Fashion Tips for the Skinny Body Type

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We should celebrate our bodies no matter how healthy or skinny we are. There are a lot of videos and blogs on how should a person with a healthier body type should dress up. But in my opinion its high time someone did a blog on how skinny people should dress up to celebrate their bodies. Firstly, do not care of what others think of you what really matters is what you think of yourself, which is the only opinion you should really care about.

Dolly Singh

Secondly, dress according to your size, the skinny ones are always buying clothing that are slightly bigger than their actual size which makes them look even more thin and skinny. Wear the right kind of clothes, no matter how tight they are. Also, in older days there were not too many brands with all the size ranges, but now we have brands like H&M, Forever 21, even Zara that like to keep clothes of all sizes. I personally feel Zara has the best range of jeans and lowers as in they have jeans of literally all the sizes which is a rarity as Zara gives the best fitting of jeans. And for tops, shirts I think Forever 21 has probably the best range in terms of quality, variety, and sizes. I never came back home disappointed from forever 21.

Sarah Hyland

Thirdly, celebrate who you are. If you are still not able to find your mojo then take some inspiration from some of the skinny personalities who are just breaking all the taboos. First on my mind is, Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. She is a diva and she is 27 years old. But look at her thin structure it makes her look younger. And the way she dresses makes you wanna take some notes out of it. She is often seen wearing crop tops. Which is a perfect advice for the thin structured people. If you are thin then flaunt your structure, wear crop tops, racer back top and every thing that accentuates your waist line, and your neck line. Upon wearing a crop top wear some jewellery like Sarah, big hoops are a huge thumbs up.

Sarah Hyland

And then why just crop top wear them with some ripped jeans, styled hair and a dark sexy lip shade. And for footwear prefer anything with a little height not only heels, but even opting for shoes with some heels. Thin people with a good height are no less than a model. And because you are thin you can experiment with a lot of jeans, skirts, shorts even. Try avoiding to much fabric, like flowing gowns because they will just highlight your structure in a way that you end up looking like a hanger.

If you still are under confident then start with some layer, experiment a lot with jackets, cardigans, shrugs and anything which is an add on layer and not the primary one. And for some further inspiration go check Dolly Singh, Instagram handle, Spill_the_sass which is something every skinny should see to learn and praise what you have. Dolly according to the Indian standards has probably the best wardrobe sense even though she is skinny and sexy at the same time.Also if clothing still make you uncomfortable with your body then divert the attention to your make up and hair that is the best way to draw someones attention to your talent and not your physique.

Who Wore What

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The 4th Who Wore What, this time its the 63 rd Jio Filmfare Awards that took place on the 21st of January. The legacy of the Filmfare continued , all the B-Town stars looked amazing. It was filmfare and you could easily guess that with the way they were dressed. There were a lot winners and so many stars took their black divas home but do we really care about all that jazz? Nah, no jazz here all we look for is total sass!

Starting in no particular order the divas that took over the red carpet looking super gorgeous and an epitome of beauty.

Alia Bhatt

She wore a voluminous Monsoori ball gown at the Jio Filmfare Awards. But for the beautiful gown by Monsoon she chose to go all vintage with her hair. She looked like a teenage girl, that gown made her so young and so fresh it was lovely watching her walk that carpet. A big thumbs up for that outfit!

Sonam Kapoor

Well well well, the sale icon of Bollywood took a road not taken and stepped out in a Vera Wang outfit. Yes, the style icon wore the Fall/Winter 2017 collection of Vera Wang to the 63rd Filmfare. She entered the red carpet with Akshay Kumar for the promotion of their movie, Padman. She paired the stupendous Vera Wang with an Elie Saab clutch and was yet again styled by her sister, Rhea Kapoor.

Manushi Chillar

The Miss World, wore a red Sonakshi Shiraaj scarlet gown to her first Filmfare awards. The best accessory that she carried with herself was her Miss Worl tiara. The tiara brought the beauty of her dress which she paired with a Jimmy Choo clutch.


The 90ies diva walked in a Manish Malhotra maroon classic velvet gown. The outfit spoke for itself it suited her body type and was far less worse than what she wore Mickey contractors event. The silhouette went well with her vintage styled hair and she looked beautiful.

Parineeti Chopra

She definitely chose a very blingy attire for the night but even then she looked drop dead superb! She was seen wearing a Kujta & Meri beautiful red carpet gown which accompanied with jewels from Aurelle and completing the look with a sleek side part. Her makeup was not too much and her stylist let her dress do all the talking.

Preity Zinta

She was the perfect light for our eyes. Her pink gown swept so elegantly on the carpet took our heart. She wore a Garrison Roferos’s pink gown. She looked like a barbie for sure and red lips took her look a notch higher than everybody else. She was delight on the carpet.

Madhuri Dixit

She walked the red carpet in a Mark Bumgarner fall/winter 2018 ensemble for the biggest night of the year. That gown did justice to her title of the most beautiful faces of Bollywood. She looked ravishing in that black MB gown and wore Jaipur gems accessorised and beautiful square emerald earrings. Her pulled back hair in a pony definitely gave a very fresh vibe.

And now the gents who made our hearts throb:

Shahid Kapoor

The rajput from the movie Padmavat chose an all white outfit. Shahid was seen wearing an all white Gaurav Gupta suit which looked so hot with his sauce look. Just by looking at him one can never say that he is a father, that dapper ensemble is just so handsome.

Ranbir Kapoor

He looked really handsome in that royal blue checked jacket and suit. It was good seeing him after a very long time.

Ranveer Singh

The crazy maniac of a person and the most unpredictable B-Town celeb was a total eye candy. No one can ever match up to his level of styling and the type of thoughts and courage it takes to pull out such out of the box outfits. Ranveer, wore the movies for the award night in praise of the movies. Who would have thought that a Filmfare will have such an outlandish dress to be remembered.

Gigi X Maybelline

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Gigi Hadid world’s highest paid model is into a lot of project. With brand like Reebok Woman, Bulgari in her kitty she has now started her latest endeavour with Maybelline. Her new project is the latest buzz in the fashion industry and not just in the domestic market but also in the international markets as well. During the launch of her limited edition makeup adventure with Maybelline, Gigi said, “I have always believed that great makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” Gigi says about the line. “I was empowered to create something that I couldn’t find before, while also making sure it was a full set at an affordable price.”

Jet Setter Palette

Her launch began with the entry of the first ever jet setter palette. The palette was everything that was present in her statement. It is economical, and had a wide range of products in a compact palette. With two lip balms, four eye shadows, one highlighter, one matte bronzer, two concealers, and one mini mascara — oh, and two travel size brushes — this palette truly has everything you need to create a variety of killer makeup kit.But that was just the start, the jet setter palette was part of the first phase of her launch, there is a lot that came after the amazing jet setter palette.

East + West Coast Palettes

Precisely after the launch of the palette Gigi launched a dozen other products under to broad range categorized as the “East Coast Glam” collection and “West Coast Glow” collection, clearly named after where the 22-year-old model spends most of her time.The East Coast collection is inspired by the “vibe of Gigi’s favorite Soho alleyways” i.e. smudgy, chic, and perfectly imperfect. It features products with neutral tones we can imagine wearing to work, plus vampy shades we can’t wait to slick on and wear out on this weekend. There are two Eye Contour Palettes in “Warm” and “Cool” shades. Both palettes include five matte shadows that are meant to mimic the eye’s natural contours to recreate Gigi’s go-to eye look. Not sure how to go about eye contouring? Pick up the special Eye Contour Brush, which has narrow and flat sides for getting into all the nooks and crannies of your lids.

East Coast eye shadow palette

But what is an eyeshadow look without liner? No worries — the East Coast collection has got you covered with a black liquid liner for razor sharp cat eyes AND a smudgy gel liner. For skin, the East Coast collection has two tinted primers, which are lightweight and give major #modeloffduty vibes; top with the collection’s “Liquid Strobe” highlighter for a silvery iridescent glow and you’re practically Gigi. Lastly, the East Coast collection has three matte lipsticks — including a light nude named after Gigi’s pal, McCall, the quintessential Gigi nude, and a mauve-y purple we can’t wait to don all season long.

West coast eye shadow palettes

Gigi’s West Coast Glow collection has an eyeshadow palettes (also named “Warm” and “Cool”) feature yummy beachy shades with pops of color. And the real treat is that the collection has a nude gel eyeliner made specifically to sweep along the waterline for that well-rested I-just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. With the Lash sensational mascara (which features Maybelline’s patented 10 layer brush) and you’ll look bright eyed and bushy tailed regardless of how much sleep you got the night before. Lastly, the collection boasts a golden shimmer gloss and three poppy matte lipsticks that range from orange to red.

Gigi Hadid Collection launched in India

Recently, Mumbai hosted the launch of Gigi Hadid’s collection with a long list of Bollywood A-listers. The event also saw the presence of Elton Fernandes the leading make-up artist of B-Town. The launch welcomed a very vivid range of lipsticks from the limited collection of Gigi Hadid. The palette that was launched has vibrant lip shades, mascara and felt-tip eye liner. The collection was then launched on Nykaa. And everybody is going crazy over this NYC spirit make-up edition. It will definitely be the top seller without a doubt. Can’t wait to try’em Gigi Hadid lip colors!

Vibrant Gigi Hadid Lip Colors

Festival of Juttis and Parandis

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The festival of juttis and parandis is here, 13th January is set some hours away, followed by 14th of January making the day of Makar Sankranti. The beautiful and the most loveable festival Lohri is here. Its time to get those juttis out, the beautiful kurtis and suits ironed and the accessories ready! This time its total relief to welcome Lohri due to the extreme weather that is there outside. Nothing is better than letting these frosty winters to go away and to welcome the season of spring.

Johri in Punjab

For the North Indians for winter after Holi, Lohri is the most celebrated festivals. And that is because Lohri even in this chilly weather makes you wanna get up and dress up and dance around the auspicious bonfire which marks the end of the cold weather. Relating to some mythological facts, according to Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna manifests himself in his full magnificence during this time. Also a bonus information is that the earth is farthest away from the sun at this time and begins its journey towards the sun on Lohri.  Eating popcorns and rewadis becomes the thing on this day. Its that one day that everybody decides to ditches their quilts and blankets to celebrate this auspicious fest.

But enough on all the facts and information, every festival is incomplete without the zest of fashion.  Its Lohri, favourite festival of the Punjabis and all the other North Indians so why not make it colourful? Yes, no festival is complete without some beautiful bright colors. So, leave those bulky and warm blacks and greys and step out in some beautiful colors to make the festival even more glorious.


For the ladies, dump those boots and booties for the day and grab on those handcrafted beauties, your juttis! For those who are missing on life by not owning a pair of juttis, should just log on to Instagram. After amazon or Myntra its Instagram that has so many amazing clothing brands. Whether you want to go the traditional road or the rather modern road for this day its a total win-win situation for the Instagram users. Insta has these amazing clothing and footwear brands that have very traditional yet the most funky and chic juttis available.

Enough focus on the footwear, for the ones looking for a traditional look you can wear a salwar kameez ( opt for a plain salwar kameez) and then pair it with a heavy dupatta. Yes, make the dupatta the hero for this festival. You can experiment in loads of way like instead of going every plain and simple you can wear a suit with a little work or print on it and then use contrasting dupatta this way your suit will be the hero and not just the dupatta. Then after the clothes going on to the accessories, its the perfect occasion to wear jhumkas! No matter what size your jhumka is just put them on! Jhumkas look so perfect with salwar kameez that is there no doubt that this heavenly match could ever go wrong.

Additional to jhumkas you can (optional though) wear some silver coated or golden coloured bangles any of the two which suits the combo of suit and jhumkas. Now, the tricky part, MAKE-UP!!!! Okay, so because there is not much which is going with your dress and accessory so you can go for slightly loud make-up. And by slightly loud I mean a rather darker shade of lipstick and nothing else. The reason why loudness right now is only circling around the lip color because firstly its not an event or a function its celebration which happens during the night. And by during the night it means the bonfire will only help your lip color come into notice. So you can tone down your eyes and cheeks and chose a rather darker shade of lipstick to glorify other features on your face and not look heavily dolled up.

Beautiful parandis

For the hair its more of a personal choice sorta thing, people in the villages and rural areas opt for parandis specially for this day, but obviously none of us are going to do that. Instead let your hair down and let them be free. Moreover, its is said that Lohri marks the coldest day in Northern India. Therefore do cover your self nicely, fashion is important but not at the cost of your health. Happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti.

January 2018

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Its only been two days that the new year has started and from 17 we’ve moved to the year 2018. But this new year has started with a bang, besides all the new year celebration and the celebrities exotic holidays. On 1st of January 2018, Vogue revealed its 2018’s January issue and the cover has taken the B-Town into tremendous shock and awe.

The New Year’s first months cover features Kareena Kapoor Khan. We weren’t completely done loving Tiamur that she has yet again proved her worth. Though there was no need for her to prove her worth, the industry knows she is a gem. But yet again she has given her the goals. She is a mother, a daughter and a working lady. She outdid herself.

For the entire shoot she was styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania and her make-up was done by Mickey Contractor. The cover was definitely an exotic welcome to the year 2018. The entire shoot was done in Phuket, Thailand. Kareena looks like goddess posing for the magazine. It was like she had traveled through a time machine and gone back to her 20ies. After Kambakkht Ishq it was the first time Kareena was spotted in a bikini. She has dusted off her postpartum body long ago. No one can even say that she is a mother and is yet the most young looking divas that we have in the industry.

She wore an orange bikini top and bottom from La Perla and a cape from Balmain. It was unbelievable to see her wearing bikini and slaying it like a queen. She wore another pair of bikini top and bottom and slayed it too. It was a shock to see her flaunt her body after only an year of being a mother. Usually actresses take time to shed the post-partum weight but she fast forwarded through that phase and got back in shape.

In the January edition, Kareena is seen flaunting her toned legs. She wore many high split dresses which made her look younger than her age. In the close-ups taken by Errikos Andrea her charisma is inexplicable she took the magazine cover game a notch higher.

She is giving a very tough competition to all the Gen-Y actresses they really need to bring their A-game to beat Kareena. Its almost like she is saying that even though she was a bit away from the industry during her party days but she still has the oomph in her and she still can be the gorgeous diva that she is.

Amanpuri in Phuket as a location did justice to the grace and beauty of Kareena, it was the location that provided the exotic touch. Its probably the best covers she has ever done which made her poise and her panache come out of its shell and be a the most wonderful thing to start the new year with. Well its only January we hope to see even more sizzling and hot covers from Vogue even none equals to this portrayal of beauty.

Wedding Look, Nailed It

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Wedding season is on and its time to hack that perfect wedding guest look. A look that is as easy as the title of the blog and its even more simple to achieve. But for the perfect look you ought to have some vanity essential to escalate the look. You would need the obvious essential for every look. A perfect lip colour, good non oily base, highlighter, eye liner, eye shadow palette, perfect blush, and the most important a blow dryer.

You need to first do your make -up and then start with your hair. Hair won’t take look as this hack can work for a voluminous blow dried look but in case you want to experiment with your hair you can curl them or  you can straighten them.

  • For the make-up like mentioned above you need to have the correct base( the one that matches with your skin tone), but before putting your base you need to moisturise your face.
  • Then apply either a BB cream or a base. But don’t overdo the BB cream. I would suggest to mix the BB cream with your moisturiser to have an even tone and equal effect of the cream.

  • Then on the application of your Base you can go for contouring by using 2 new set of base; one which is a tone lighter than your skin tone and another should be two tone darker than your skin tone. Then apply the lighter tone under your eye and on your nose. Then use the darker tone to highlight your cheek bone and your jaw line. Apply the darker tone on your jaw line and just below your cheek bones.
  • And then you can either smudge it using the right brush or you can use a make-up sponge.
How to apply highlighter
  • On smudging nicely you need to apply highlighter, like all the Youtubers you are not required to highlight your entire T-zone or your lips. Just rub your finger once on the highlighter and apply it on the top of your cheek bones.
End result of the eye makeup
  • Then for your eyes; first fill your eye brows with an eye brow pencil. Because its the wedding try opting for shimmery shades, like golden, silver, or best is bronze colour. bronze shade or slightly orangish shade go well with wedding look. You do not have to smother your eyes with these just apply the eye shadow along the shape of your eye lid. And use the silver eye shadow to apply a very little amount on the corner of your eyes and finish off the type of liner you like. For the perfect wing use a spoon to help you get it right and then apply mascara.
  • Then take a dab of blush and apply it and finish it off with a pop lip colour; red, maroon, magenta whatever you like!

  • For the hair blow dry them upside-down. Go against the grain and for your crown backcomb your hair at the crown towards the roots. And for your bangs blow dry them in the opposite direction. This will give them a bounce and then you can either have big curls or you can straighten them.
  • That’s it for the make-up and hair but for the wedding guest attire remember if your outfit has a lot of work going on then opt for a subtle make-up but if its a simple one you can use a darker shade of lipstick to bring it all together. And prefer juttis instead of heals they are so in these days.

Zee Awards 2017

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ZEE CINE AWARDS is a magical celebration of Hindi Cinema, lit up by the shimmering presence of talented creative minds and starry performances! Every year a wave of hard work creative dedication sweeps over film fanatics as the Award night approaches. It has also earned the reputation of being the BIGGEST VIEWER’S CHOICE AWARDS SHOW. But ZCA is not just any ordinary award show. It promises to deliver what it preaches.

This year the awards took us by a blow by inviting Priyanka Chopra to embellish the show with her starry presence. Priyanka flew all the way from NYC to Mumbai for special act for the award show. She delivered a rather power pact performance and welcomed the award season with a bang.

Now lets see a who wore what to see how the stars made their presence :

Priyanka Chopra

Peecee made her presence by flaunting a Zubair Murad’s pink fuchsia long strapless dress with ruffles from his latest collection. Nirav Modi jewels tied the whole together and she finished it off with side swept wavy hair. Along with that she was given the ‘Global Icon Extraordinaire’ for the year 2017.

Alia Bhatt

The SOTY superstar wore a blue Atelier Zuhra gown. She graced the gown by a teased bun and also by getting her make-up done by Mickey contractor. She won the award for the ,’ Viewers Choice Best Actress’.

Katrina Kaif

The Tiger Zinda Hai actress wore a Manish Malhotra designed fawn colored lehanga with embroideries. She let her hair open and completed her look with Satyani Jewels.

Pooja Hegde

She won the ,’ Popular Choice’ for her movie Telugu movie DJ. She wore a Tarun Tahitian’s lehanga with Swarovski crystal embellishments and completed the look with Gehna Jewels. She tied her hair in a pony.

Kajal Aggarwal

She looked extremely sexy in a black Mark Bumgarner ruffled low slit gown. She looked gorgeous as she did a very clean look by pulling her hair back and leaving them open. She wore an Aurelle by Leshna Shah jewellery tie her look together for the award show. She definitely sizzled in that hot gown.

Nidhhi Agerwal

Just one movie old, Nidhi Agerwal wore a Falguni Shane Peacock designed beaded gown. She was extremely lucky to go back home with an award. She did not do much with her look, curly hair with some fine jewellery.

Tapsee Pannu

Even she wore a Falguni Shane Peacock nude gown from their Cassiopeia Collection. Taps looked really elegant in the lovely gown and had a very cool bun to go with the shimmery beaded gown.

Sri Devi

She graced the award show with her presence. Her accessory for the night was her husband, Bonny Kapoor. She looked like a vision in red and golden saree embracing it with gold and emerald jewellery and a neat bun. She wore a Sabyasachi Banarasi Saree. That red lipstick surely made her look pop and made her look like a true diva. No one an ever match up to her, by just looking at her one can never guess what’s her true age.




Tribute to the Sixties

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Sixties is considered to be the most influential time for the fashion industry that we have today. From messy hairdos to skinny tights,  bold liners are the gifts of the sixties. It was the time that the world was moving towards modernisation and these trend setters made the transition even more easy. These women are considered to be the woman of their times. The ones who were bold enough to bring a change in the world of fashion.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jackie was the real fashion First Lady of America. She was the wife of the 35th president of America, John F Kennedy. She became famous due to her impeccable style throughout her time in the White House. Jackie’s prim skirt suits, pillbox hats and super-sized dark glasses made her the style inspiration for women across America. The pink suit she was wearing on the day of her husband’s assassination has made a mark in history as one of the most iconic outfits of all time, and a staple 1960s fashion look.

Audrey Hepburn

LBB- Little Black Dress is her contribution, during her appearance in the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She made LBB stand on the fashion map. And besides her debute movie she had the off-duty style game; she was an utter champion of chic capri pants and ballet pumps ( fashion staples of today’s time ).

Mia Farrow

The Rosemary’s Baby star and former wife of Frank Sinatra was an icon of the era, always adding a playful touch to her looks and paving the way for the likes of Alexa Chung with her Peter Pan collar dresses and off-beat shoe pairings. The elfin crop was made famous by Mia Farrow in the late 1960s and still continues to inspire the hair world today.


Twiggy, real name Lesley Hornby. Bob hairstyles were staples for 1920s fashion, but this girl cemented an even short hairstyle‘s place in history – the pixie crop. Twiggy quickly rose to supermodel fame, thanks to her paint ’em on thick eyelashes. Almost overnight she became the face of the decade; instantly recognisable. She has graced the covers of Vogue and Tatler.

Yoko Ono

She was the one breaking all barriers buy dressing in just one colour. Wide-brimmed hats and knee-high boots were her signature accessories during this defining decade. Yoko Ono has never done colour. From her private wedding to one of the most defining moments of the 60s, the John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed-in, the petite artist championed a head-to-toe white aesthetic.

Marianne Faithful

Just like her name she was faithful to her mini dresses. Marianne Faithful’s style was one of the most desired of the 60s. Her love for over-sized sunglasses, the shortest of minis and full, choppy bangs – all rounded off with a heavy rock ‘n’ roll attitude – some of the reasons she inspired some of the Rolling Stones’ biggest hits including You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Wild Horses, and I Got the Blues.

Brigitte Bardot

The world-famous French bombshell’s style was unabashedly sexy and defined 1960s fashion forever. She made messy, piled-high up-dos the hair of choice, and every girl wanted a piece of her signature confidence. Who knew that perfectly un-perfect, slightly parted fringe would still be so sought-after more than 50 years later?

Barbara Hulanicki

Known for her affordable velvet trouser suits and unisex T-shirts. Barbara Hulanicki opened the doors to her cult Biba boutique in 1964, a defining moment for 1960s fashion. Her shop became a hip hangout for artists, actors and rock stars including Mick Jagger and David Bowie.


The Crown

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The Crown a series that made its debut in the year 2016, revolves around the life and reigning of the Queen Elizabeth II. Its only 2 years old but the way it has been shot makes your relive the era of the Queen’s rule. The beauty with which the whole series is shot and shown is just marvelous. After a point you are filled with remorse for not being born in that in era in Britain. Above how the Queen commanded during her reign and her whole life as a monarch, it seems the queen was rather a simple lady. A very generous lady who did justice to her title at every step of her life. The way she has been portrayed at times feels a bit fictional but on the contrary its not.

The real and the reel

The Queen of England was a lady of her actions and her unbiased opinions. She was not a Queen who longed for attention and validation. Her clothes were never loud but even more subtle and sopisticated. She adored pearls and so during her private audience or even her meeting she wore pearls as the only piece of jewellery. Also her elegant looks was something that made her who she really is. The Queen according to the series, The Crown had less admiration for make-up.

Real and Reel Queen

This clearly is the perfect example to say, ‘Simplicity is the perfect sophistication’. Simplicity and sophistication are the two faces of the same coin. If you wish to look sophisticated you ought to look simple, because simplicity gets the best of you. Hiding around make-up is the easiest thing to do, but guess what? Make-up can only hide spots and dark circles but what it cannot hide is your true self. Elegance brings out the true beauty, but for that people need to accept themselves with whatever shape and size  they are in only then can they convince others to accept them. And that can be infered from the series, The Crown. Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister was someone who hid  behind her make-up something that I reckon after watching the series.

The real and reel princess Margaret

But lets keep the philosphical part at rest and focus more on the fashion part. Princess Margaret had a taste for fashion, she is probably the only character to seen following the latest trends during that time. She always wore eye liner and not in a loud fashion but again with sophistication in rather clean way. She had the latest dresses, be it the  corset dresses or the off shoulder dresses but always with kitten heels. And that was the same with the Queen as well, both the sisters wore kitten heels only. And they probably wore the best trousers, something we are still unable to achieve. From dresses to shirts to trousers though it might sound monotonous but on the contrary they were extremely stylish.

Reel and real princess Margaret

But while watching the series a thought crossed my mind that if the same clothes are to be worn in today’s day and age they’d still seem stylish. Fashion can be recycled and that is what you will feel upon watching the series. Certain trends of the 60’s have elegantly made their ways to our wardrobes.

All About Tresses!

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Fashion industry is an ever evolving industry. Times have changed where everything was blingy. Moreover, everybody in the industry is striving towards the subtle yet royal style of dressing. Thats the same with hair dressing and hair colors. Initially, people just went global with only blonde or copper tones of hair color, but now that there is an abundance of hair color you can often spot odd colors making their way to people’s head.

Tones of hair colour

But hair color is not the agenda, the agenda remains hair care. Dyed tresses read comparatively more care than ordinary hair. Dyed tresses on being exposed to a lot of chemical and bleach become sensitive. Proper care ensures that your tresses instead of looking dry and frizzy look extremely soft and shiny.

Often getting coloured tresses people overlook the fact that just like any other body part hair also requires attention. And mostly people end up having dry, rough and brittle hair. That is because chemicals make your hair weak and brittle and this is always said that on getting your hair colour your tresses are more prone to be tangled. They’d times when no matter how many times you comb your tresses they still seem to be tangled and frizzy.

TIP 1 : Buy the right product

Yes, colour hair colour inspite being a bit costly requires you to buy the right product to make your colour stay for a longer time. Whatever your Saloon expert recommends STICK TO IT. They have probably a better idea of what suits best for your hair and therefore would always recommend the right thing. Also depending on the hair type it is not necessary for you to buy the conditioner along with the shampoo. L’oreal Vitamino Color Expert is the best.

Remember if you stick to your regular shampoo then there is a possibility that your colour won’t stay for long.

L’oreal Color expert  
Bodyshop Color Expert

TIP 2 : Keep it cool

Cold water head wash

I have mentioned it before for regular hair and for hair with flakes but it seems to be true with coloured tresses as well! After being exposed to chemicals the only thing tresses don’t need is hot water. Keep at bay with steamy baths because they will definitely take life out of your hair. Hot water has the tendency to dry out the skin and scalp which is not a good news for your follicles. Cold water will make your tresses last longer and keep your healthier.

TIP 3 : Moisturise

Oiling the scalp

Like your body your hair requires fuel to look perfect and healthy and that fuel is oiling. A champi before the wash will keep the dryness away. Oiling will help in proving extra nutrients that your hair needs on getting dyed. One more meaning that you can draw out of moisturise is conditioning a deep conditioning can work wonder.

Remember too much chemicals can spoil the beauty of your hair.


TIP 4 : Don’t overdo it

For those who are frequent in dyeing their hair should give it a thought. If you tend to change your hair color frequently, try not to dye your hair any sooner than once a month at most. Over-dyeing your shafts will cause excess drying, split ends and bad texture.