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Back In 90’s, It Was All About Rachel Green

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Left a man at the altar, came gushing in the central perk, a bride. She was Rachel Karen Green. Childish, crazy and careless, we might call her but in the nick of time, she gained authority. Her authority came with her job. She became independent and from season 1 to season 10, she evolved graciously. The heartthrob of many, Rachel’s wardrobe was something that we can’t stop drooling over. Even today, the impression is undoable. From her goofy knicks pullovers, pencil skirts, body-fitting dresses to formals, she looked ravishing in every dress she wore. Here, I will talk about some of her best picks in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


The checked mini skirt is from season 1. She offers the look of a school girl and probably this mini and knee-high stockings are a great combination. She is gullible and child-like as is depicted in these episodes. Her wardrobe is so right that it probably speaks her mind. Denim, dungaree, turtleneck etc covered season 1. She didn’t miss a chance to portray her immature nature.


This dress is one of the sexiest dress that she wears in the series. A green body-fitting slit dress with minimum accessories and light make-up. She looks ravishing and godly. After struggling through endless dresses she saves this dress for the end. And indeed, it was worth the wait.

The Kimono dress is another one on the list. She wears this black flower print close-necked slit kimono dress in season 10.

What Wear Want –

She awes her with her impeccable dress sense. Be it simple sweater shirt paired with blue jeans or plaited skirt with broad belt and black turtleneck, she has everything in place. Also, not to miss those knee length boots. We know her love for boots from season 1 itself, needn’t say more!


This black bodycon dress is a big thumb up for an interview or meeting. She nails her formals as well. She wore this dress when she had an interview with Ralph Lauren. From Bloomingdales to Ralph Lauren, her dresses change for the best every time with her job prospects.


And when you put a violet leather coat over that black dress, we can’t get enough of her, can we?


Now, who wouldn’t like to be served by a waitress like Rachel? The mini-skirt with full sleeves shimmering sweater and sheer stockings is 10 on 10. She loves to dress up and she is indeed very confident about her body. We can take inspiration even from this waitress dress. And it will work for any party girls night out.

Rachel Green is the style icon for all those who adore themselves. Her fashion statement is one of the other things that comes complimentary with the story. Be it joey’s award show or regatta gala or even a fake party, she never misses a chance to flaunt the godliness in her. And we take every bit of it. She is certainly the best dressed in the show.





Collection – Christian Louboutin x Sabyasachi

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Funnily enough, Sabyasachi and I live different lives, we had different childhood, in different cultures, our upbringings, languages, everything has been different. Even so, we are quite alike as human being.

– Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin, creator of the red-soled shoes.  One of the world’s most well-known shoe designers. The red soles of his designs have become synonymous with luxury and celebrity. Louboutin grew up in Paris. He spent his time sketching shoes rather than studying, he was expelled from three schools. Though he is not formally trained, he attended Académie d’Art Roederer to study drawing and decorative arts. Ran away as a teenager to Egypt and India, Louboutin returned to Paris with a portfolio filled with sketches of fantastical heels.


Christian Louboutin opened his first store in Paris in 1992. His red-soled shoes, handcrafted in Italy, were taken up by Hollywood actresses and Paris’ fashion establishment. Louboutin has collaborated with a number of designers including Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Victor & Rolf, Roland Mouret , and Jean Paul Gaultie.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee, celebrated for his distinctly modern take on traditional Indian clothing. Born to a middle class Bengali family in Kolkata, Mukherjee initially planned for a career in medicine, but was drawn to the National Institute of Fashion Technology, which he attended.

After graduating in 1999, with three major distinctions, Mukherjee opened his workshop with a workforce of just three people. From there, he debuted at India Fashion Week in 2002, earning praise for his work from Women’s Wear Daily, who proclaimed him the future of Indian fashion. He has incorporated feminine, decorative and balanced designs into a self-made apparel company. Along with a luxurious bridal business, as well as important Bollywood costume projects.

In July 2015, when Christian Louboutin conspired to create the extraordinary shoes that walked the runway of Sabyasachi’s annual couture show held in Mumbai. Then again in October 2016, with a small number of exquisite handbags added to pair with the shoes.


Then came an invitation to “Sabya’s” home city of Kolkata, and a rare visit to his private archive of saris and ribbons. Inspired by these immensely special fabrics, Christian said “Let’s make the embroideries into shoes that can dance into the light.” And so, the pair decided to bring this beauty outside of India to bask in the country’s glorious fabrics and rich craftsmanship.

collection for women

The collection are nearly a dozen Women’s shoe styles. An exquisite thigh-high boot crafted with delicate leather strips designed to harness and highlight the leg. Aptly named Tall and Deep, a very few pairs will be available worldwide as an exclusive, made-to-measure item.


For Men, Christian Louboutin chose to revisit select iconic styles from his collections. Dandelion loafer received the Sabyasachi magic touch with an embroidered toe-cap recalling traditional Indian wedding shoes. Louis Junior is transformed into an incredibly rich patchwork of motifs and colours.


The collection is a  remarkable example of west meets east. The collection is very exclusive and innovative. A great start to a new revolution in the fashion industry.

CHANEL- A Revolutionary Brand

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Fashion is branded. A taste of high-profile, savings of a middle-class and dream of anyone lower than middle-class. It says a lot about where we are and where we want to reach. Nobody likes to shop a local brand unless it’s Sarojini Nagar market. But do we know the rags to lavish riches story of these luxurious halts? I guess, No. Back in the early 20th century, fashion was different and impractical particularly, for women. A woman is supposed to don a garment that reflects her decorative nature, in the Hitler days and even beyond that. It was a tiresome job. Can you believe? It was no less than a job!

Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Pack yourself in a corset because that would carve out your curves flawlessly and there you go, now I know what is the shape of a woman. To breathe with your mouth might have been a tedious task. The body in the corset could hardly have any space to smile freely. Yet, they never complained or abandon it until Coco Chanel came into being. Yes, that was the revolutionary era for women. They could finally shed their corsets to grab something practical and womanly. The smile then was real. She took over the fashion completely and modified it into what she calls- “House Of Chanel”


Coco Chanel history itself is revolutionary. She belonged to a poorhouse in France. Her father left her in an orphanage at the age of 12 when her mother died. That was the beginning of her legendary brand. She started with hats. The art of sewing that she learnt from her aunt rendered her the fortune of making a name, independently. Those stylish hats sold like anything. She knew she was onto something. Later, with the help of her boyfriend, she managed some wealth to open another couture store that was a step ahead of her career.

She started making dresses. Corset-free dresses. She was the first woman to bring women into trousers. Style took a new form with her outfits. The little black dress was her idea. Everyone liked to dress in Coco Chanel. It became a big brand in France. She herself had connections with influential people of France that gave her business a push and she landed into the wardrobe of every house on the street. She also designed dresses for the nuns who looked after soldiers wounded during the first world war 1914. A dress that had space for keeping basic equipment required in nursing.  But no compromise in the style.

She did not confine herself to dress but also launched an exclusive perfumed named after her lucky number 5 and her name- No 5 Chanel. The perfume was a big hit. And like her dresses, it met with the same fortune or rather more than that. The perfume alone brought a fortune of 9 million dollars annually. Coco Chanel transformed the outlook and even challenged her competitors big time. But everything that starts has to come to an end and so did Coco Chanel. No, not the legacy and fortune of the brand but she herself. She was still in working when she died in 1971.

But the sad part about the brand and her as an individual was, that she was alone. “I had millions but I was alone”- Coco Chanel. She could not find the true pleasure of living but only materialistic. She revolutionized fashion but she was found wanting still. Coco Chanel is one of the richest brands of the 21st century and it will continue to be. She paid a heavy price for working on her own terms, indeed.

5 Night Time Skin Rituals

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Your skin benefits more when you are sleeping.

Once you hit 25 your skin starts reminding you of your age and its a constant reminder that you are AGEING! But being a goof around magazines and skin treatment I reckon reading a proven fact that a growing women should start taking care of their skin from the age of 25 and should follow regimes to keep their skin away from ageing and wrinkles when they hit their 40ies.

Keeping in mind that skin is our largest organ, awfully exposed to the strident environment. There are a lot of regimes to be followed but the best skin regime would be to treat your skin before sleeping because during naps your skin has the maximum time to recover from all the damage caused during the day and then when you wake up in the morning it gives you a refreshed look even after a long 10hour sleep! 

(even though night time skin product are wee bit expensive but there are a lot home remedies you could follow to save up your money and to replenish your skin naturally. )


  • Remove your Make-up 

Even though you have had a very tiring day and all you want to do is to tuck yourself in your bed and just go to sleep but here is the thing, removing make-up is a MUST!

clean face
remove make-up




You should never sleep with your make up on. Leaving make-up on clogs your pores. The leftover makeup clogs your pores and makes your skin feel greasy. This often leads to acne, pimple, and an increase in the number of white heads. So, to save you some trouble make sure to keep a pack of wet wipes on your bed side. This will save you the trouble of getting up and cleansing your face        ( great shortcut for all the lazy heads out there!)


  • Use a toner

Once you have cleansed you face its time to use a toner. Toner basically is a product that makes all the part of your face of the same pH. Some people ignore using a toner stating that it is a total waste to use a toner on your skin. On the contrary, a toner works to remove residue from makeup and even that cleanser you just used to get rid of dirt, which believe it or not, shouldn’t stay on your skin for too long.

Gently apply a toner made for your skin type each night before bed. Using toner that’s too harsh for your skin could result in some irritation.

toning skin

Dry and normal skin types should avoid alcohol-based formulas, which are really only necessary for people with oily skin. The best available toner is Ice. It works the same way. Instead of spending too much just open your freezer and grab some ice.



  • Use an Eye Cream

    eye cream
    Apply eye cream



First up, you need to decide what you wish it to do. Do you want it to smooth out wrinkles? Depuff bags? Minimise circles? Or all of the above plus colour correcting, brightening and tightening too? There are a lot brands but once you start getting into the depth of eye creams you will realise that though they come into small pots but they can be really expensive-and with even bigger promises.

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Cream




And the only cheap eye cream( in terms of price ) present in the Indian market is the Lakme Absolute perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Creme. It acts as a good lightening cream and easily blends and also it is not at all greasy.

Forest Essentials product for skin
Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream Tub

The Forrest Essentials Night Creams are expensive but have even more good result which truly justifies there prices. It has natural extract of all the natural herbal elements which really help in correcting dark circles.

Clinique for Skin
Clinique Night Creme

Same way, Clinique is all not so economical but it is said to give tremendous results once you get into a habit of using it.


  • Use a hand cream

Your hands need equal nourishment they are the severely affected. You end up touching a lot of things during the day and then when you use soap to clean it takes away all the softness of your hands leaving them dry. So, just before going to bed apply a small amount of hand cream son your hands and then sleep. It will work its magic during the night and you will have soft and smooth hands in the morning.

BodyShop Hand Cream

 BodyShop hand creams are probably the most bough hand creams. They come in various types strawberries, Peach, Shea Butter, Coconut, Moringa, etc.


 P.S. Try carrying a hand cream with you everyday as it will help in keeping your hands smooth all day long.

  • Sleep on your back for a glowing skin

    sleep on your back

    Research shows that over time, applying pressure on your face can lead to wrinkles. If you always sleep on your right side or your left side, that side of your face can potentially develop more wrinkles. Sleeping on your back not only keeps your face free of fine lines, it also props your head up just so to keep fluids from pooling under your eyes and creating unsightly bags.


Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017

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Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017 concluded on August 20, 2017, but the season begins now. The festivity is in the air. The best is out on the ramp. And soon in your wardrobe. 33 Bollywood icons walked for their respective designers and here I will talk about 3 best picks from the show.

  1. Aditi Rao Hydari

She wears a brocade lehnga with flowy designs, a rich embroidered blouse and long ethnic shrug embroidered as well at the edges. The dress is by designer Jayanti Reddy. And the heavy high-necked neckpiece and ring jewellery add to the royalty. She ensembles the panache of a queen who takes pride in her persona. She keeps her hair middle-parted tied at the back with only two strands allowed to be loose. As it is she inherits the royal blood and the dress is her weapon.

2.  Kriti Sanon

With gelled back hair and light jewellery, Kriti Sanon’s dress makes its place on the second place in the list. She walked in a lehenga with shimmering silver embroidery at the waistline and magenta lotus prints paired with ornate bralette by Arpita Mehra. Her slim body and the blue ruffled dupatta were complimentary. She went for everything light other that her deep-hued dress which balances out the appearance and therefore even the gelled back hair looks fit on the outfit. That is something not everybody will opt for but then again why keep doing the same thing. Jam it up like Kriti, instead.

3. Aditya Roy Kapoor

KFL Vanity

Aditya Roy Kapoor dons a black one-button velvet jacket with a contrast black embroidered lapels by ace designer Manish Malhotra. He keeps it all black and walks the ramp with an intense look surfacing the manliness blended with chivalry. The outfit is definitely a good pick for the festive season as the designer Manish Malhotra added a touch of glamour to this embroidered suit. It has all the confidence and elegance that is why it makes it to my list of top 3.



Every Inch Of My Skin Is A Holy Grail

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Vogue faces are fun and ceremonial. They celebrate every right thing in their life and uplift its readers to catch up. The cover faces on their magazine is indeed a strong personality which is why they sell. We as a reader demand from these commercial magazines an escape from the rough life and go light on ourselves. From the side table grab vogue magazine and flip till you sip the coffee. Fashion is central to what I am going to write about and that really interests me. So, everybody keeps their eye peeping on who’s the face of Vogue this month? Well, that is good because I am covering Alia Bhatt here. I will talk about her Vogue photoshoot by Greg Swales for The Millennial Issue.

She is Vogue. Just when we thought denim can be no good now, Alia said, “Wait! till you see me in Frayed-denim skirt or trousers.” And when the February edition of Vogue hit the floor, we couldn’t agree more! She took the elegance to a new level blended with the frivolity of those ruffled denim jackets. The Flared denim trousers paired with a lace black bralette and ruffled denim jacket demands attention as she walks in the blue city, untameable.

The Frayed-edge denim skirt with peep toes booties and cross-legs say NO to cliche and break the impasse. She ensembles in herself a tough girl like the denim but the diamond neck piece she wears is an impression of the perpetual love that a lady is all about.

The over-sized denim jacket is last on my list. This jacket hides all insecurities while you walk like a woman in the narrow streets of the world. The briefs and bralette peep from beneath the denim and therefore hide the vulnerable state. Her hair is loose and makeup is nude with light smoky eyes. She says, “Take it from low to high.”

Be Winter Ready!

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Cold nights, large sweater,warm tea, soft socks

and a box of chocolates.♥

Winter are approaching, its the weather to take out your mufflers and cute sweaters and jackets. But keeping that aside winters usually take a toll on our skin, hair and more importantly on our bodies. So, the only way to prevent yourself from the harshness of the weather is by taking some measures to keep yourself at par with the weather.

1.  Avoid head wash with hot water.

One should always prefer washing their hair with luke warm water in winter. Although some people prefer having head wash with cold tap water but cold tap water freezes the head for 1-2 mins which is clearly not advisable. Instead, wash your head with luke warm water and then when once your done washing your hair just use cold water for a final rinse.

winter head wash
wash your head with warm water

Cold water is preferred as it closes the pore and the shine and the moisture of the hair remains intact. More moisture lesser frizz. But specifically in winter, use luke warm water to keep your scalp from freezing and you away from the horror of cold shower!

2.  Keep your body hydrated.

Its winter and no one wishes to drink to cold water. The moment  water goes down your throat it gives shivers to the spine and so we often avoid drinking water moreover, in winters one never feels thirsty but that is where we make a mistake.

drink water in winter
keep yourself hydrated

Body needs water to function properly. it regulates the body temperature and helps to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water can increase your metabolism and help you feel full, longer. This could help curb your appetite and keep you fit during the seasons of yummy hot beverages (mainly hot Gulab jamuns and Gajjar ka halwa).

Don’t follow the myth of drinking at least 4 Litres of water but just try to at least drink upto 2 litres. One way to do so is to keep a bottle filled with water near you, the moment you’ll pass a glance at it you will remember to drink.

3.  Moisturise EVERYDAY!

The skin becomes dry and flaky during winters if not moisturised daily.The human skin is the body’s largest organ and requires regular attention to stay young, blemish-free and healthy. Just like how you pulled your jackets, sweaters, and boots out of storage, you can put in a little bit of prep work for your skin too.

winter skin regime
skin moisturising

Regularly using lotion and moisturiser  in winters should be a part of good skin care regimen. Choose a lotion with plenty of vitamins and with an SPF of 15 to protect your skin during the day. Also use lotions that are oil free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), allergy and dermatologist tested. And, if you are confused between which product to use then opt for olive oil . There are no side effects of using for you skin and hair too!

P.S.- Go for Figaro olive oil.

4.  Eat. Eat. Eat.

winter food
hot chocolate

Even though its winters, the season of meethais, hot chocolates , hot fudge and everything hot and full of calories one should keep a track of what they are eating. No one want to loose out on their summer body so just some tips to reduce the effect of all the unhealthy high calorie intake .

  • Incorporate some greens in your daily diet. In winters the one thing available in markets are the green leafy veggies. Eat some greens on daily basis if not as a delicacy then maybe eat it in salads. They help in maintaining metabolism, and are really good for eyes.
  • Daily eat dry fruits. They are full of oil and nutrients that keep your body free of anti-oxidants and are high on fibres.
  • Try eating seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds etc though they might seem small but they have great effect on the body. Specially in winters many people have joint pain due to weather change and pumpkin seed help in preventing such joint pains. Same way flax seeds are famous for being the secret remedy for a good blemish free skin and healthy shiny hair.

5.  BE COLOURFUL in winter!

winter clothes
colourful winter clothes

Its that time of the wear where you can wear any colour to give yourself a relief from gloomy days. Wear bright colourful clothes and wait, why limit yourself to just clothes? GO EXPERIMENT. Accessorise your look with cute mufflers, scarfs, caps, gloves, boots and yeah don’t forget to wear some hoops!


Celebrities and their clothing venture

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Besides being the leading ladies in Bollywood, some celebrities have set foot in the clothing line. Mainly all the leading ladies have started either their own brand or have collaborated with some clothing brand to showcase the world their creativity and their designs. 

It is probably a new trend which is catching up a lot of air in the B-Town. These designer clothes are affordable and unique in their style and design.

1. Anushka Sharma


It is just two weeks ago that Anushka sharma launched her clothing line NUSH. After becoming a successful producer,she now aims to bring affordable , accessible clothing line which gives a sneak peak into her comfort yet chic style.The designs resonate well with her vibrant and chirpy personality bringing out the cool vibe in her autumn winter collection.

2.  Malaika Arora, Bipasha Basu and Suzanne khan

TheLabelLife is just an year old but the co-joined effort by  Malaika, Bipasha and Suzanne is their way to provide elegant home decor, clothing, shoes , accessories and bags. The recent Diwali decor collection was a mix of trendy and simple. Malaika is often seen sporting clothes from her brand.

3.  Mandira Bedi

The MandiraDesigns is the saree brand founded by Mandira Bedi. Because of her profound affliction towards sarees she planned on launching her own brand of sarees. It was only this summer that she has launched a hot summer collection, Salt.

4.  Shilpa Shetty 

In 2014, Shilpa shetty started her own saree line, SSK in collaboration with homeshop18. Without a doubt this skillful entrepreneur is doing extremely well in the clothing industry as well!

5.  Deepika Padukone 

van heusen clothing collar

In the year 2014, Deepika also collaborated with the American brand , Van Heusen. Though it was a limited edition specially desgined by her. The limited edition clothing collab had articles that were simple and neat and not loud just like her!

6.  Alia Bhatt 

alia clothing

The SOTY star collaborated with Jabong for their autumn/winter collection 2015. Just like her all the clothes were quirky and cute like a button. Moreover,the collection was a blend of cultures and long forgoten patterns and designs.

7.  Kangana Ranaut 

marquee clothing

Marquee by Kangana Ranaut was the award collection designed by Kangana that helped Vero Moda to up their game. The design were a reflection of her way to dress. The collection was multi dimensional.

8.  Lara Duttachhabra clothing

Lara Dutta-Chhabra 555 was an effort by Lara Dutta create beautiful sarees for her fans. This was a joined venture that was launched in the year 2012.

9.   Shraddha Kapoor

mara cloth

Imara by Shraddha Kapoor  was her way to incorporate ethnic and modern style dressing, and the brand is still doing  well and going strong.


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Oxidised Jewellery are killing the chic look. They are classy, elegant and give a very Indian yet a very sophisticated look. Earlier, they weren’t so easily available only selected in showrooms like the Amrapali Jewellery had the initial oxidised pieces but now its easily available in almost every market!

These are some oxidised jewellery that one ought to have to slay the Indo-Western chic look. 

  • Jhumka

    variety of jhumkas

    You can pair them up with indian wear like short kurtas and suits and if you opt for a slightly bigger size in the Jhumkas(like the one available in FabIndia) then you can pair it with lehengas and saree too!

    dress + jhumka
    silver Jhumka with cold shoulder dress

    And that’s not it, you can sport them  with jeans and dresses as well! (Mainly the silverish ones look best when paired with jeans and even dress like the one in the picture)

  • Neckpiece

    silver necklace

    Oxidised neckpieces are the most intricate and the most elegant piece of the oxidised clan. If you’re wearing a deep neck top, or a saree or even a dress this piece of jewellery adds a very earthy touch to your look.

    long neckpiece
    celebrities slaying it with oxidised neckpieces

    Generally, the long necklaces do wonder!t These are worn with sarees with not much detail mainly the cotton sarees and or anything with kantha work or paper silk etc.

  • Ring

    oxidised rings

    These can be carried with everyday casual style dressing. Rings can be worn with any type of clothing or attire they just add a list chic touch to the over all look. There are too many varieties with these in particular and of various sizes too!


  • Anklet


these are the best amongst the rest. There are two ways to wear these either you wear just one anklet to make it look trendy or you wear the complete pair of anklets. Also, while gazing at them on shops one often confuses them to be necklaces but there is a difference,an anklet would appear to be a bit more tarnish than the necklace and also their hooks are slightly different from that of a necklace.

  • Bangle

    Some oxidised banglesbangles are a bit conditional. Bangles alone don’t actually bring up the complete affect of the oxidised jewellery. Bangles paired with jhumkas on a cotton suit looks simple yet great and also wearing juttis with all of that will just bring it all together more beautifully.

P.S.- All these can be easily bought from Dilli Haat, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath market.


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Are you going to get hitched in just a few days or months? I know there will be lots of important things going the round the corners if this is the case. One of the most important thing amidst all the wedding functions is the wedding photo shoot. This seems super fun and enjoyable but at the same time it is a crucial thing which is going to last forever and it is going to be contributing a major memory for your entire lifetime. So, paying a lot of attention is very much important for the pre wedding photo shoots. Here are few things which you must consider extremely important for your pre wedding photo shoot.


Do not simply go out on the shooting day and search for the best locations. This would consume a lot of your time and you will also get dead tired in the process. A better idea is always to search for the place beforehand. You must do all your research with your fiancée and get the place decided. Also, just do not go for the place which is nearby or which is trending. Go to the place where you actually want to get clicked.

Related image



It is very important to look your best on your pre-wedding photo shoot. So, obviously, you will not want to compromise on your look. So, decide for all your outfits before and make sure that you choose the best outfit. Make sure that your outfit matches the theme of your wedding shoot. An Indian dress would never go well with the contemporary themed shoot, so choose well!

Related image



Just clicking the random pictures with your partner is not called a pre wedding shoot. You need to tell a story through your pictures. Each of your pictures should depict a tale and should show your chemistry in the best way. So, sit down with your partner and your photographer in advance and select a theme for your shoot. For this, you can also research by surfing various wedding blogs about the pre wedding shoot themes.

Image result for indian pre wedding photoshoot



You will obviously not want to go for your dream shoot and let people hinder your privacy and the weirdos stare at you. Choose for the perfect time. The best time is the early morning when the sunlight is the best and also not many people will be there in the public area. Apart from this, you need to fix your time according to the theme of your photo shoot. Your photographer knows about it better so consult to him before deciding.

Related image



The pre wedding photo shoot does not only necessarily involve the two of you. You have to involve all of your loved ones in your shoot. Call them all in the frame but decide theme and outfits before with them as well. They should not be with them in random outfits. Make their outfits well coordinated too.

Image result for indian pre wedding photoshoot WITH FAMILY


These were some of the things which you need to keep in mind while getting fixed with your pre wedding photo shoot. You will not want it to be normal and you will never want to settle for less when it comes to your pre wedding shoot. So, keep these things in your mind.

Featured Image: Pinterest