Fashion Tips for the Office Goers

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Office is that one place were we spent so much time working that we always want to wear anything that gives us comfort. We look for anything that is easy to wear and has not too much going on. Only the daredevils opt to wear a saree at work which in itself is a task to do. But there should be a style manual for the office goers. They surely need one. I see people wearing almost anything for the sake of work. Their is no colour coordination, or anything but some might contradict that its an office and not a runway but this one is only for those who wish to make fashion their best friend!

Zara Formals

First things first, no matter if you’re going to an office looking pretty and smart is never off limits. One should always look presentable not because the world wants it but also when you dress good you feel good. Its all about feeling good. Opt for things that are for your body type, skin tone and that suits you. Because wearing anything that makes you feel uneasy is not something that we want.

Then try to find time for fashion, before you good to bed choose the outfit you want to wear the next day and then find the appropriate accessory to go with it. Even in the morning wake up a little early to spend time on yourself, REMEMBER: its an office and not a runway so don’t stress on putting to much makeup. Just a good amount of moisturiser along with a right of BB cream, maybe an under eye cream (only if you need one), along with an eye liner or a kajal which ever you prefer. After doing so its completely onto you whether you choose to pick a darker shade of lipstick or lighter shade. But then again, if you are putting both an eye liner and a kajal and then a dark shade of lipstick it will look as if you are out for a party.


Thirdly, the right kind of clothes. For the ones who always prefer traditional, I think Aurelia and W have the best collection for office goers. Their kurtas are very office friendly there is not much work, it’ll either be thread work or some print and thats it. Moreover, W is trendy they have kurtas and suits which are very modern in terms of style.



The Label Life

For those who are modern and also dress in a casual way like jeans and trousers and stuff. The label life is the brand for you. They have a very trendy collection of shirts and tops which can be worn in meetings and offices. If you think that the designs are to much for you to carry, then Zara Basic is extremely in that sense. In terms of shirts their formal collection is outstanding and the same is with H&M but then in H&M you might have a problem with the lower, their lowers or trousers don’t really have the right fit. And for the modern ones, who prefer wearing skirts and dresses to work, all hail Donna from the TV series, Suits. Make her your goddess and workshop her because her fashion sense and her office dresses will surely become a dream for you to have.

Donna from Suits

Fashion Tips for the Skinny Body Type

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We should celebrate our bodies no matter how healthy or skinny we are. There are a lot of videos and blogs on how should a person with a healthier body type should dress up. But in my opinion its high time someone did a blog on how skinny people should dress up to celebrate their bodies. Firstly, do not care of what others think of you what really matters is what you think of yourself, which is the only opinion you should really care about.

Dolly Singh

Secondly, dress according to your size, the skinny ones are always buying clothing that are slightly bigger than their actual size which makes them look even more thin and skinny. Wear the right kind of clothes, no matter how tight they are. Also, in older days there were not too many brands with all the size ranges, but now we have brands like H&M, Forever 21, even Zara that like to keep clothes of all sizes. I personally feel Zara has the best range of jeans and lowers as in they have jeans of literally all the sizes which is a rarity as Zara gives the best fitting of jeans. And for tops, shirts I think Forever 21 has probably the best range in terms of quality, variety, and sizes. I never came back home disappointed from forever 21.

Sarah Hyland

Thirdly, celebrate who you are. If you are still not able to find your mojo then take some inspiration from some of the skinny personalities who are just breaking all the taboos. First on my mind is, Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. She is a diva and she is 27 years old. But look at her thin structure it makes her look younger. And the way she dresses makes you wanna take some notes out of it. She is often seen wearing crop tops. Which is a perfect advice for the thin structured people. If you are thin then flaunt your structure, wear crop tops, racer back top and every thing that accentuates your waist line, and your neck line. Upon wearing a crop top wear some jewellery like Sarah, big hoops are a huge thumbs up.

Sarah Hyland

And then why just crop top wear them with some ripped jeans, styled hair and a dark sexy lip shade. And for footwear prefer anything with a little height not only heels, but even opting for shoes with some heels. Thin people with a good height are no less than a model. And because you are thin you can experiment with a lot of jeans, skirts, shorts even. Try avoiding to much fabric, like flowing gowns because they will just highlight your structure in a way that you end up looking like a hanger.

If you still are under confident then start with some layer, experiment a lot with jackets, cardigans, shrugs and anything which is an add on layer and not the primary one. And for some further inspiration go check Dolly Singh, Instagram handle, Spill_the_sass which is something every skinny should see to learn and praise what you have. Dolly according to the Indian standards has probably the best wardrobe sense even though she is skinny and sexy at the same time.Also if clothing still make you uncomfortable with your body then divert the attention to your make up and hair that is the best way to draw someones attention to your talent and not your physique.

Lakme Fashion Week, Day 5

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DAY 5!!!!! Mixed feeling though, the excitement to see what is there for us on the closing day of the first fashion festival of the year 2018, but also the last day and then the plethora of the outfits-craziness of the runway would come to an end. But looking at all the four days, this time it was a mixed sort of collection, we say casual every day outfits, to wedding lehengas and sarees, to evening gowns, mini dresses and almost little bit of everything.

2018 is definitely the most promising year by far, from the first week of this year we have being seen everything in fashion that could make our minds go bamboozled. Which in reality is great, earlier there were so many fashion weeks, or so many award shows to even write about let alone witness. Lakme fashion week is just another example of how promising this year really is.

Talking about the line up for the closing day of LFW; Jayanti Reddy, Ridhi Mehra, Shyamal & Bhumika, Vineet Rahul and Anamika Khanna. But it was a star studded day. All we say was Bollywood Divas closing it for the designer in a very elegant and glamorous way. They surely made the closing day extremely special and memorable. These divas made sure that the Lakme Fashion Week ended on a high note.

Rishi Mehra

She had a lot to showcase. Her collection had a wee bit of every thing. We saw Ira Dubey walking the runway in a printed saree. Then we saw belted ivory saree with fringes, saree with faux feathers along with embellished blouses and embellished jackets. We saw Mini Mathur walking the runway for her. And that is not how she ended the tone for her collection was set just right, black and blue was what she chose for her collection. But that is not it, Ridhi Mehra had Pooja Hegde doing the closing walk for her summer collection.

Jayanti Reddy

Her collection was in a short the perfect collection for desi brides who want to have some fun. Ivory lehengas with heavily embroidered peplum jacket with such intricate details. The jackets took our minds over, I mean we have seen a lot of lehengas in 2018 fashion week but its the jacket that made our heads turn. She nailed it with such serene colours that you just wanted to see more. And, Shilpa Shetty played the perfect muse for her collection. Shilpa was seen wearing heavily embellished lehenga along with Reddy’s signature jacker and dupatta with ruffles around the side. She looked ethereal and absolutely flawless.

Shyamal & Bhumika

It was glitz and glam for them, their collection again had everything. The collection had a habutai silk handkerchief panelled dress with sheer embroidered bodice compliments. Then we saw Marta silk jackets for men. Midnight blue crepe-de-chine saree, ruffled flare evening gown. So, we saw jackets, sarees, dresses, gowns, lehengas and so much. They got us glued to our seats and our eyes glued to their collection. Kangana Ranaut walked for Shyamal & Bhumika for the closing of their collection wearing, ivory gown with intricate embellishments and long veil to accompany the dress, making her look like a fairytale muse.

Anamika Khanna

Anamika had the perfect end to the beautiful 5 day fashion festival. Her collection had so many Bollywood biggies to witness the culmination of the fashion week. Sridevi along with her daughter Janhvi Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Isabelle Kaif ( Katrina Kaif’s sister) and most importantly she had Kareena Kapoor Khan walking for her this year as well. The collection was a notch ahead of all the designers that we saw. It was so regal so elegantly designed that no matter how hard you try you still wouldn’t find any faults in it. It was gorgeous end, almost like a fairytale written with magic. For the Grand Final of the Lakme Fashion Week, Kareena wore a lace saree with a racer back blouse along with a corset belt and fringe pants, also not to forget her statement earrings.

day 5

Lakme Fashion Week, Day 4

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So close yet so far. That is so true for the Lakme Fashion Week. The end of the Lakme Fashion Week is just a day away but with so many talented designer lined up to showcase the beauty of their designs. The line up for 4th and 5th day was the one I think every fashion enthu was eager to lay their eyes upon. And it was not only about the line up but also about all the celebrity who walked for their favourite designers which was even more special to witness.

Day 4 saw designers like Saaksha and Kinni, our favourite Anushree Reddy, studio Verandah, Shriya Som, Payal Singhal, along with the refreshing bright designer Nishika Lulla, house of Kotwara, and last but not the least Shantanu and Nikhil. I mean who wouldn’t die to see the amazingly crazy line up of the most talented designers of the fashion fraternity.

Saaksha & Kinni

It was a print galore for the Saaksha and Kinni collection. It was all about prints and eye popping colors. No matter where you take your eyes they would only spot stripes and more and more stripes. Their were green stripes, red oranges and yes how can we forget the WHITE CHAPPALS! That is too typically north indian to describe it like that but it actually is the right way, I think.

Studio Verandah

Just like their names, it was like a walking verandah on the ramp. It was very flowery and floral and so fresh and breezy like beautiful a verandah decorated with beautiful flowers and their green leaves. We spotted some yellows, greens, orange , beige and so many other other lovely colors.

Anushree Reddy

It was all about sarees and lehengas in a wedding kinda vibe. Her collection was the perfect fit for a wedding ensemble and which is not even too expensive and at the same time very gorgeous designs. She chose a very classy muse for a classy collection, Sania Mirza. She walked on the ramp with so much poise and panache that one could not take their eyes off her. She was wearing a peach lehenga and looking extremely pretty. The tennis beauty rocked the runway.

Shriya Som

She ruffled the entire ramp. Her entire collection was all about the ruffled gown. Their were mirror dresses, mini dresses, tie from front pants, crop tops and so many other outfits. It was a minimally gorgeous collection. There were not many things going on with the collection but at the same time it wasn’t evening boring or something that we have seen before. Her muse was Disha Patani, who glamoursly walked the runway in a totally tremendous ruffle party gown in ivory color.

Payal Singhal

She brought magic to the ramp, it was so elegant seeing her designs and so regal. It was such a splendid sight. Aditi Rao Hydari walked for her in a gold and rust pink lehenga carrying the aura of the Queen of Khilji from Padmavati. It was a tremendous effort by Payal to bring the aura of elegance and royalty on the ramp and make it come to life in her outfits.

House of Kotwara

Lets just pause and let the fact sink in our brains that former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen walked the ramp for her. She was looking like a very gorgeous bride. So beautiful it was sight that no-one would want to miss for anything. It was all about the real beauty in our heritage of beautiful linens and dupattas. The collection was simply about our heritage and our pride. And in pastel hues the collection came out to be a true delight for the eyes.



Lakme Fashion Week, Day 3

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From Day 3 began the tremendous flare of the fashion week. I mean from Day 3 the line up of all the designer was just great. We saw so many big actor and actresses walk the ramp for some of the very famous and acclaimed designers. There were outfits and fabrics that blew us away and it was something that any fashion enthusiast would have died to be there.

Line up included very acclaimed and the most talented duo, Flaguni shane Peacock, then the amazingly gifted person  with loads of creativity, Tarun Tahiliani. We also saw the refreshing collection by Gaurang. Two very different collection also made an appearance on the ramp, Amooh, and Anaam. Lastly with a Circa Malgudi. But besides the supremely talented designers fashion week are fairly interesting because they make us come across some very quirky and stylish fashion bloggers who are seen capturing the moments at fashion week. These bloggers are just a notch ahead of us with their style and looks.

Bloni Atelier

The regeneration of all the electric colors was all that glittered on the runway when it was time for Bloni Atelier to shake the runway with some jazz. The hair web was a total eye catcher. But the web was not behind the crown but instead in front! Who would have thought of that, that was something which made it clear that it is the Day 3 of fashion festival and it is going to get more interesting.


Bloni and ASA were part of the same time slot. But ASA was different than Bloni. Their outfits had more earthy colors and the way the models walked up the ramp it was like some sort of a drill. But it was very exquisite and different. We saw heena green, tangy orange, nudes and all the cool shades on the ramps.

Rahul and Shikha

Fresh, easy, breezy colors and lovely prints. The Virsa by Rahul and Shikha was a window to the beautiful summers and similar to an evening spent in a garden. The outfits were very flowy and had a lot of fabrics and beautiful prints of bees and flowers. As accessories the models wore over size glasses and had slings. There were very minute details to the creation especially the button which had flower embroidery on them.


There was a lot teal that was soon in his collection. Teal and gold embroidery saree and dresses and capes so many other elements all out of the same tone. The one popping fact that all the models from Gauging’s collection had was that they were sporting a grey coloured ‘tikka’ which was very contrasting to the teal shaded outfits. Also, the hair of all models were wrapped by a shimmery fabric but again in teal color. But not to be too biased with regards to the tone of the collection, the collection also had soft shade of blues.


Well, well, well, their designs were red carpet worthy. Anyone wearing them wouldd create a statement then and their itself. They were raunchy, stylish, full of tassels, glamorous and everything that a red carpet look needs. 431-88 made the runway lit with all the glamour and sexy designs.

Falguni Shane Peacock

Straight away moving onto the elephant in the room( though its not really a room) but even then on the closing if the show one would have never thought of seeing Karan Johar walking the runway in silver hair. Yes, thats what the husband wife duo did they made him walk the ramp with so much panache and poise no one would have ever thought of. Also it was Sonakshi Sinha accompanying him in the closing of their collection. The collection that the FSP brought to the runway was set in black. It was all glittery and shimmery without the signature FSP feathers clinged to the outfits.

Tarun Tahiliani

This was probably the best closing collection in the 3 day fashion festival. This time got some pastel hues to life oknt the runway. The designs were elegant, and so amazing. There were a lot lehenga that we spotted on the ramp. All of them looking super gorgeous. There wasn’t even one design were we could even find faults. The collection was really elegant and very quintessential. Kriti Sanon closed the show and looked superb in the floral lehenga. It was a brilliant wedding wear collection. And the waterline silver eye liner just took our breaths away.




Lakme Fashion Week, Day 2

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The day 2 at LKW saw the collection of nine designer, the line up for day 2 was pretty hectic. Their were shows lined up in every 30mins to 1 hour. That for a fashion week and for the audience is pretty hectic and extremely tight. Coming from a point where only a few designers were there to present their collection, but now when we look back it is pretty amusing to see so many talented designers putting in their handwork and sweat to create something marvellous and extraordinary. Hats off to all the designer who are blessed with such creative minds to be able to create a design and then make it come to life.

Day 2 at Lakme fashion week was dedicated to the North Eastern part of India and saw the creations of designers like       Daniel Syiem, Jenjum Gadi, Hemang Agrawal and many other designers. Day 2 also saw United Colors of Benetton collaboration with catalysing sustainable fashion, Pankaj showcasing the weaves of Odisha. The day was closed by the designer Rajesh Pratap Singh with his collection, Tencel.

Reliance Jio presented North East MOJO, which celebrated the creativity of north eastern designer. Kumanthem, we saw threaded braids making statements along with some really amazing drapes and sustainable  fashion with unique textiles and designs. We saw chappals made out of bamboo. The collection reflected the beauty and serenity of East India. The designs were not loud but instead looked very comfortable and simple. The fabrics chosen were cotton and khadi with not so many busy prints. Also, the one element that stood out were the eyes. The eyes did all the talking in Kumanthem.

Then it was the Gocop and the Padmaja collection. The Good Loom presented neutral tones. The collection was all about sarees and brogues. We some amazing sarees with a belt tied on the waist and paired brogues which actually was the statement. Also it was a no fuss collection, the designs and the outfits were rather too simple and their was no fuss when it came to hair, the only thing popping were the pop lip colors. The collection displayed minimalistic designs in extremely neutral colors. Moreover, there was not too much going on with the footwear too, all the footwear was in nude shade and also there was hardly any heel it was the height of the models which carried the weight of the entire collection.

It was then Hemang Agarwal’s collection to take the runway and set it free. Maku, the collection was all about houndstooth patterns and pastel hues. The pastel hues were from silk. The entire collection had outfits made out of silk and patterns made of golden thread. But again the one feature that was eye catching was, simplicity. Even in Hemang’s creation the dresses and the attires did all the talking and rest the make-up and even the accessory were very simple and minimal. Models were seen wearing only mascara and gloss and also some interwoven hairdo. Rest all the jewellery was supporting the houndstooth patterns.

That was not the end, then it was the beautiful amalgam of a group of designers. It was the creation of Amit and Richard, Satyantan Sarkar, Sreejith Jeevan and Soham Dave. The result of the amalgam was very beautiful, we saw the runway looking very cool and bold. There were bold, black lips and loads of braids. One interesting fact was some models wore an elastic on their faces and their cheeks were then highlighted with some black blush. The makeup was really bold also the designs were very electric and pop. They had a nice color palate of fabrics. It was a good transition from all the simplicity that was bestowed upon the audience from the designers who showcased their collection before this group.


Lakme Fashion Week, Day 1

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Lakme Fashion Week, the bi-annual fashion week from 31st January to 4th February has begun in Mumbai. The first day of LFW was definitely just a trailer and the other designers are yet to showcase their talent. Though it was the first day it was no less than a super start. The line up for the first day of the fashion week included INIFD’s GenNext, Urvashi Kaur’s Amrich, Elan, Half Full, Ragini Ahuja and many more designer. The first day was closed by Anita Dongre and she had a little surprise planned for us.


 GenNext was the fresh start to the bi-annual fashion week. It came with designs and creativity with a strong message that there is no beauty without some strangeness Which holds true in the way they presented their designs. All the models had some sort of strangeness attached to them in the form of zip locks. All the models had zip locked clinged to their hair. But besides the strangeness their designs included stripes, checks and stylishly strange prints. Also, the footwear featured double strap sandals and high platform heals.

Half Full Curve

Then came the confidence booster, Half Full Curve. Half Full Curve had the best models till date. They had models from the age 18-81 walking the runway and showing us how fashion needs to be all-inclusive. It clearly showed that we can pull off any style no matter the size or age. All the designs and the silhouettes were top notch classy and looked extremely comfortable and gorgeous. It included lots of gowns, midi dresses, trousers, capes and flowy blouses. We also saw Anjana Sharma walking down the ramp for the label.


Amrich: Ties that Bind featured on the first day of the fashion week. It is a clothing brand by Urvashi Kaur. We saw shibori come to life in her designs. Silk and hand-woven cotton were her friends for this collection, nearly all the pieces were made with silk and with hand-woven cotton. Mainly, the collection had silk shirts, shibori print trousers, jackets and shrugs. The collection also featured shibori print dresses, though all the shirts were plain and in white gauzy silk.

Ritu Kumar

Rita kumar came with her breezy Hip Hop Baroque. The collection had a unique feature, every model wore a teal blue eye shadow to represent the hip hop baroque. More than the designs it was the eyes that caught the attention. Being the big label Ritu Kumar is we were expecting more and till the end of it we thought there is more to come but there wasn’t. But any how, Tapsee Pannu walked the ramp for RK, she was seen wearing black ripped shorts, black high platform boots along with a cape from the collection and a stylish belt. While walking the runway it seemed as if Tapsee owned it and she walked with so much panache.

Anita Dongre

We saved you the best for the last. Anita Dongre brought the end to Day 1 of the Lakme Fashion Week 2018. There was something special in her collection that it had the most famous celebrity glued to their seats to see the talented designers collection. The collection saw the presence of Yami Gautam along with her sister, Huma Qureshi along with her brother and many other celebrities. Her collection featured the song of summer picturising the beauty of summer in soft pastel hues. The collection was summery and elegant at the same time and the highlight of the show was the power couple of B-Town, Shahid and Mira kapoor. The famous couple walked the ramp for the designer and looked breathtaking. It was Mira’s first ever ramp walk and she was a total delight for the camera, the white organza print lehenga looked beautiful on her.

Music Awards

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It was a great coincidence as the two music awards from different parts of the world took place yesterday. The Grammy’s and the Mirchi Music awards took place yesterday and it was great to see the vivd contrast between the western and eastern music awards and the celebs who attended it. Though in a way its a WWW part 6 but this time we have the fashion police keeping the check on the style quotient of the award night.

Starting from the best dressed from both the Grammy and the Mirchi Music awards:

Manushi Chillar

The Miss World 2017 took our hearts at the Mirchi night, she stole the night in that beaded black gown. It was the night of the music awards and so she let it be the night devoted to music and not to her dress. The beaded gown had the right kind of bling, her stylist did justice to the Zara Umrigar gown with the right amount of glitter by her diamond jewellery.

Nashrut Barucha

Pyaar ka Punchnama star was the star for the night in her black gown, stole our hearts and that string of diamonds was what that Nishita and Mitali dress needed. She made her entrance in that beautiful ensemble and she truly looked like a diva in that draped organza black gown.

Chrissy Teigen

The soon to be Mamma was all shimmery in that Yanina Couture dress. Even though she is due but she didn’t let the style in her be sacrificed for anything, not even the Grammys. She wore a front slit Yanina fashion’s silver shimmery  dress, complementing it was her wavy hair and the soon to be Mamma glow.

Cardi B

She looked like a swan, she was seen wearing an Ashi Studio dress. That dress was so different and yet classy. Her stylist did a fab job in pairing the dress in such a way that it did not end up looking like a fashion blunder. Her hair looked perfect giving her the vibe of a swan with a dash of diamonds.

Rita Ora

Rita glittered and was looking damn hot in that high slit diamond studded Ralph and Russo black gown from their Spring and Summer 2018 collection. She was looking extremely beautiful and those diamond studs looked great with the gown with a touch of wavy hair and that was all she needed to create a memorable look.

The celebs who need a good stylist:

Gauhar Khan

Although black was the color for the Mirchi Music night but that white feather took our attention away from the sheer dress to those weirdly attached white feathers. The Sid Tyler dress was actually a bold step by her to give a go to the sheer dress but the dress didn’t make it. The embroidery was very intricate but the feathers were awkwardly designed for a knee length dress.

Zaria Wasim

Secret Superstar star was a bit too red. Keeping in mind that unlike other celebrity she lacks the height but then people with short height should prefer wearing fabric that fits them correctly. The red dress if would’ve have been more skin tight and not to flow she would have looked far better.

Lana Del Ray

Everything about her dress was great, it was Gucci that she was wearing with the right sequins and how can that not be of any good but that head gear just put the whole thing off. Yes she always does something to stand aside from every body else but that head gear was just one wrong step. Even her really long 60’s style eye liner couldn’t make up for the weird head accessory.

Who Wore What Part 5

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Its WWW part 5!!!!!!! I mean we are done with the Filmfare, Zee awards and guess which is that one award which is left? Okay, lets play a tiny little game. Our celebs have one thing in common, stylishness. And the paps absolutely love their style and are always so alert to catch that one perfect shot. But why do our celebs dress up so much and why are they so stylish ? A little hint, it is related to fashion. Lets not keep you in a suspense this time the WWW is for the HT Style Awards.

Yes, our celebs are super stylish not just for the paps or for you guys but they are stylish because they want to grab on to that stylish HT Style award trophy. The HT Awards happened last week, and like the name of the award the red carpet saw all the style sensations glorifying the beauty of the awards. Everyone looked extremely stylish, worthy of the award. But this time we saw another emerging style icon, Hina Khan gracing the award night.

Hina has definitely broke the image of the onscreen ‘bahu’ and came out as an extremely stylish celebrity. Big Boss probably helped her break the shell of her image in the reel world. But even on the award nights she looked really stylish, her highly fuller sleeves made the look and her sleek pulled back hair did their wonder. She even won an award as the most influential personality, which is a great achievement for a TV star.

Soonam Kapoor lived to her title as the style diva. She turned the red carpet to a yellow carpet for sure. The bright yellow dress was the perfect color for the most stylish night of January 2018. She wore a Hyunmi Nielsen yellow dress along with Aquazzura by Edgardo Osorio heels. The heels gave the bright look of the dress the right kinda bling. And it is needless to say that she was yet again styled by her stylist sibling, Rhea Kapoor.

The power couple of Bollywood, Mira and Shahid Kapoor set the perfect mood for the night. The sensational couple were from few for whom the paps desperately waited for. Mira glittered in the star cut racer-back pristine white Monisha Jaisingh gown, Mira was spot on, the new mamma was the sight catcher. Shahid wore his favourite designer, Gaurav Gupta. He wore a black star check tuxedo from GGman. The black and white combo of the power couple looked amazing on the red carpet.

Miss World 1994, the never ageing Aishwarya Rai Bachhan glittered in a Manish Malhotra attire. She looked gorgeous as hell, she was seen posing like a queen. It was like she was in her territory completely, not denying the fact that all the other celebs have stylist and look as superb as their on screen personalities but she is hands down the most beautiful woman of probably this eternity. Well, apart from all the praises she looked like an empress wearing the raw silk corseted blouse encrusted with muted antique gold floral embroidery. The corset blouse was complemented by the navy blue and grey lehenga skirt with a wreath embroidery in antique gold. Because, the dress had a lot of embroidery so to tone down the look and to let the outfit grab some points, her makeup did not include a pop color of lipstick and was rather a nude shade. It helped the outfit to be noticed more than her hair and makeup.

Younger Chopra from the house of Chopra, Parineeti chopra wore a different type of dress. It was the first time we saw Parineeti sporting a sheer dress. For the night of the awards she chose a sheer dress by the designer Sadek Majed. On the other hand we had Sonakshi Sinha twinning with Varun Dhawan. The twinning duo took everyone by a surprise to be seen wearing the same color for the awards.

The Shetty sisters shook the awards with their glittering dresses. I mean how can someone look so seamlessly young and beautiful, we have to give it to Shilpa Shetty Kundra who sizzled on the red carpet. But Shamita wasn’t far behind  in sizzling, she glittered equally and made the sound of shetty sister roar.

The veteran beauty Sri Devi Kapor looked even younger, she attended the night along with her husband Bonny Kapoor. Even she glittered at the carpet in an Temperley London outfit and that pink glittered was all we wanted. But then their was this one diva who took our heart. Deepika wore her pink Kanjivaram saree that was gifted to her by the evergreen diva, Rekha. But more than her dress its the message that came out through, it was the style awards and style does not mean to wear different designer and different outfits every time. But it means to look even more prettier in the way you carry an outfit no matter how many times you wear it. It was the second time Deepika was seen in this saree, but she looked even more gorgeous than the first time she wore it.

Who Wore What

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The 4th Who Wore What, this time its the 63 rd Jio Filmfare Awards that took place on the 21st of January. The legacy of the Filmfare continued , all the B-Town stars looked amazing. It was filmfare and you could easily guess that with the way they were dressed. There were a lot winners and so many stars took their black divas home but do we really care about all that jazz? Nah, no jazz here all we look for is total sass!

Starting in no particular order the divas that took over the red carpet looking super gorgeous and an epitome of beauty.

Alia Bhatt

She wore a voluminous Monsoori ball gown at the Jio Filmfare Awards. But for the beautiful gown by Monsoon she chose to go all vintage with her hair. She looked like a teenage girl, that gown made her so young and so fresh it was lovely watching her walk that carpet. A big thumbs up for that outfit!

Sonam Kapoor

Well well well, the sale icon of Bollywood took a road not taken and stepped out in a Vera Wang outfit. Yes, the style icon wore the Fall/Winter 2017 collection of Vera Wang to the 63rd Filmfare. She entered the red carpet with Akshay Kumar for the promotion of their movie, Padman. She paired the stupendous Vera Wang with an Elie Saab clutch and was yet again styled by her sister, Rhea Kapoor.

Manushi Chillar

The Miss World, wore a red Sonakshi Shiraaj scarlet gown to her first Filmfare awards. The best accessory that she carried with herself was her Miss Worl tiara. The tiara brought the beauty of her dress which she paired with a Jimmy Choo clutch.


The 90ies diva walked in a Manish Malhotra maroon classic velvet gown. The outfit spoke for itself it suited her body type and was far less worse than what she wore Mickey contractors event. The silhouette went well with her vintage styled hair and she looked beautiful.

Parineeti Chopra

She definitely chose a very blingy attire for the night but even then she looked drop dead superb! She was seen wearing a Kujta & Meri beautiful red carpet gown which accompanied with jewels from Aurelle and completing the look with a sleek side part. Her makeup was not too much and her stylist let her dress do all the talking.

Preity Zinta

She was the perfect light for our eyes. Her pink gown swept so elegantly on the carpet took our heart. She wore a Garrison Roferos’s pink gown. She looked like a barbie for sure and red lips took her look a notch higher than everybody else. She was delight on the carpet.

Madhuri Dixit

She walked the red carpet in a Mark Bumgarner fall/winter 2018 ensemble for the biggest night of the year. That gown did justice to her title of the most beautiful faces of Bollywood. She looked ravishing in that black MB gown and wore Jaipur gems accessorised and beautiful square emerald earrings. Her pulled back hair in a pony definitely gave a very fresh vibe.

And now the gents who made our hearts throb:

Shahid Kapoor

The rajput from the movie Padmavat chose an all white outfit. Shahid was seen wearing an all white Gaurav Gupta suit which looked so hot with his sauce look. Just by looking at him one can never say that he is a father, that dapper ensemble is just so handsome.

Ranbir Kapoor

He looked really handsome in that royal blue checked jacket and suit. It was good seeing him after a very long time.

Ranveer Singh

The crazy maniac of a person and the most unpredictable B-Town celeb was a total eye candy. No one can ever match up to his level of styling and the type of thoughts and courage it takes to pull out such out of the box outfits. Ranveer, wore the movies for the award night in praise of the movies. Who would have thought that a Filmfare will have such an outlandish dress to be remembered.