November 2017


Face Mask It!

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Your face should always look fresh and glory. That’s why we often apply various face creams and different different brands for face mask. But the new trendy of face mask are the actual MASK. Yes, the save you the time to actually prep for a face mask made out of natural ingredients and also the pains to not talk till the time you have a face mask or creme for a good looking skin.

Not just time but also which brand to opt for and thus putting on an actual Mask saves you all the pain. In summer Nykaa came with an exciting offer on The Face Shop’s face mask. You could buy 10 masks for only 499! Yes, that offer was mind blowing. Then again it came with another offer to buy 5 masks for 499 and so. Crux of the matter is these, The Face Shop Face Mask are beyond words amazing. There is a range of masks from Tea tree too Avocado too Rice!

Many of us have myths as to face masks are expensive and not affective but that’s bonkers these masks actually work and you can get your hands on them through Nykaa. I’ll some up some of the best masks from The Face Shop.

Also these are easy to apply. All you have to do is cleanse your face nicely and the open the packet and unfold the mask. Thereafter, gently place it on your face and leave it on for the next 15 minutes.


Rice powder and rice bran makes a good scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells and make the skin clear and soft. But besides exfoliating the skin masks can be made from rice to make the skin bright and glowing.

It helps in the growth and regeneration of new cells, keeping the skin moist, increasing the production of collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin. And thus all that goodness packed in a face mask.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil based masks gives a very earth touch to the skin. The tea tree oil has wonderful benefits for your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help you get rid of acne and make your skin clearer and brighter. The oil can even help you get rid of scars and marks. The Tea Tree oil infused mask will do all this in just 15 mins! All the air pockets in the mask help infuse nourishment in the skin.


Cucumber mask as the most refreshing smell. As cucumber as a single ingredient resolves many skin problems and ensures healthy, younger-looking skin. It is an easy way to get rid of oiliness in skin and leaves you with a glow. Its juice is ideal to be used as a cleanser to relive blemishes and acne. And the extracts in the mask are equally affective.

White Tea

white tea The White tea mask is different from the rest of the mask as the extract in the mask helps reduce wrinkles, eliminate sun damage and replenish firmness of the skin. The fact that the extract is prepared from white tea leaves makes the affect worth witnessing.


All rounder, Avocado fruit besides providing nutrient to the body, is equally good for the skin. Saves you the pain of prepping up an avocado and just simply open the packet and put it on. The extracts used has anti-aging property. A face mask a day keeps the grease away!

Highest Paid Model!

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According to a Forbes survey ,” The Highest Paid Model ” in the World! Kendall Jenner is the World’s first model to bag 22 million as a model. It is a big change after 2002 when Gisele Bundchen. She held the number one spot and after 15 years Kendell Jenner has changed the game of  modelling.

Kendall Jenner

Gisele Bündchen now holds a second position in the overall World ranking and the third position is given to Chrissy Teigen former Sports illustrated cover model, author and TV personality. Gigi Hadid finished fifth in the survey. Kendall and Gigi having been taking the fashion industry buy a storm with their effortless style.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 07: (L-R) Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner attend the Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 fashion show on September 7, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4)

She has achieved a lot at a very tender age. Of only 22 years she has done a lot. Kendall is a TV personality. Her first was in her family TV show ,” Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The show is about the life of the Kardashians. She is Kim Kardashian’s sister. 5 Kardashian sisters are always in news for either for their surgeries or for some or the other fashionable appearances.

Kendall has a huge follower base on different social media platforms. A total of 84+million followers on Instagram helps her endorse brands using her social media platforms. That’s one reason she endorses so many brands so easily and effortlessly.

She had a bit of a controversy with the Pepsico ad but even then she held her modelling status uptight. She now walks for Fendi, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang. Kendall currently holds deals with beauty brand Estee Lauder, jewellery house Ippolita, sportswear the biggest sportswear brand, Adidas and lingerie label La Perla.

Her extracurricular activités have given her a sharp boost. Her fashion line ‘Kendall+Kylie’ is the second thing that constitutes in her entire income. Keeping up with the Kardashians is the biggest source of her income.

Their 2017 Fall collection has quite a range, going from French terry sweats on the casual weekend side of things to a color-blocked stretch-knit halter number and a strappy, full-leg jumpsuit with a geometric cutout on the midriff. Body-conscious knits play a starring role, with supporting ones being filled by those slip dresses Kendall mentioned, chambray separates, and mix-and-match pinstripes.

This collection is very simple and full of trendy looks. Sheer tops have made a comeback. There were other zeitgeist-y pieces—puffy bombers, tear-away pants, “naked boots”—but the liquid-silk slip dresses in rust and olive lent a dose of sophistication to the lineup.

Although Kendall Jenner has always given out fashion goals with her every look. Be it airport, red carpets, let-me-go-buy-grocery look or any thing she is  a stunner! Her street style looks are the best. They are really killer. The model stepped out during New York Fashion Week wearing a unique take on the jean jacket. Jenner paired her asymmetrical outerwear with a black fanny pack and R13 pants.
The model marched across N.Y.C. in an oversize sweatshirt that she paired with a tight suede mini-skirt (hello, early 2000s) and ankle-strap heels.


5 min Hair Updo!

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In a rush of leaving the house for college, office or for any event we neglect our hair. They are as important as our outfit. Even they need to be styled even they should look appealing instead of looking pale and boring.

So here are some 5 min undoes to complete your look and tie the entire look together. These will not only elevate your look but will also help you experiment more and make you understand your hair more. Also, you everyday staples would work well and no additional product will be needed.

  1. Twist It

    hair stylesSimplest of them all. All you have to do is centre part your and take a front section of hair and start twisting it. Twist it till the time you reach to the middle of that section and then pin on the back of your head right below your crown. You can use a slide pin or a tick-tack pin.

  2. Puff It Up

    All you have to do is take the front section of your and with a gap of 3 fingers between your hair and portion thats left of a 3 finger gap and pin it. Optional: Take the sections which on either side of the puff you just created and then just pin then up right where your placed the pin to hold the puff still.

  3. Tease ’em a lil

    Teasing is the easiest and it is mostly used as far as hair styling is concerned. Take a section of the hair and instead of combing it in the downward direction start combing in the upward direction. This will create a rough look and your hair will look teased. Now, you can either twist and turn a section of your hair or you can can a puff or instead tie a pony it will give a very chic look.

  4. Knotty Knot

    You can do a messy bun which is pretty simple. Take a rubber band and start timing a pony but instead letting your hair come out from the last turn of the hair tie twist then and then tie the twisted hair with the last loop of the hair tie.

  5. Braid That Beauty

    Everyone is aware of the traditional braid. Tie a traditional braid and instead of leaving it the way it is take two fingers and create a gap between your braid and your head and then make your braid come out of the gap that you have created and it will be a twist to the everyday boring braid and you can fold it make it look like a bun.

  6. Bow Tie Hair

    Tie a half pony and then use the remaining ends of your hair create a bow from the round puff of the half pony. This will create a bow of hair and pin the remaining ends to the back of the bow you have created.

  7. Modern PonyTail

    Tie a low pony tail. And then using two of your fingers create a gap between your head and your hair tie and then take your pony tail and make it come out of the gap you have created. New trendy ponytail is ready.

  8. Chignon

    Chignon might seem like a bizarre name but it is a classy looking easily to make bun. Tie a low pony. Now take 3 fingers and placing your fingers between the hair tie and the hair fold your hair. Now pin the folded section of your hair and pin it on the back of your or above your hair tie. Pin the remaining ends and the chignon is ready!

  9. Mermaid Braid

    By placing all your hair on either side divide it into two sections. Now, braid the two sections separately and then take the two braids and then tie them together. Now pull some ends of your braids making it look fuller.

  10. Waterfall Braid

    You can use your fringes or you can part your hair in which ever side you wish to part. Now Start braiding the either sections but instead of the traditional braids leave out alternate to make fall like a waterfall and then pull back and pin the remaining ends of the braids on the back of your head.

Falguni Shane Peacock

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Falguni Shane Peacock, the dynamic husband wife duo.

This designer duo is famous for for taking Indian fashion to Hollywood circuits, with their gorgeous and spectacular designs. They are famous for creating fantasy themed dreamy and dramatic designs that are always a statement.

Falguni and Shane

In the early days, Falguni was a designer and Shane was working in an export firm. Shane used to drop by Falguni’s home after work and kept asking her out on dates. While their personal life was getting particularly romantic, their professional work managed to reach the international platform at lightning speed. Their collaboration as a designer duo was one of the most beneficial to the Indian as well as International fashion Industry.

Falguni and Shane

Falguni and Shane peacock faced initial hurdles to make a career in fashion as both belonged to a different set of career paths, however they decided to follow their fashion dream. There label was launched in 2002 and the following year marked the opening of their flagship, which caters both men and women designer clothing.

Feather and Sequin

Falguni and Shane Peacock are the epitome of versatility and masters designing in all kinds of fashion designing genres. Their label creates stunning quintessential, exquisite bridal collections, resort wears, sensible fashion for kids and luxurious evening wear.

Their signature style is contrast and glamour featuring intricate embroideries, sequin works, sheer fabrics and bold prints. They have a unique capability to present raciness with lady like elegance.Most of their pieces are easily identifiable because of their signature style: a blend of high-octane glamour and rock ‘n’ roll vibes.

A different approach, from the traditional embellishments and embroideries that often dominate the market, their ethnic creations are not without their signature touches and contemporary updates—think feathers, sequins, prints, sheer panels and bold silhouettes.

They do not produce boring designs, their designs are a breath of fresh air. The feather add a lot of drama in their designs. The sequins and feather together create a master piece. Not just in India their flagship is famous in Hollywood as well. Many celebrities in Hollywood prefer wearing Falguni Shane Peacock on concerts, dinners, red carpets.

Jlo in a Falguni Shane Peacock designed dress

Hollywood celebrities like Fergie, Kelly Roland, Demi Lovato and Kat Graham all started wearing the outfits created by the designer duo. Falguni & Shane Peacock are known for their edgy designs, bold metallic colour scheme, fabulous use of feather and sequins along with intricate embroidery. Their edgy outfits are worn by Hollywood celebrities for concerts, stage shows, red carpet and other prestigious events. Here are a few of their Hollywood clientele.

Manushi Chillar
Kelsea Ballerini
Samantha Akkineni

Recently, Miss World 2017, Manushi Chillar wore a Falguni Shane Peacock designed V Plunge dress when the results were announced. Moreover Samantha Akkineni wore a customised Falguni Shane Peacock dress on her wedding reception. Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone, Vaani Kapoor, Pooja Hegde, Lisa Haydon nearly all the leading ladies have their designs. The fact that they are not of typical type makes them stand out from the rest.

Lakme Fashion Week’17

Their recent collection for the Fashion week amped their game. Their designs were sexy and coy justifying as to why Hollywood celebrities love wearing their designs.



The Crown Comes Back To India!

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We live in a glamorous world. The “doctor” and “engineer” professions are taking a backseat. Fashion, fame, recognition and luxury go hand in hand. Priyanka Chopra came a long way after winning the Miss World title in 1999. She hailed from a middle-class background and she initially aspired to become an aeronautical engineer. She was nowhere in the vicinity of becoming one of the highest paid actress in Bollywood that she is today. Likewise, after 17 years Priyanka Chopra has a successor. Manushi Chhillar, an aspiring doctor decided to shed her stethoscope and wear the crown of Miss World 2017.  Her’s is an equally inspiring journey as that of Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Manushi Chhillar earlier this year won Femina Miss India 2017. It is a moment of pride for Indians for the long-prevailing drought has been finally quenched. Bagging the title after 17 years, Manushi made India stand out and herself. She was crowned the 67th Miss World 2017 by the outgoing Miss World titleholder Stephanie De Valle. Bollywood got a new muse. Rita Gangwani, a retired Lieutenant and an image consultant expressed her happiness on Manushi’s success and said that “passion towards her work made her the winner today”.  She ought to be industrious because we cannot forget the fact that she is a medical student.


Designer Rocky Star had a major contribution to her transformation. He, in an interview with Indiatimes, said that “When I first met her (Manushi), she was raw. She had just won the Miss India title. But over the months, I have seen her groom herself and become the amazing woman that she is now. Manushi has really worked upon herself.” Manushi’s transformation from a studious medical student to a gorgeous Miss World is remarkable, indeed. Her Instagram handle has a vivid record of her transformation and it also tells a success story.

India Today – India Today Group

A woman can have it all and what better an example than Manushi Chhillar. According to sources and interviews, we get to know that the fame of Miss World has yet not taken over. She still aspires to be a Heart Doctor first. About working in Bollywood she expresses her desire to work with Aamir Khan. Well, who would not?! Manushi becomes the role model for every woman and girls. The 20-year-old has something to hold on at such an early age. We hope we get to see more of her from now on.

India has a lot of young hearts to bank on. From Alia Bhatt to Masaba Gupta, India has a promising lot. Manushi is one of the products of the same culture. Defeating England and Mexico in the race, Manushi continues the legacy that Reita Faria, first Miss World from India had started in the year 1966. She has made a name that many of us still long for!

Chick Flick!

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Which is the best chick flick in the history if TV series ? SEX AND THE CITY. That’s right it is the best and the most grossing chick flick till date! Besides all the chick drama and how it revolves around the life of four New Yorkers the series gave us MAJOR fashion goals.

From Louboutin’s to Jimmy Choo’s and yes, of course Manolo Blank’s to wearing Vera Wang for a wedding. You name it and the wore that label making the show of elite class New York women. And the most favourite character amongst the rest, Carrie Bradshaw famous for her remarkable taste in shoes. She wore nearly all the expensive shoe brand and labels. And after Carrie its Samantha Johns, glamour girl of L.A.( though this was the scenario in Sex and the City: The Movie ). She was the most stylish. All her dresses made her look younger than her age.

Even in ’98 these girls showed us how to carry expensive labels and look stylish. Here are some of the most stylish looks from the series and the movie.

The Bolder Takes on Trend

Samantha Jones

Pink Emanuel Ungaro pantsuit.  Yes, Samantha Jones made going to the office appear to be a catwalk. Back in the day she was the first one to start color blocking and wearing unicolor pantsuit and there is nothing wrong in calling it a power suit. And adding a touch of Samantha with a serious deep-V plunge.

Conor Blocking right away

She wore menswear-inspired pieces to work often. It was common to see her don bolder takes on the trend. Case in point: an asymmetrical-cut blazer in bright yellow and deep red jacket and skirt with a red color power waist and matching bag.

Simple Yet Classy

Carrie Bradshaw

Pairing the black “Jadore Dior” shirt with a massive purple and grey skirt and some high heels and a jacket. That is playing with a simple t shirt and turning it into a classy look. She played well by making the skirt a statement piece. She carried it with so much suave.

Accessorising At its Best


White-and-pink Thomas Short suit with a matching waistcoat. She finished off the look with peep-toe black sandals and a hat box. Just to escalate the entire look she carried a white hat box making it the most weirdest yet the most elegantly carried hat box.

Dazzle It

Charlotte York

Most of her dresses were in pink but just the amp it up she wore a red hue dress and dazzled it up with a rather large neck piece. The neck piece made a statement and stood out and she gave us a rather great message. Size of piece does not matter, what matters is how you carry it. Tied the look together with a peep toe red sandals.

Clean Lines

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda the ambitious lawyer, is generally as practical in her wardrobe decisions as she is in her career choices. From her tidy no-fuss short hair to her smart, sensibly heeled shoes. Any bag with a plethora of inside zip pockets would appeal to a type-A personality like Miranda. Shoes with a delicate strap and a low kitten heel is perfect for Miranda’s office ensemble.

Drape Me In Style!

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Indian women own a culture that no other nation can do it right. It ensembles in it the essence, substance, beauty, grace, and style that defines an Indian Woman. We have diversity in fashion needless to say but then there is Saree that stands apart from all. From ages, women carry the tradition of wrapping themselves in a piece of cloth. Earlier it was just to cover their body but times have changed and Saree has become a prominent symbol of Indian culture. However, we have come a long way. Saree has evolved like any other dress. Initially, there were only one or two ways of wrapping a saree but now we have numerous.

Sonam Kapoor, a leading Bollywood icon known popularly for her unique fashion statement has a lot to deliver when it comes to saree. Her stylist and sister, Rhea Kapoor doesn’t leave an opportunity to showcase her unmatchable styling skills. And when we are talking about saree, we can look up to them undoubtedly. So, be it the early Victorian style, mix, and match or the conventional style, Sonam slays every time. Let’s look at some of her styles from different events.

The sheer nude cape blouse and saree ensemble turned heads. She chose to keep it light on makeup and accessories while the silver embroidery on the “Pallu” and the blouse gave the look an ethereal deal. A Choker jewelry and matching clutch fit perfectly with the middle-parted hair.

Saree with a shoe, how about that? This is the Victorian drape that I personally love a lot. The saree has many salient features that instantly grabs our attention. First, the ankle length as if it is a fusion of saree and skirt. Second, the shoes, no other footwear or heels fit here. Well, that’s the beauty. The ruffled sleeve blouse is so sober yet gorgeous. She slays in this saree and boldly says “NO” to all any cliches.

Two styles in one go. Sonam Kapoor dons an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla printed saree. The double saree is a bonus as she pulls it elegantly. Well, we never knew saree can be so easy to handle with two pallu’s front and back.

India Today – India Today Group

Now, this is a palazzo-cum-saree in denim fabric. And not to miss out the leather brown belt that holds together the curvy drapes at the waist. High-necked blouse and big loops transport us to the kingdom of refined elegance and grace. The blue monochrome sure depicts the blue blood and the frills at the edge of the pallu add a little drama. Hair is tied neatly is a low bun and makeup is light focusing all the attention on the saree or better say palazzo saree!


Today’s women are sure multitasking and Sonam Kapoor has an entire outfit to showcase that side of a woman. We don’t know about the drape of her saree but the jacket sure has one which ends in a tied up bow at the corner of her waist. The jacket-saree is fascinating and innovative. She wears little jhumkas with curled eye-liner makeup and her smile is constant which add to her grace clearly.

Frenzy Singh

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What to say Ranveer Singh a.k.a Frenzy Singh is no less than a miracle. No one can ever imitate him because he is untraceable. He is charisma is contagious. Yo can not resist yourself from not falling for him. He is without a great style icon and an even more great actor. His acting has no equal. His a maniac his personalities says a thousand thing about him.

ranveer for filmfare

This time he is talks for his oh so charming covers for GQ, Filmfare and MW magazines. The covers were beyond words. There is no monotony in his looks he is an ever evolving person. Be it in terms of his looks, style or even when he is picking up a character. No two characters in his films are similar. And that’s what you can say about his magazine covers, no two Ranveer Singh covers are similar.

In the November Edition of GQ magazine, Ranveer Singh is giving us goals. He is dressed in red from top to bottom. Color blocking it right away! No wonder it indicates commencement of colourful suits. Either ways his look is just something new its a rare site to see an actor wearing such a unique attire. His red shaded suit matched completely with the background as if he is camouflaging.

Speaking of the thought behind ‘all red’ avatar of the RamLeela actor on the magazine cover, Vijendra Bharadwaj, GQ India’s Fashion Director said,

“Ranveer has an organic ability to fearlessly and winningly wear fashion. Add to that a desire to push it, to explore his own limits and possibilities. These are all traits of an experimental creative force, that makes him the apt man to pull off a high-impact, all-red shoot. A sharply cut red suit by Paul Smith, a crew neck jumper by Alexander McQueen and high top trainers by Adidas constitute the look. A red Victorinox timepiece lends the accent. Ranveer carries it all off with ease, perched atop a plush sofa designed by Red Blue & Yellow.”

For Filmfare he kept a rather casual look fro the cover. Mainly in lively, colourful casual style with knitted sweaters, mufflers, and long jackets. And looks like a stunner. A spectacular start to November by our Frenzy Singh.

Reigning King

Looking like a true gentleman in a black jacket with oversized pockets which he paired with black trousers. His man bun, a grunge beard and oversized cat-eye sunglasses accentuate his look to perfection. Ranveer will be next seen portraying the role of Allahudin Khilji in Padmavati releasing in December. Even in the movie he will essay a rather odd and a fierceful character and we can’t wait to witness is spectacular skills on the big screen.

The astounding actor is full of surprises. Every time that you spot Ranveer there is no safe styling. There is always wild dressing. His sunglasses are the ones which create a whole lot of buzz in the industry. They are not the monotonous everyday sunglasses but rather unique. There is no one who could beat him in carrying a look be it wild be it sassy.

Flake Season!!

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Its the mid of November and many of us are coming across a seasonal problem, DANDRUFF a.k.a. Flake. No matter how lovely winters are but dandruff always take a toll on our hair. Besides becoming flat and frizzy our hair out of dryness catch flake. And it is NOT  easy to get of of it.

You might have heard your grandma saying to not to keep your hair open in winters, they will catch flake. It is true that the more our hair are left open in the windy dry winters there are chances that because of less water in our body the scalp will catch dandruff.

And thus it is always advised to avoid using styling product as the chemicals when in contact with the dry scalp will lead to flakes. And so here are some home remedies which comprises of all the easily available ingredients to keep your hair away from FLAKE!!!

  1. Coconut Oil

    flake treatment
    Coconut Oil

    This has anti fungal properties and thus is the best when curing dandruff. It provides moisture to the scalp and relieves itchiness.

    Items you need –
    • Three lemons
    • Coconut oil
    • A bowl
     Recipe –
    • Put some coconut oil into the bowl
    • Mix it with the juice of 3 lemons well. ( There are some websites that say 5 lemons is a must but too much lemon can turn your white so be gentle when using lemons. )
    • Rub the mixture on your scalp
    • Massage in a few minutes
    • After 20 minutes, wash your hair carefully
    • Do this remedy two or three times per week, and continue doing it when you see that there no dandruff.
  2. Olive Oil

    flake treatment
    Olive Oil

    This one is like coconut oil is the most easily available oil which is present in almost every household. It is the lightest oil and is the best when it comes to curing skin problem. So, here are the steps to go about the treatment:-

    CAUTION : The treatment should be discontinued once the problem is cured.

    • Heat some olive oil till it is warm
    • Use it to massage your scalp
    • Take a warm towel and then wrap your hair
    • Shampoo your hair after 45 minutes
    • Finally, condition your hair
    • Repeat this process a 2-3 times per week.
  3. Lemon Juice

    Lemon Juice

    It is a non avoidable element when it comes to dandruff. It contains acids which fights the bacteria causing dandruff. Moreover, it can relieve itching. Here is how to go about it:

    Items you need –
    • Lemon juice (from half of a lemon)
    • Yogurt (one – fourth cup)
    Recipe –
    • Mix the lemon juice with yogurt well
    • Apply it to your hair and on your scalp
    • Then rinse it off after leaving it on about 5 minutes
    • Shampoo your hair
  4. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    It helps in slowing down the fast growth of cells, which is the main reason for dandruff. Instead of plucking an aloe vera leaf and thereafter getting the sticky gel out of it you can use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.

    Here are the steps to be followed –
    • Apply aloe vera gel onto your scalp before you wash your hair
    • Leave it on about 15 minutes
    • Wash and shampoo your hair as usual.
  5. Baking Soda

    Baking Soda

    This ingredient has the properties to remove the dead skin cells as well as the excess oil. It is able to reduce the growth of bacteria as well as balance the pH levels of the scalp.

    CAUTION : Do not shampoo your hair after doing the remedy as it will wash off the whole effect of baking soda.  

    The steps are –
    • Make your hair wet
    • Take a handful of baking soda
    • Rub it onto your scalp
    • Wash your hair with warm water after a few minute
    • Keep doing this twice a week for a few weeks

Outfit Of The Day- OOTD!

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We struggle daily, don’t we?! No, I am not talking about granting equality. Equality is serious and today nobody is serious! I would like to talk about girls problem that is beyond comprehension. You cannot just sum it up in a book or a blog. But still, I am trying to. We struggle daily with our dress choices, with our uncomfortable heels that we have to put on because no other shoes match the present outfit. We all have been there. Do you see the struggle now? Well, I thought about it and came to a conclusion. I will help you through your outfit of the day that we shorten it and call it “OOTD.”

Cheap Plus Size Clothes For Women 2017

We are done with cliches and need some fresh air. So, let’s pick a new style and a new combination. For today, I have picked up a high-waist or empire-waist jeans for bottoms. We all have a soft place for jeans, isn’t it? It shapes our butt and flaunts the curves of our legs that gives our legs a goddess feel. Generally. We pair with high-waist jeans a fitting crop top or off-shoulder baggy top. But as said earlier, we will avoid what is general and pick up something out of the box to pioneer the OOTD.


Off-shoulder crop top with bell sleeves. The high-waist jeans flaunt your leg on one side and this off-shoulder crop top lays bare the sensitive part of your body, your shoulders. The game is on! The bell sleeves just can’t get any better. Also, it would be good if you get a choker or replace this top with a choker off shoulder crop top with bell sleeves. The choker pulls the attention to the neck and then down the shoulders. It gives you the upper hand at any party or event.


You will look something like this only minus the fitting sleeves. Now, this outfit needs some life. Pull out the black choker and replace it with a colourful neck scarf tie. Some colour show is what’s the show stealer here. We can always wear a black choker but we are avoiding cliches here. Hence, it will look something like this.

Man Repeller

Yes! Perfect. The look is somewhat complete. Now, what about the hair and footwear? Well, I have that covered as well. Your foot needs some ethnic touch. Enough of pumps, strappy heels, stilettos and wedges. It’s always good to mix the traditions and make something called a hybrid. Look at the “Jootis” below. Aren’t they perfect for this look?

When you happy and you know, stamp your feets! Hear the tingling sound and lift up your mood. Keep your ears free and your hair loose. Make-up should be light and if you wish you can make your eyes look smoky. That’s all for today! Try this look and thank me later!