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My Mind In My Dress!

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Fashion is not independent but draws inspiration from surroundings or a situation. Bollywood is a big stage where literature runs deep in the soul. We often miss the important details of a movie discarding them as minutiae. But those details are not there for the sake of being but for a larger purpose. The costumes and dresses that the actors wear for a climax scene or in the scene of enlightenment bear vitality to the scene. Similarly, I recently watched Secret Superstar and very much like to unfold the feelings and essence of her black close-necked dress that she wears when for the first time she sees herself performing on the stage.

This dress covers her body from top to bottom till ankles and bound near the neck as if choking. There is no breathing space. She lacks the freedom of even breathing freely in her own dreams. Because it is the patriarchal and marginalised society she is living in. She neatly braids her hair which shows that there is no scope of a fancy living or envisaging about a hi-fi and luxurious life. The colour is black which symbolizes the doom. She wants to pursue her singing dream despite the fact that her father can barely stand her singing. That means if he finds out about her Secret journey to superstar, he might even kill her.

The Hindu

The scene where she records her first song with Shakti Kumar “Nachdi Phira” we cannot miss the small but meaningful depiction in this scene. She goes to record it in burkha but she feels awkward. Both the song and her burkha- a boundary offers much resistance in the recording. She is not able to open up and sing freely. Later, she encounters her fear and sings a new song and in her school dress. The scene is transformed to give a new meaning which supports her stand and thus she is asserted with more confidence and energy. She transforms the vulgar song into a love anthem which conveys the message of shedding brutality and spreading the love.


The movie breathes in the right portrayal of a scene and it’s careful knitting of the episodes which finally lead to the much-awaited climax. And these details add a meaning to the movie and depicts the real mental state of the protagonist. The girl’s name is Insiya which means “Woman” and the movie celebrates womanhood. The burkha which is the prop for her disguise is actually a restricting force. It is the orthodox society which abhors all woman who wants to escape its deadly grip. At the end, she throws her burkha and finally reveals herself to the whole world and it is there she breaks free from the cage and flies high in the open air.

The Crown Comes Back To India!

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We live in a glamorous world. The “doctor” and “engineer” professions are taking a backseat. Fashion, fame, recognition and luxury go hand in hand. Priyanka Chopra came a long way after winning the Miss World title in 1999. She hailed from a middle-class background and she initially aspired to become an aeronautical engineer. She was nowhere in the vicinity of becoming one of the highest paid actress in Bollywood that she is today. Likewise, after 17 years Priyanka Chopra has a successor. Manushi Chhillar, an aspiring doctor decided to shed her stethoscope and wear the crown of Miss World 2017.  Her’s is an equally inspiring journey as that of Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Manushi Chhillar earlier this year won Femina Miss India 2017. It is a moment of pride for Indians for the long-prevailing drought has been finally quenched. Bagging the title after 17 years, Manushi made India stand out and herself. She was crowned the 67th Miss World 2017 by the outgoing Miss World titleholder Stephanie De Valle. Bollywood got a new muse. Rita Gangwani, a retired Lieutenant and an image consultant expressed her happiness on Manushi’s success and said that “passion towards her work made her the winner today”.  She ought to be industrious because we cannot forget the fact that she is a medical student.


Designer Rocky Star had a major contribution to her transformation. He, in an interview with Indiatimes, said that “When I first met her (Manushi), she was raw. She had just won the Miss India title. But over the months, I have seen her groom herself and become the amazing woman that she is now. Manushi has really worked upon herself.” Manushi’s transformation from a studious medical student to a gorgeous Miss World is remarkable, indeed. Her Instagram handle has a vivid record of her transformation and it also tells a success story.

India Today – India Today Group

A woman can have it all and what better an example than Manushi Chhillar. According to sources and interviews, we get to know that the fame of Miss World has yet not taken over. She still aspires to be a Heart Doctor first. About working in Bollywood she expresses her desire to work with Aamir Khan. Well, who would not?! Manushi becomes the role model for every woman and girls. The 20-year-old has something to hold on at such an early age. We hope we get to see more of her from now on.

India has a lot of young hearts to bank on. From Alia Bhatt to Masaba Gupta, India has a promising lot. Manushi is one of the products of the same culture. Defeating England and Mexico in the race, Manushi continues the legacy that Reita Faria, first Miss World from India had started in the year 1966. She has made a name that many of us still long for!

Drape Me In Style!

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Indian women own a culture that no other nation can do it right. It ensembles in it the essence, substance, beauty, grace, and style that defines an Indian Woman. We have diversity in fashion needless to say but then there is Saree that stands apart from all. From ages, women carry the tradition of wrapping themselves in a piece of cloth. Earlier it was just to cover their body but times have changed and Saree has become a prominent symbol of Indian culture. However, we have come a long way. Saree has evolved like any other dress. Initially, there were only one or two ways of wrapping a saree but now we have numerous.

Sonam Kapoor, a leading Bollywood icon known popularly for her unique fashion statement has a lot to deliver when it comes to saree. Her stylist and sister, Rhea Kapoor doesn’t leave an opportunity to showcase her unmatchable styling skills. And when we are talking about saree, we can look up to them undoubtedly. So, be it the early Victorian style, mix, and match or the conventional style, Sonam slays every time. Let’s look at some of her styles from different events.

The sheer nude cape blouse and saree ensemble turned heads. She chose to keep it light on makeup and accessories while the silver embroidery on the “Pallu” and the blouse gave the look an ethereal deal. A Choker jewelry and matching clutch fit perfectly with the middle-parted hair.

Saree with a shoe, how about that? This is the Victorian drape that I personally love a lot. The saree has many salient features that instantly grabs our attention. First, the ankle length as if it is a fusion of saree and skirt. Second, the shoes, no other footwear or heels fit here. Well, that’s the beauty. The ruffled sleeve blouse is so sober yet gorgeous. She slays in this saree and boldly says “NO” to all any cliches.

Two styles in one go. Sonam Kapoor dons an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla printed saree. The double saree is a bonus as she pulls it elegantly. Well, we never knew saree can be so easy to handle with two pallu’s front and back.

India Today – India Today Group

Now, this is a palazzo-cum-saree in denim fabric. And not to miss out the leather brown belt that holds together the curvy drapes at the waist. High-necked blouse and big loops transport us to the kingdom of refined elegance and grace. The blue monochrome sure depicts the blue blood and the frills at the edge of the pallu add a little drama. Hair is tied neatly is a low bun and makeup is light focusing all the attention on the saree or better say palazzo saree!


Today’s women are sure multitasking and Sonam Kapoor has an entire outfit to showcase that side of a woman. We don’t know about the drape of her saree but the jacket sure has one which ends in a tied up bow at the corner of her waist. The jacket-saree is fascinating and innovative. She wears little jhumkas with curled eye-liner makeup and her smile is constant which add to her grace clearly.

Outfit Of The Day- OOTD!

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We struggle daily, don’t we?! No, I am not talking about granting equality. Equality is serious and today nobody is serious! I would like to talk about girls problem that is beyond comprehension. You cannot just sum it up in a book or a blog. But still, I am trying to. We struggle daily with our dress choices, with our uncomfortable heels that we have to put on because no other shoes match the present outfit. We all have been there. Do you see the struggle now? Well, I thought about it and came to a conclusion. I will help you through your outfit of the day that we shorten it and call it “OOTD.”

Cheap Plus Size Clothes For Women 2017

We are done with cliches and need some fresh air. So, let’s pick a new style and a new combination. For today, I have picked up a high-waist or empire-waist jeans for bottoms. We all have a soft place for jeans, isn’t it? It shapes our butt and flaunts the curves of our legs that gives our legs a goddess feel. Generally. We pair with high-waist jeans a fitting crop top or off-shoulder baggy top. But as said earlier, we will avoid what is general and pick up something out of the box to pioneer the OOTD.


Off-shoulder crop top with bell sleeves. The high-waist jeans flaunt your leg on one side and this off-shoulder crop top lays bare the sensitive part of your body, your shoulders. The game is on! The bell sleeves just can’t get any better. Also, it would be good if you get a choker or replace this top with a choker off shoulder crop top with bell sleeves. The choker pulls the attention to the neck and then down the shoulders. It gives you the upper hand at any party or event.


You will look something like this only minus the fitting sleeves. Now, this outfit needs some life. Pull out the black choker and replace it with a colourful neck scarf tie. Some colour show is what’s the show stealer here. We can always wear a black choker but we are avoiding cliches here. Hence, it will look something like this.

Man Repeller

Yes! Perfect. The look is somewhat complete. Now, what about the hair and footwear? Well, I have that covered as well. Your foot needs some ethnic touch. Enough of pumps, strappy heels, stilettos and wedges. It’s always good to mix the traditions and make something called a hybrid. Look at the “Jootis” below. Aren’t they perfect for this look?

When you happy and you know, stamp your feets! Hear the tingling sound and lift up your mood. Keep your ears free and your hair loose. Make-up should be light and if you wish you can make your eyes look smoky. That’s all for today! Try this look and thank me later!

College Diaries

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College is the transformation time. We enter like a geek and come out as a diva. But apart from physical transformation, mentally as well we go through a lot. Mental transformation is for life but physical transformation is for the present.  College changes us through and through. From our fashion sense to eating sense, we all grow somewhere in between them. And we cannot deny the fact that fashion is at the core of college. We develop and evolve and so does our fashion sense. Dressing up according to the occasion is something we become a pro at while we graduate. And girls’ can understand this better.

We wake up early not to do our assignments but for something bigger than that. Yes, you are right if you are thinking about the eye-liner.  That little curve which renders a vintage look to your outfit is important. We all know that old is gold. Eye-liner is important with a touch of kajal and eye-shadow only if required. Then deciding on the dress and hair is another hurdle that we need to cross in a limited time. To win, try deciding on the dress a night before because that will keep you calm in the morning and you will also get a bonus on dark-circles free eyes. How’s that, now?!


Okay! if you like drama then you will probably not settle for casual jeans rather replace it with pants, palazzos, dungaree or skirts. And for the top, you can go for ruffles, flares, tight-fit, halter neck or off-shoulders. Mix and max because remember you are anti-boring. A dungaree with closed neck top with ruffled sleeves is perfect for a casual day. About the hair, make it in a loose high ponytail. Remember to pull out one or two strands randomly so that your hair looks a little wild while the dungaree plays the cool chic.

Now, shoes are also important. In Delhi, the present trend is of white shoes or call it sneakers. Dresses go perfectly with such sneakers and pair it up with denim jackets. It’s a tried and tested trick for a day trip. Boots will take over soon, as it’s winter time. If you are a frequent metro traveller then you have the opportunity of seeing endless varieties of boots since Delhi never compromises on fashion. So, your task is done, make a list in your mind and try to get at least two boots so that you can change and rock everytime and anytime.


Accessories like bags, lipstick, mufflers, go parallel with others. They cannot be ignored as your outfit is incomplete without it. Dark shades of lipstick are highly recommended for all the dusky girls out there. For light complexion, go with peach and dark colour is always recommended. College is your battleground. Win it with your look as not only the first impression but everyday matters. Confidence is the key. Jeans and top are outdated. Play with colours, style and textures. Because college diaries are non-recurring.

I Like It With A Touch Of Drama

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Ever since we grew up things get real and ugly. On your face, it’s a terrible world. Drama is missing. Not Shakespearean drama, the fashion drama. In this world where you are no more than a little space, make yourself visible. Live, smile and wear yellow knee-high stockings with blue strips just like Louisa Clarke did in the movie “Me Before You.” Young and vibrant, fashion differs from person to person. I say, make it your identity. Sometimes, looking like a sugar plump cake is what you need because that’s what you are in your mind. Untameable, carefree and innocent, expecting a lot from life. Well, it’s only an observation from the vulnerable outfit you don.


Louisa Clarke is a pretty girl in her mid-20s. She is employed to look after a paralyzed man. They both love life. But not in the same way probably. The outfit that she wears throughout the movie is remarkable and eye-catching. Colours play an important role as it stands in contrast with Will’s life and Louisa dons all the colours and represents Will’s alter-ego. Polka dots, dramatic patterns, printed mary jane heels, fluffy jackets and what not, she takes a lot of pride in being herself. And enough of chatting, let’s have a look at some of her outfits from the movie.

She wears that smile as complimentary with every little skirt and sheer blue, red stockings. Unmindful of the place that is serious and anti-drama, she manages to throw some life in the otherwise monochrome mansion. Those red boots in the picture are just so perfect when it’s she who is wearing them. Not everyone can carry the childish boots so confidently.

Den of Geek

She is lit like a Christmas tree when Will gift’s her her favourite yellow stockings with blue strips on it. The happiness on her face is evident. While she drowns herself in some fairy tale magical world, her hair seems to be sober and in touch with the reality. Her character is portrayed so beautifully through her attire that not much needs to be said yet everything is understood.

Now, this sky colour printed dress is perfect for a date night. Though she goes as his caretaker in the wedding in the movie, they end up celebrating their togetherness. The neatly done hair in a bun with flower headdress adds a final touch to her entire look. Neither too cheeky nor too shy, she pulls the look together with a wide smile.

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Isn’t she slaying this dress? This combination doesn’t go together in real life. But when Louisa wears it in the final scene of the movie, we cannot agree more. From start to end, she brings to fore some quirky combinations from her wardrobe and no there cannot be a better outfit to portray the character so neatly.

The Teeny tiny à Tout Faire – blogger

This red dress is ethereal and magical. She dons in the colour of love and unknowingly woos Will to loving her.  Her outfits run parallel to the scene and deliver the emotions quite adequately. “Me Before You” is a romantic movie starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin. It’s a wonderful story, indeed!


Not Without These- Winter Essentials

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Ladies, it’s winter time! Shed your crop tops and off-shoulder bliss and say hi to these winter essentials that you cannot do without it. Denim jackets, overcoats, knee-high boots and mufflers take the centre stage now.  This time is crucial for often it happens that in order to not mess with our style statement we tend to get sick and then the bed is the only solace. So, what we are required is to take care of the must-haves lest we stuff ourselves with layers and layers. That’s definitely not in! For throughout the year we diet only to look fat in winters?? A big NO! Then what about the hourglass figure that shows up in the overcoats?! Well, that is one of the essential that helps you rock winters with style and grace.


An overcoat is enough to press the cold and heats your body sufficiently. If you wearing a bodycon dress or pencil slit skirt then these overcoats are good to be paired with. Any office-goer should definitely have these in their wardrobe. It is a confident style statement and helps you carry yourself with great panache. Don’t’ forget to wear pumps footwear whenever you go with overcoats.

Denim Jackets

If it’s not too cold and you’re in a playful mood then don these sassy denim jackets. It’s comfortable and surfaces your vibrant self. Have you seen Alia Bhatt’s Vogue photo shoot where she plays with the monochrome blue but ruffles it up with different shades of denim like a denim skirt, flared denim pants and a denim jacket. Add a touch of boldness to your outfit with a tough look and pair it with a perfect footwear. Sneakers are cliche, go for strap heels or cowboy boots. Wear anything but nothing mundane. That’s the beauty, you see!

Turtleneck sweaters

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Every day might not be a good hair day or simply a good day. Hence, for such days turtleneck sweaters are the best. When you don’t feel like doing anything but taking a stroll down to your favourite coffee shop and then snuggle back in your sweater like a turtle, put on these. Pair it with parallel jeans and wedges. Simple and still good to go. And a cup of coffee just compliments your look. Take a day off just for yourself and turtlenecks.

Leather Jacket

Yes, a leather jacket! How can anyone miss these? Leather jackets are perfect for any party, trip, a moonlight walk, I mean anything. It goes with almost every occasion. These jackets have a speciality, they help you establish your identity in a crowd. And most amazingly you come out all strong. In winters, all you need is to be strong and fight off the cold and that cannot be done without a leather jacket. It is a must-have, remember!

Well, these four essentials cover all your mood. And winter just became easy to handle. It’s time to jump out of the old knitted sweaters and get into something trendy and playful. Happy Winters!


Who Wore What?

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Paparazzi are everywhere. But thank god we are not celebrities. Sleeping, walking, eating, they cannot grab a break. But then sometimes paparazzi do a great job. When in a fix what to wear? Google it. Bollywood celebrity looks will help you out and believe me don’t forget to thank the paparazzi for they took the pain to stand for hours just to snap who wore what! The Airport looks that steal the cover page of newspapers is much to talk about. In a flight, we prefer being comfortable because journeys can be hectic. The problem is we can’t afford to compromise on the style as well. Well, in this article I have culled the best airport looks that keep up with the style and comfort both at the same time.

The South Asian Buzz

Deepika Padukone is an airport styler. Time and again she has given us some major airport looks. She just fits in the season with style. The red maze blazer layered with check unbuttoned shirt. In the first pic, she pairs it with a grey maxi dress and somewhat looks like a boho chic and in the second, she pairs it with a grey tank top and knee-high boots. She enters the airport with beau Ranveer Singh both in their winter-friendly garments.

Parineeti Chopra airport look is casual with mirrored shades and Adidas sweatpants. It seems she doesn’t want any drama but promote simplicity at its best. That’s why this look is in the second position. This outfit can work both ways whether you are in a gym or an airport. She plays with street style wearing a black Ramones printed t-shirt. So, if you are not in a mood to spend a lot of time on your airport look, grab this look and you are good to go.

When talking of style Sonam Kapoor is a must. She has always made it to the list whether it’s her revolutionary saree look or this boho cum casual airport look. She is wearing a simple white plated kurta and ragged ankle blue jeans folded at the edge with a pair of tan leather shoes. The most stylish part of this look is her boho neck-piece and over-sized round glasses. It’s a sober outfit and easy to do. She stuns us every time even her airport look is something not mundane but cheeky.

South India Fashion

Beauty in black, Anushka Sharma slays with her airport look. She wears a bodycon black dress and a black blazer by Manish Malhotra. She pairs it with white sneakers and sassy round shades. This look is stylish and bold. Black is the new trend, indeed. She smiles her way to the airport and that’s what we love so much about her. She shines brightly though she is dressed in black.

That is a round-up of the best airport look that I could get. These ladies never disappoint us and therefore it’s easy for us to imitate the same look without second thoughts. Therefore, chop on the hectic jeans every time and fit yourself in something flowy, trendy and boho. Play with your look, it’s fun!



All My Ladies, Listen Up!

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We are concerned for ourselves. Aren’t we? Well, your mirror knows the truth. And there’s nothing bad in it. Looking good is important because that’s part of your personality. From a school going kid to a granny in a bus fixates on the dress until they find a right match. As a woman, I understand the reason behind those creches on your forehead. But, nothing to worry about styling. There’s also a perfect fit to you off-shoulder top or flared palazzos. You just need the right eyes and I am going to lend mine. Here, I will walk you through the best styling tips. Keep up with me!

You are invited to a party. The venue is a pub. But that’s not your comfort zone. Office people will be there and no friends. Worried?! Don’t be. Here’s what you should wear.


A Trouser, flared palazzos and pants are the best picks. You are rigid and not vulnerable. So, these pants keep up with your personal and don’t let you lose control. You are fun to go with and to be around. And the stylish knot speaks your style. Now enough of formal pants. All you need to keep up with the spirit of the pub is a party top.  Go for off shoulder body fitting crop tops or cold shoulders like the one below.


Now, these sassy tops will fit the atmosphere while keeping you guarded. Neither do you come out as an introvert nor vulnerable.  The subtle approach will help you keep calm and light to enjoy the party your way. There are many other tops that you can pair your pants with like:

Styles At Life

The neck piece is complimentary. If you manage to pull this, then bam! you are perfect. Also, if you get a crop top in an off-shoulder pattern and then pair it with a boho neckpiece it will rock your look all over. You can walk out confidently without any inhibitions and if you are lucky enough then you might get a cool company in the pub. And you both can totally hit it off! Did I manage to draw an image in your mind? Well, I did in my mind and it’s a happy cum stylish image, believe me!

But we are not done here. We are yet to decide the footwear and make-up and hair. For footwears my personal best is pumps. A trouser is incomplete without a one strap heels or pump. Either of the two is the best choice.


I understand not everyone is not comfortable with heels and rather is a flat foot type. Don’t worry, I have you covered as well.


Tada! how do you like this? Not too heavy on your ankles and easy to carry. Strappy wedges are the new trend. And it always comes handy. Keep your hair middle-parted and tied in a ponytail at the back and smoky eyes with nude lips and makeup like this:


If you don’t wish to do smoky eyes then its fine for then you can go with deep shade lipstick and shun wearing earrings as you have already put on the boho neckpiece. And there, you are ready to go! Thank me later!


You Go Girl !

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Harper Bazaar India released its magazine for November 2017. The cover was first released on Masaba Gupta’s Instagram handle captioned it- “On the cover of @BazaarBrideIn this November with my hero @aliaabhatt.” The cover is a masterpiece which is brimming with grace and boldness at the same time. Alia Bhatt also posted on her Instagram wishing Masaba, her childhood friend happy birthday she wrote, “Happy Bday Maasssuuuuu.” Though Alia Bhatt was in Alibaug for Shahrukh Khan’s birthday bash she couldn’t stop herself from posting this picture. The cover photo demands a telling story and this month it’s all about ace designer Masaba Gupta and Actor Alia Bhatt under the tag “Girls Uninterrupted.”


Alia Bhatt wears an Alice-Olivia embroidered high-neck floral gown and Masaba wears a camouflage sartorial rhetoric by Shantanu and Nikhil. The forest background signifies their reign in the kingdom. The tag that these girls are indomitable since they remain uninterrupted is the months’ message. Alia Bhatt keeps her makeup light done by Punit Saini while Masaba hair and make-up is done by Namrata Soni.

Women in power, inner love, strength, friendship and loyalty is what the cover says and the Instagram caption of Bazaar Bride. Alia and Masaba sit on the throne and idolize their achievements in work and life. Alia who has skipped the word “Stop” in her dictionary knows how to keep it going. Her career has taken off and she is giving hits after hits and stealing the limelight. She is unstoppable, indeed. From sultry photoshoot to denim girl, bubbly cool teen to the bride to be, she pulls everything in place and delivers her role perfectly. The kingdom is certainly hers. And interestingly she is young and in her prime. Could it be any better?


Masaba Gupta just showcased her collection in Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017. Her style was brimming in “Raani Pink” and “Blue.” Caped real-life superwoman who struggle with real-life problems needs to have her collection in their wardrobes. She flaunted tribal and warli embroideries in her collection. Next this year in October 2017 at Amazon India Fashion Week she made her models walk on the ramp wearing silhouettes shift dresses paired with structured jackets. Athiya Shetty was the showstopper. She wore a black crop top with white flared high waist palazzos and a black and gold printed cape. Masaba Gupta is in line with Manish Malhotra and doesn’t settle for anything less but more.

Designer Anarkali Suit

Two leading ladies in their respective kingdom is a treat to watch. They set the tone of sheer luxury only at the hands of good work. And so they keep venturing new spaces and come out with flying colours. Dedication and passion are paramount. Alia Bhatt and Masaba Gupta are childhood friends and that friendship turns deep with their achievements and then they come together and grace the throne.