when you travel is important and also not to forget a medicine bag is so so so essential. Carry only the important medicines for fever, allergy, nausea, diarrhoea so that you are fully prepared.

    packing technique
  4. Carry eateries

    These are kind of optional but just carry some so that in case you feel hungry you have so thing to chew and fill your tummy with. Specially for people travelling abroad and are vegetarian they should definately carry so extra packets of dried food items. Because travelling abroad and not having anything to eat is a problem. So only some packets to calm your hunger.

    Road Food
  5. Handbag

    Not the traditional handbag but your main luggage is in the big suitcase and you need to prepare small with just some important stuff that you might need when you are travelling. Mainly containing your charging cables, portable charger, ear plugs, some gum, or any other thing that you think is important for you to have without taking the pains to open your suitcase and get that stuff out.

    Travel Bag
    Travel Bag



I Like It With A Touch Of Drama

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Ever since we grew up things get real and ugly. On your face, it’s a terrible world. Drama is missing. Not Shakespearean drama, the fashion drama. In this world where you are no more than a little space, make yourself visible. Live, smile and wear yellow knee-high stockings with blue strips just like Louisa Clarke did in the movie “Me Before You.” Young and vibrant, fashion differs from person to person. I say, make it your identity. Sometimes, looking like a sugar plump cake is what you need because that’s what you are in your mind. Untameable, carefree and innocent, expecting a lot from life. Well, it’s only an observation from the vulnerable outfit you don.


Louisa Clarke is a pretty girl in her mid-20s. She is employed to look after a paralyzed man. They both love life. But not in the same way probably. The outfit that she wears throughout the movie is remarkable and eye-catching. Colours play an important role as it stands in contrast with Will’s life and Louisa dons all the colours and represents Will’s alter-ego. Polka dots, dramatic patterns, printed mary jane heels, fluffy jackets and what not, she takes a lot of pride in being herself. And enough of chatting, let’s have a look at some of her outfits from the movie.

She wears that smile as complimentary with every little skirt and sheer blue, red stockings. Unmindful of the place that is serious and anti-drama, she manages to throw some life in the otherwise monochrome mansion. Those red boots in the picture are just so perfect when it’s she who is wearing them. Not everyone can carry the childish boots so confidently.

Den of Geek

She is lit like a Christmas tree when Will gift’s her her favourite yellow stockings with blue strips on it. The happiness on her face is evident. While she drowns herself in some fairy tale magical world, her hair seems to be sober and in touch with the reality. Her character is portrayed so beautifully through her attire that not much needs to be said yet everything is understood.

Now, this sky colour printed dress is perfect for a date night. Though she goes as his caretaker in the wedding in the movie, they end up celebrating their togetherness. The neatly done hair in a bun with flower headdress adds a final touch to her entire look. Neither too cheeky nor too shy, she pulls the look together with a wide smile.

Footwear News

Isn’t she slaying this dress? This combination doesn’t go together in real life. But when Louisa wears it in the final scene of the movie, we cannot agree more. From start to end, she brings to fore some quirky combinations from her wardrobe and no there cannot be a better outfit to portray the character so neatly.

The Teeny tiny à Tout Faire – blogger

This red dress is ethereal and magical. She dons in the colour of love and unknowingly woos Will to loving her.  Her outfits run parallel to the scene and deliver the emotions quite adequately. “Me Before You” is a romantic movie starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin. It’s a wonderful story, indeed!


Not Without These- Winter Essentials

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Ladies, it’s winter time! Shed your crop tops and off-shoulder bliss and say hi to these winter essentials that you cannot do without it. Denim jackets, overcoats, knee-high boots and mufflers take the centre stage now.  This time is crucial for often it happens that in order to not mess with our style statement we tend to get sick and then the bed is the only solace. So, what we are required is to take care of the must-haves lest we stuff ourselves with layers and layers. That’s definitely not in! For throughout the year we diet only to look fat in winters?? A big NO! Then what about the hourglass figure that shows up in the overcoats?! Well, that is one of the essential that helps you rock winters with style and grace.


An overcoat is enough to press the cold and heats your body sufficiently. If you wearing a bodycon dress or pencil slit skirt then these overcoats are good to be paired with. Any office-goer should definitely have these in their wardrobe. It is a confident style statement and helps you carry yourself with great panache. Don’t’ forget to wear pumps footwear whenever you go with overcoats.

Denim Jackets

If it’s not too cold and you’re in a playful mood then don these sassy denim jackets. It’s comfortable and surfaces your vibrant self. Have you seen Alia Bhatt’s Vogue photo shoot where she plays with the monochrome blue but ruffles it up with different shades of denim like a denim skirt, flared denim pants and a denim jacket. Add a touch of boldness to your outfit with a tough look and pair it with a perfect footwear. Sneakers are cliche, go for strap heels or cowboy boots. Wear anything but nothing mundane. That’s the beauty, you see!

Turtleneck sweaters

National Geographic Store

Every day might not be a good hair day or simply a good day. Hence, for such days turtleneck sweaters are the best. When you don’t feel like doing anything but taking a stroll down to your favourite coffee shop and then snuggle back in your sweater like a turtle, put on these. Pair it with parallel jeans and wedges. Simple and still good to go. And a cup of coffee just compliments your look. Take a day off just for yourself and turtlenecks.

Leather Jacket

Yes, a leather jacket! How can anyone miss these? Leather jackets are perfect for any party, trip, a moonlight walk, I mean anything. It goes with almost every occasion. These jackets have a speciality, they help you establish your identity in a crowd. And most amazingly you come out all strong. In winters, all you need is to be strong and fight off the cold and that cannot be done without a leather jacket. It is a must-have, remember!

Well, these four essentials cover all your mood. And winter just became easy to handle. It’s time to jump out of the old knitted sweaters and get into something trendy and playful. Happy Winters!


Who Wore What?

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Paparazzi are everywhere. But thank god we are not celebrities. Sleeping, walking, eating, they cannot grab a break. But then sometimes paparazzi do a great job. When in a fix what to wear? Google it. Bollywood celebrity looks will help you out and believe me don’t forget to thank the paparazzi for they took the pain to stand for hours just to snap who wore what! The Airport looks that steal the cover page of newspapers is much to talk about. In a flight, we prefer being comfortable because journeys can be hectic. The problem is we can’t afford to compromise on the style as well. Well, in this article I have culled the best airport looks that keep up with the style and comfort both at the same time.

The South Asian Buzz

Deepika Padukone is an airport styler. Time and again she has given us some major airport looks. She just fits in the season with style. The red maze blazer layered with check unbuttoned shirt. In the first pic, she pairs it with a grey maxi dress and somewhat looks like a boho chic and in the second, she pairs it with a grey tank top and knee-high boots. She enters the airport with beau Ranveer Singh both in their winter-friendly garments.

Parineeti Chopra airport look is casual with mirrored shades and Adidas sweatpants. It seems she doesn’t want any drama but promote simplicity at its best. That’s why this look is in the second position. This outfit can work both ways whether you are in a gym or an airport. She plays with street style wearing a black Ramones printed t-shirt. So, if you are not in a mood to spend a lot of time on your airport look, grab this look and you are good to go.

When talking of style Sonam Kapoor is a must. She has always made it to the list whether it’s her revolutionary saree look or this boho cum casual airport look. She is wearing a simple white plated kurta and ragged ankle blue jeans folded at the edge with a pair of tan leather shoes. The most stylish part of this look is her boho neck-piece and over-sized round glasses. It’s a sober outfit and easy to do. She stuns us every time even her airport look is something not mundane but cheeky.

South India Fashion

Beauty in black, Anushka Sharma slays with her airport look. She wears a bodycon black dress and a black blazer by Manish Malhotra. She pairs it with white sneakers and sassy round shades. This look is stylish and bold. Black is the new trend, indeed. She smiles her way to the airport and that’s what we love so much about her. She shines brightly though she is dressed in black.

That is a round-up of the best airport look that I could get. These ladies never disappoint us and therefore it’s easy for us to imitate the same look without second thoughts. Therefore, chop on the hectic jeans every time and fit yourself in something flowy, trendy and boho. Play with your look, it’s fun!



Every Inch Of My Skin Is A Holy Grail

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Vogue faces are fun and ceremonial. They celebrate every right thing in their life and uplift its readers to catch up. The cover faces on their magazine is indeed a strong personality which is why they sell. We as a reader demand from these commercial magazines an escape from the rough life and go light on ourselves. From the side table grab vogue magazine and flip till you sip the coffee. Fashion is central to what I am going to write about and that really interests me. So, everybody keeps their eye peeping on who’s the face of Vogue this month? Well, that is good because I am covering Alia Bhatt here. I will talk about her Vogue photoshoot by Greg Swales for The Millennial Issue.

She is Vogue. Just when we thought denim can be no good now, Alia said, “Wait! till you see me in Frayed-denim skirt or trousers.” And when the February edition of Vogue hit the floor, we couldn’t agree more! She took the elegance to a new level blended with the frivolity of those ruffled denim jackets. The Flared denim trousers paired with a lace black bralette and ruffled denim jacket demands attention as she walks in the blue city, untameable.

The Frayed-edge denim skirt with peep toes booties and cross-legs say NO to cliche and break the impasse. She ensembles in herself a tough girl like the denim but the diamond neck piece she wears is an impression of the perpetual love that a lady is all about.

The over-sized denim jacket is last on my list. This jacket hides all insecurities while you walk like a woman in the narrow streets of the world. The briefs and bralette peep from beneath the denim and therefore hide the vulnerable state. Her hair is loose and makeup is nude with light smoky eyes. She says, “Take it from low to high.”


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When it comes to fashion, we all have certain personal favourite fashion brands, designers, labels and shopping centers. If you love to collect the stuff from different cities or countries then you must also be having favourite places. Delhi is famous for its splendid street shopping with the flea markets like Sarojini and Janpath. Also, my personal favourite city for shopping in the country is Pune. But if we talk about some foreign countries and cities then Bangkok is that one country which is famous for shopping be it for the street shopping or some fantastic designer wears. If you have been to Bangkok you already know about its fashion paradise but if you have not been there, you should check out this blog to more insights about fashion in Bangkok.


There are some extra ordinary malls and shopping centers in Bangkok where you can shop till you drop. Gaysorn Bangkok, Siam Paragon, MBK shopping center are few of the most luxurious shopping spaces in Bangkok. All the high street fashion brands and designer labels are available in these shopping complexes. You just have to name the brand and you will find it. It is extraordinary and super gorgeous.
Image result for shopping centres of bangkok

Image Courtesy: Aspirant SG


If you are a fashion lover, you cannot ignore the flea markets of Bangkok. The flea markets of Bangkok are extravagant, lavish fashionable and pretty. You can get your hands on lots of products and varieties. Also, you can find the first copies and the dupes of various high street fashion brands as well. Some famous flea markets of the city are Pratunam shopping, Chatuchak market, and Khao San road shopping. They are huge market places with too many products.

Image result for flea markets in bangkok

Image Courtesy: Asian Oasis blog



Generally, the sellers and the business men prefer Bangkok to buy the fashion items in wholesale method and stock them for resale. You can do the whole sale shopping from this street shopping and also with some other retailers who engage in such business activities. You can get the cheaper products and can sell them in good amount in the country.

Image result for flea markets in bangkok

Image Courtesy: What Annie Wears


The fashion designers from Bangkok are given high preference these days. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Michelle Obama have tried their hands on Thai designers. Since Bangkok is a fashion land hence there are lots of famous fashion designers from Bangkok and you can also shop from their label and designer stores. Some famous designers of the city are Disaya, Kai and more.

Image result for bangkok designer labels

Image Courtesy: Her World Plus


Bangkok is believed to be the trend setter when it comes to fashion. Lots of Indian resellers visit Bangkok and buy the products from there and sell in India. Since Bangkok is a fashion paradise, you can get our hands on some of the coolest fashion trends before anyone else.

Related image

Image Courtesy: Flickr

These were some of the reasons which show that Bangkok is more than just a sex paradise and a blingy night life. There is too much to explore in the city especially when it comes to fashion and trends. Make sure to shop till you drop whenever you are going to visit Bangkok.


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Palika Bazaar is one of the oldest flea markets of Delhi. It is an underground market for cheap and inexpensive products. This market is also very popular but people mostly prefer Sarojini over this market for fashion products. But for other products, Palika takes the lead. Most people find the products of Palika Bazar to be defective and gross and then there are again people who prefer this place for buying the products for a value of money. It is situated in Cannaught place and it has around 350 shops inside it. This is a diverse market and you can get lots of products of various genres at the most affordable range.


Like Sarojini, this market also has lots and lots of fake products. Fake products mean they are the dupe copies of the designer products. They are also the products which are the first-hand copies and doc products. So, if you love Zara and are unwilling to spend 2000 INR for a top, you can get the same top at Rs 200 at this place.

Image result for palika bazar delhi


Palika Bazar is a huge market and it has seven gates for the entrance. Bargaining is the major thing at this market. Also, there are too many shops and all the shops have almost same products, so you can explore and buy from the place which has the cheapest products.

Image result for palika bazar delhi


This is a diversified market. It does not only excels in fashion and lifestyle products but there you can also have cheap electronic and gaming products. There are various shops and there is nothing which you cannot find here.

Image result for palika bazar delhi


Because this place has too many shops which excel in fake products and illegal products, it is a common sight to see raiding by the police officials here. It is extremely wrong to sell illegal products and they still do without permission.

Related image

These were some of the specialties about the great Palika Bazar of Delhi. It is famous because it has an underground presence. It has a variety of products and people love this place.



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One of the happening places in Delhi is Majnu Ka Tilla. If you are in the Capital and done with visiting the India Gate and rest of the other main things, you should always consider Majnu Ka Tilla as an important place. It is a very nice and a decent place for a day out. Even if you are someone from Delhi, you already know that this place is all about hanging out, shopping and having a great time. Since I am personally not from Delhi, but this place is on my wishlist anytime when I am in the Capital. Let us see what are the main things which have induced me for having it on my wish list.


Delhi is not a place which can be famous for its weather, for positive notions. Delhi is extreme on the temperatures. But, this place has a pleasant weather most of the time. People love to visit this place and hang out because the temperature is really nice. You won’t feel too much heat and perspiration while exploring Majnu Ka Tilla.

Related image


Majnu ka Tilla is a Tibetan kind of place with a small monastery and a small market place to shop from. The markets are generally of these Tibetans themselves. There are various food stalls which mostly serve the Tibetan food and it is a delight to explore them all. The Tibetan people over there are too good to be around.

Related image


Shopping for boots is great at this place. If you are looking for some inexpensive and unbranded boots then this is the place is the best for you. You can get some awesome varieties for boots and leather items from this place.

Related image


Apart from shopping, Majnu ka Tilla is totally famous for Tibetan food. It is always good to be there for good food. There are a variety of food items which could be tried and if you have never Tibetan food then it is the correct place for you to enjoy those food items. If you are a big time foodie like me then this place will never disappoint you in this matter.

Image result for majnu ka tilla

These were some of the reasons why I would love to visit Majnu ka Tilla at least once. I love how this place is not only about good shopping but also about Tibetan atmosphere and Tibetan culture. It would be a great place to explore and click lots of pictures.