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The day 2 at LKW saw the collection of nine designer, the line up for day 2 was pretty hectic. Their were shows lined up in every 30mins to 1 hour. That for a fashion week and for the audience is pretty hectic and extremely tight. Coming from a point where only a few designers were there to present their collection, but now when we look back it is pretty amusing to see so many talented designers putting in their handwork and sweat to create something marvellous and extraordinary. Hats off to all the designer who are blessed with such creative minds to be able to create a design and then make it come to life.

Day 2 at Lakme fashion week was dedicated to the North Eastern part of India and saw the creations of designers like       Daniel Syiem, Jenjum Gadi, Hemang Agrawal and many other designers. Day 2 also saw United Colors of Benetton collaboration with catalysing sustainable fashion, Pankaj showcasing the weaves of Odisha. The day was closed by the designer Rajesh Pratap Singh with his collection, Tencel.

Reliance Jio presented North East MOJO, which celebrated the creativity of north eastern designer. Kumanthem, we saw threaded braids making statements along with some really amazing drapes and sustainable  fashion with unique textiles and designs. We saw chappals made out of bamboo. The collection reflected the beauty and serenity of East India. The designs were not loud but instead looked very comfortable and simple. The fabrics chosen were cotton and khadi with not so many busy prints. Also, the one element that stood out were the eyes. The eyes did all the talking in Kumanthem.

Then it was the Gocop and the Padmaja collection. The Good Loom presented neutral tones. The collection was all about sarees and brogues. We some amazing sarees with a belt tied on the waist and paired brogues which actually was the statement. Also it was a no fuss collection, the designs and the outfits were rather too simple and their was no fuss when it came to hair, the only thing popping were the pop lip colors. The collection displayed minimalistic designs in extremely neutral colors. Moreover, there was not too much going on with the footwear too, all the footwear was in nude shade and also there was hardly any heel it was the height of the models which carried the weight of the entire collection.

It was then Hemang Agarwal’s collection to take the runway and set it free. Maku, the collection was all about houndstooth patterns and pastel hues. The pastel hues were from silk. The entire collection had outfits made out of silk and patterns made of golden thread. But again the one feature that was eye catching was, simplicity. Even in Hemang’s creation the dresses and the attires did all the talking and rest the make-up and even the accessory were very simple and minimal. Models were seen wearing only mascara and gloss and also some interwoven hairdo. Rest all the jewellery was supporting the houndstooth patterns.

That was not the end, then it was the beautiful amalgam of a group of designers. It was the creation of Amit and Richard, Satyantan Sarkar, Sreejith Jeevan and Soham Dave. The result of the amalgam was very beautiful, we saw the runway looking very cool and bold. There were bold, black lips and loads of braids. One interesting fact was some models wore an elastic on their faces and their cheeks were then highlighted with some black blush. The makeup was really bold also the designs were very electric and pop. They had a nice color palate of fabrics. It was a good transition from all the simplicity that was bestowed upon the audience from the designers who showcased their collection before this group.





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