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The festival of juttis and parandis is here, 13th January is set some hours away, followed by 14th of January making the day of Makar Sankranti. The beautiful and the most loveable festival Lohri is here. Its time to get those juttis out, the beautiful kurtis and suits ironed and the accessories ready! This time its total relief to welcome Lohri due to the extreme weather that is there outside. Nothing is better than letting these frosty winters to go away and to welcome the season of spring.

Johri in Punjab

For the North Indians for winter after Holi, Lohri is the most celebrated festivals. And that is because Lohri even in this chilly weather makes you wanna get up and dress up and dance around the auspicious bonfire which marks the end of the cold weather. Relating to some mythological facts, according to Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna manifests himself in his full magnificence during this time. Also a bonus information is that the earth is farthest away from the sun at this time and begins its journey towards the sun on Lohri.  Eating popcorns and rewadis becomes the thing on this day. Its that one day that everybody decides to ditches their quilts and blankets to celebrate this auspicious fest.

But enough on all the facts and information, every festival is incomplete without the zest of fashion.  Its Lohri, favourite festival of the Punjabis and all the other North Indians so why not make it colourful? Yes, no festival is complete without some beautiful bright colors. So, leave those bulky and warm blacks and greys and step out in some beautiful colors to make the festival even more glorious.


For the ladies, dump those boots and booties for the day and grab on those handcrafted beauties, your juttis! For those who are missing on life by not owning a pair of juttis, should just log on to Instagram. After amazon or Myntra its Instagram that has so many amazing clothing brands. Whether you want to go the traditional road or the rather modern road for this day its a total win-win situation for the Instagram users. Insta has these amazing clothing and footwear brands that have very traditional yet the most funky and chic juttis available.

Enough focus on the footwear, for the ones looking for a traditional look you can wear a salwar kameez ( opt for a plain salwar kameez) and then pair it with a heavy dupatta. Yes, make the dupatta the hero for this festival. You can experiment in loads of way like instead of going every plain and simple you can wear a suit with a little work or print on it and then use contrasting dupatta this way your suit will be the hero and not just the dupatta. Then after the clothes going on to the accessories, its the perfect occasion to wear jhumkas! No matter what size your jhumka is just put them on! Jhumkas look so perfect with salwar kameez that is there no doubt that this heavenly match could ever go wrong.

Additional to jhumkas you can (optional though) wear some silver coated or golden coloured bangles any of the two which suits the combo of suit and jhumkas. Now, the tricky part, MAKE-UP!!!! Okay, so because there is not much which is going with your dress and accessory so you can go for slightly loud make-up. And by slightly loud I mean a rather darker shade of lipstick and nothing else. The reason why loudness right now is only circling around the lip color because firstly its not an event or a function its celebration which happens during the night. And by during the night it means the bonfire will only help your lip color come into notice. So you can tone down your eyes and cheeks and chose a rather darker shade of lipstick to glorify other features on your face and not look heavily dolled up.

Beautiful parandis

For the hair its more of a personal choice sorta thing, people in the villages and rural areas opt for parandis specially for this day, but obviously none of us are going to do that. Instead let your hair down and let them be free. Moreover, its is said that Lohri marks the coldest day in Northern India. Therefore do cover your self nicely, fashion is important but not at the cost of your health. Happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti.




"Never Perfect-always genuine."

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