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College is the transformation time. We enter like a geek and come out as a diva. But apart from physical transformation, mentally as well we go through a lot. Mental transformation is for life but physical transformation is for the present.  College changes us through and through. From our fashion sense to eating sense, we all grow somewhere in between them. And we cannot deny the fact that fashion is at the core of college. We develop and evolve and so does our fashion sense. Dressing up according to the occasion is something we become a pro at while we graduate. And girls’ can understand this better.

We wake up early not to do our assignments but for something bigger than that. Yes, you are right if you are thinking about the eye-liner.  That little curve which renders a vintage look to your outfit is important. We all know that old is gold. Eye-liner is important with a touch of kajal and eye-shadow only if required. Then deciding on the dress and hair is another hurdle that we need to cross in a limited time. To win, try deciding on the dress a night before because that will keep you calm in the morning and you will also get a bonus on dark-circles free eyes. How’s that, now?!


Okay! if you like drama then you will probably not settle for casual jeans rather replace it with pants, palazzos, dungaree or skirts. And for the top, you can go for ruffles, flares, tight-fit, halter neck or off-shoulders. Mix and max because remember you are anti-boring. A dungaree with closed neck top with ruffled sleeves is perfect for a casual day. About the hair, make it in a loose high ponytail. Remember to pull out one or two strands randomly so that your hair looks a little wild while the dungaree plays the cool chic.

Now, shoes are also important. In Delhi, the present trend is of white shoes or call it sneakers. Dresses go perfectly with such sneakers and pair it up with denim jackets. It’s a tried and tested trick for a day trip. Boots will take over soon, as it’s winter time. If you are a frequent metro traveller then you have the opportunity of seeing endless varieties of boots since Delhi never compromises on fashion. So, your task is done, make a list in your mind and try to get at least two boots so that you can change and rock everytime and anytime.


Accessories like bags, lipstick, mufflers, go parallel with others. They cannot be ignored as your outfit is incomplete without it. Dark shades of lipstick are highly recommended for all the dusky girls out there. For light complexion, go with peach and dark colour is always recommended. College is your battleground. Win it with your look as not only the first impression but everyday matters. Confidence is the key. Jeans and top are outdated. Play with colours, style and textures. Because college diaries are non-recurring.



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