Every Inch Of My Skin Is A Holy Grail

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Vogue faces are fun and ceremonial. They celebrate every right thing in their life and uplift its readers to catch up. The cover faces on their magazine is indeed a strong personality which is why they sell. We as a reader demand from these commercial magazines an escape from the rough life and go light on ourselves. From the side table grab vogue magazine and flip till you sip the coffee. Fashion is central to what I am going to write about and that really interests┬áme. So, everybody keeps their eye peeping on who’s the face of Vogue this month? Well, that is good because I am covering Alia Bhatt here. I will talk about her Vogue photoshoot by Greg Swales for The Millennial Issue.

She is Vogue. Just when we thought denim can be no good now, Alia said, “Wait! till you see me in Frayed-denim skirt or trousers.” And when the February edition of Vogue hit the floor, we couldn’t agree more! She took the elegance to a new level blended with the frivolity of those ruffled denim jackets. The Flared denim trousers paired with a lace black bralette and ruffled denim jacket demands attention as she walks in the blue city, untameable.

The Frayed-edge denim skirt with peep toes booties and cross-legs say NO to cliche and break the impasse. She ensembles in herself a tough girl like the denim but the diamond neck piece she wears is an impression of the perpetual love that a lady is all about.

The over-sized denim jacket is last on my list. This jacket hides all insecurities while you walk like a woman in the narrow streets of the world. The briefs and bralette peep from beneath the denim and therefore hide the vulnerable state. Her hair is loose and makeup is nude with light smoky eyes. She says, “Take it from low to high.”



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