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Some girls can’t really get out of their homes without putting on makeup.They just love to pamper themselves up and put their best foot forward.

But its not possible to carry your huge and heavy makeup bag or kit everywhere.So,to help you out with the dilemma of what to carry daily,we have come up with these products.

1. Base

A base for your makeup is a must.With so many to choose from,there is something or the other for everyone.If you want high,flawless coverage then foundation is for you while BB cream is subtle and just veils your pores.

My favourite pick is Bobbi Brown’s Stick Foundation Stick which has been formulated for a weightless feel.Best part about is that its hassle free and you can just keep it easily in your bag to give your skin a fix when needed.

makeup:putting foundation
2. Concealer

It should be a luminous pigment that brightens up your skin and also works as highlighter to highlight your cheeks and brow bones.

Illamasqua Skin Base Lift is the best pick for under eye concelaer as it gives eyes a dewy feel with a light dab only.

makeup:putting concealer
3. Lip-balm

Some might even think of a lipstick more essential than a lip balm,but again its a personal choice.

We girls have a habit of carrying multiple lip balms of different flavours in our bags and why not.Who loves to roam around with chapped lips!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm is the best option if one is going for a tinted lip balm for that light flush of colour.

makeup:putting lip balm
4. Kajal

Mascara can also be a pick for someone but it depends from person to person.

If eyes are not well defined,then the person’s face seems dull and uninteresting.One can give it a fresh and sexy appearance with Elle 18 New Eye Drama Bold Kajal which has a creamy texture and has jet black colour.

makeup:putting kajal
5. Cream Blusher

Blusher gives a natural looking,fresh flush to the cheeks and that’s why should be creamy.Contouring your cheeks with a blusher is extremely important.

M&S Limited Collection Cream Blush is a goof-proof,buildable choice.

makeup:putting blush

Products may vary from person to person.These are purely based on one’s personal choices.

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5 Quick Fixes to not Overgo with Traditional Look at your Wedding

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Weddings in India are usually characterized by everything traditional-be it the wedding lehenga or ethnic jewellery or even makeup.

But if you are not that who is much into bling and embellishments but still want to look hatke  without hurting others’ sentiments by fulfilling your own wishes,then we have some quick fixes for you.

1. Minimize the bling

Avoid gold and heavy neckpieces.Instead go for simple medium length or broad chokers.

You can skip on earrings or opt for studs and go for a dramatic maang tikka or a nath (nose ring). Remember to keep a subtle balance between your outfit and the jewellery.

traditional:minimum bling

2. Ditch the red

Bored of old and traditional red,pink or maroon lehengas?Ditch and go for other colours.

Make your own statement with a light pastel hued lehenga in shades of peach, mint or ivory.Minimal jewellry and makeup will bring out the best of the outfit.

traditional:ditch red lehenga

3. Crop it up

Crop tops are the in thing this season and embedding it into your wedding attire will only add to the badly needed charm,sexiness and elegance.

Crops tops go really well with traditional bridal saree and high waist lehenga.Go for 3/4th or full sleeves to add a dash of elegance to the overall look.

traditional:crop top lehenga

4. Power of flower

Floral print lehengas are totally offbeat,modern and elegant. They look perfect for day weddings. With a little bit of bling, they make for a truly gorgeous night look too.

traditional:floral lehenga

5. A playful hairstyle

Bored of old-style buns and puffs?Let them take rest.

Go for a mischievous and bold hairstyle.Try a retro hairstyle with open curls, messy or neat plaits or curled side-swept. Don’t forget to add on some hair accessories.

traditional:mischiveous hairstyle

We hope that minimalistic-bling kind of people would have helped a lot with these quick fixes.If you too have some tips for others,please do tell in the comments section below.

6 Must Have HandBags for 2017

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Handbags are a must for ladies for puffing those extra things into something.Matching bags with outfits is something we ladies love to do.

But these days,there are numerous trending bags which not only look sassy and chic,but are also in vogue.If you are looking to update your closet, then go ahead and take a look at the most popular designer handbags for this season.

1. The Side Handle Clutch Bags

Are you bored of following the usual trend of carrying the bag from top? Then this side handle clutch is for you.It is making waves on the runway.

side hand clutch handbags

2. Micro bags

Micro bags are a must have handbag trend as they help us to find the important little things easily which get lost in big handbags(winks).

micro handbags

3. Novelty bags

These are unique shaped bags making waves and coming in more designs by which you pay for one but get two.

Like the ones which have broad straps or the embellished bags.

novelty handbags

4. Exotic print bags

Give a casual look to your handbags with with exotic and wild prints giving a boho feel to your overall look.

exotic handbags

5. Box bags

This might sound weird to many but box bags are box-shaped bags.Both box clutches and bags are available.

Some box bags even have long chain straps and can be used as sling bags.

box handbags

6. Embellished bags

Invest in timeless embellished bags for that bang on party look. The embellished bags come in box shaped, micro and cross-body types.

embellished hanbags

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9 Sassy yet Chic Maang Tikka Styles for a perfect Wedding look

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Wedding jewellery holds a significant place in every bride’s outfit.It not only embraces her beauty,but also helps in carrying the legacy further.It is meant not only to accessorise a woman,but also holds age-old significance with maang tikka being worn on her ajna chakra, seat of intuition.

Numerous maang tikkas are available in the market like tear drop,kundan and our very old traditional gold one but we have have compiled a list of some unique yet resplendant ones.

1. Chaand tikka

This is an elegant design that has been a popular favourite for years. It customarily features pearl and polki weights which add charm to traditional mehendi and wedding looks.

chaand maang tikka

2. Borla

This royal Rajputana piece of jewellery is crafted in meenakari with stones and diamonds.It is a traditional ornamentation in Marwari community.

borla maang tikka

3. Crescent maang tikka

This half-moon style maang tikka works perfect for those brides who are looking for a light-weight style and elegantly simple with kundan or stone work.

crescent maang tikka

4. String maang tikka

It is a statement piece drawing attention to itself and the bride, encircling the crown of her head and sitting gracefully.It can be single,double and even multiple strings of perals,kundan or polki.

string maang tikka

5. Hairline hugger

Worn higher than usual, it frames the bride’s face and draws attention to her eyes and facial features.

hairline hugger maang tikka

6. Elaborate maatha patti

This stunning heavy head piece turns head turner and has complements a strong personality.

Pair it with a simple nath for an overall complete look.

elaborate maatha patti maang tikka

7. Passa or jhoomar

This traditional Muslim piece of jewellery adds royalty to the overall look of the bride and is worn on the left.

jhoomar or passa maang tikka

8. Tiara maang tikka

Bringing in a little drama, the super classic tiara style maang tikka sits like a crown giving her a unique look.

tiara maang tikka

9. Circular maang tikka

This perfect piece sitting on the bride’s forehead is a statement piece and complements any style of jewellery.

circular maang tikka

8 must-have Types of Shoes for this Wedding Season

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Weddings are always about bling and charm.In midst of selecting ideal outfits and doing the best makeup,we ladies really forget about our shoes.

Yes,a comfy footwear is equally important as your outfit and makeup and it too needs to be bang on.Shoes are such a fashion accessory which girls can’t get much of.

But there are certain pair of shoes which one needs to have in their wedding’s shopping checklist.So,we have prepared 8 such types of shoes for you:

1. Mojaris and juttis

Mojaris and juttis are a traditonal Indian footwear with intricate designs,stunning embroidery and patters on them.

They not only look chic and match with any outfit,but is amongst the must have shoes for wedding.There are tons of designs available in the market in varied colous and designs.

mojaris and juttis shoes

2. Embellished kitten heels

Wedding is all about bling and embellishments and having some in your footwear would only add to the charm.

A pair of embellished sandals with kitten heels looks elegant,sexy and will go well with every traditional and western outfit too.

kitten heels shoes

3. Neutral pumps

Pumps are normally also a girl’s wardrobe staple,be it glossy or matte but they become even more special while going for a bachelorette party or after-wedding functions.

They look sexy and trendy with western outfits,complementing Indian outfits too.If you don’t believe us,then do try yourself.

neutral pumps shoes

4. Blingy heels in gold and silver

Gold and silver is the colour of wedding and having a pair of bling sandals in these two colours is just amazing.

They go with every Indian outfit.But do remeber not to pair these bling sandals with heavy embroidery work else it will overdo the entire look.

bling heels shoes

5. Embellished wedge heels or platforms

Wedge heels and platofrms are all about comfort and for wedding,just buy some embellished or bling wedges in gold,silver or black colour.

wedge and platforms shoes

6. Extravagant slingbacks

They differ from other heels in the way that they have  a strap behind which goes over the heels to keep them in place.

It is a must have for those who need to keep running throughtout the wedding and want their feet to be in place(winks).

slingback shoes

7. Essential flip flops

You will ofcourse not wear these to a wedding but will need it badly after a tiring day at a function or while being in car on the way to venue.

So,do include these in your wardrobe.

flip flops shoes

8. Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris pair well with traditional outfits and is the optimal choice for those who don’t want to go for heels but still wanna rock with their footwear.

They go with western outfits too.They are available in almost all the colours, including gold and silver.

kolhapuri shoes

10 Unique Types of Kurtis Every Woman Must Have

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Kurti has become a staple in a woman’s wardrobe for that elegant and charming look.A kurti is super comfortable and nowadays,come in varied styles and designs.

You must have heard and seen quite a number of kurtis but we bring to you some unique yet different styles of kurtis.

You might have heard names of some while others’ names would seem new to you.Lets have a look:

1.  Angrakha Kurti

This is the crisp version of the former times’ tunics worn by royal court’s musicians. In Angrakha, two similar or contrast flaps lay on each other and are tied with the help of straps at the side.

Angrakha kurti in Anarkali style is the latest trend.

angrakha kurtis

2. Dhoti style kurti

Dhoti kurti has gained lot of appreciation in quite a recent time. It is loose and comfortable to wear, and gives a designer look to stand out in parties.

In this style, drapes may start from yoke or bodice with designer cuts and creative patterns.Belt is a trendy pattern for this style and flatters feminine curves.

dhoti style kurtis

3. Cape style kurti

Cape is in trend and embedding into a kurti sounds super cool and sexy,yay.

These ultra-chic indo western kurtis are a great pick to make heads turn wherever and whenever you go.

cape style kurtis

4. Empire waist kurti

Inspired from western empire waist gown,these kurtis taper from the bust and flow through the entire length.You can also carry them as a dress with utmost elegance and sexiness.

empire waist kurtis

5. Denim kurti

Denim has grown its roots to kurtis also.It’s high time ladies ditch those usual shirts and jackets and pick a denim kurti instead for a rugged sporty look for the day.Pair it with anything in the bottomwear.

denim kurtis

6. Pintuck kurti

Pintucks or ornamental pleats in the fabric are a sophisticated addition in the fashion world. Kurtis with intricate designs with pintucks on the necklines are a must have in every fancy wardrobe!

pintuck kurtis

7. Reversible kurti

Its like getting two in the price of one.It is like a saviour for travel and it can be worn both inside out with two,whole new different looks.

reversible kurtis

8. Overlay kurti

This unique patterned kurti features light weight full length overlay starting from the waist.

overlay kurtis

9. Asymmetric kurti

If you have got bored of straight hemline, just try kurti with asymmetrical hemline. It gives an illusion of height and these kurtis are made of light fabric like crep,chiffon and georgette.

asymmetric kurtis

10. Kurti with pocket

You might kill us for this but yes,this too is a style of kurti which is a must for those who carry lots of stuff with them.

kurtis with pocket

There a lot more different types of kurtis but you know all of them.We know it(wink).


10 Bras A Woman Must Have In Her Closet

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Bra is one of the most essential things women use in their daily life.Bras now come in different types as per your style and mood.

Pairing your outfit with a correct type of bra is necessary so as to avoid unnecessary embarassing oops moments.

Here we present you the list of top 10 bras a woman must own that’ll go perfect with every outfit, occasion, mood and need of one.

1. Strapless bra

This type of bra has nothing to do with annoying and sticky straps and is worn mostly under strapless dresses and tops.It has good support to the cups of bra that makes it stay right in place.One must discard it after 5-6 months as its support power gets reduced with time.

strapless bras

2. Sports bra

This bra has no hassle of hooks and is meant specially for those women who exercise daily as it provides comfort and shape to the breasts.A good sports bra while exercising avoid sagging of breasts in a long run.

sports bras

3. Demi bra

Demi bra is a partially cut off bra that covers the lower side of breast and makes your breasts look fuller and in shape. This, in turn, helps the navel to appear sexier. Demi bra make a perfect match with square neckline.

demi bras

4. Backless bra

It is often confused with strapless bra which retains back but doesn’t has straps.This is best suited for backless dresses and gowns.

A backless bra can also be converted into a strapless one by using  silicone stick-ons.

backless bras

5. Full cup bra

This bra is specially designed to cover the entire area of your breasts and is the best option for women with fuller or large breasts.

full cup bras

6. Push up bra

Push up bras enhance and help to make the cleavage appear a bit more sexy and fuller.

push up bras

7. Convertible bra

You ought to have this one in which straps of the bra can be converted as per one’s style and form.

A convertible bra is a quick and easy solution where you can rearrange it according to your own needs, and this kind of bra looks great with every kind of dress.

convertible bras

8. Statement bra

It is best suited for dresses when you have a backless dress and don’t wish to show off your back.In that case,this statement bra acts as a sensuous piece of cloth in the form of a bra.

statement bras

9. Basic bralette

This type of bra is mostly worn by women in their 30s as it is comfortable,skin friendly and can go for one year.It has no pads and is seamless.

basic bralette bras

10. Nude bra

It goes best with your white and light coloured clothes.If you don’t wish to have other bras and still want one which can go with every dress,then this one is for you.

nude bras

We hope that you must have got ample knowledge regarding bras.Next,when you go out for bra-shopping,do take a look at what type of bra you need.


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Red is a feminine and bold colour.Every girl has atleast one red dress in her closet and why not?It makes one look sexy and is also a colour which boys love the most.

But sometimes,the red colour itself cannot do the whole talking.Accessories enhance the look of a red dress.But one needs to be really careful while choosing colours with red.

We have researched and prepared a piece for you to go through before you grab that dress for your next evening party or prom night.

1. Red dress and complementing shoes

Not all colours go well with red.One should avoid colours like blue,green or brown.Instead go for golden,silver or red itself.Another good shoe option is a printed one, if you’re so bold.

Consider the event also wherein your dress will be used.If you are going out with friends or a party,go for bold and daring colours.Printed shoes will look fabuolous.

For a formal event or a meeting,its more about elegance and sophistication.Subtle nude or black will go better.

footwear with red dress

2. Red dress and sassy handbags

Handbags are a safe choice but can ruin the overall look also if not paired well.

If your dress is made of a smooth fabric, a printed handbag will give a fun and chic touch to your look. Black, gold, silver or nude are the perfect shades. Always try to match your shoes with your handbag.

handbags with red dress

3. Red dress with chic accessories

Your accessories play a major role in turning heads towards you.Neither overdo nor underdo with accessories.You want the accessories to take away all the attention and eyes from your dress.

Go for golden or silver coloured accessories-in belt,earrings and necklace.Go for simple pieces,otherwise they’ll overpower your outfit.

accessories with red dress

4. Red dress and net stockings

This might sound a bit weird but yes,sheer black stockings look super hot and damn sexy when paired with a red dress.

For an outing with friends or a party,one can give thumbs up to it.

stockings with red dress

We hope that you must have got a sheer knowledge as to how to wear your red dress but utter boldness and flame.


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Women are accused of being a shopping fanatic and guess what, we prove them correct in all aspects. Yes, we are a shopping fanatic and we shop a lot and that is not at all illegal, at least not now. So, what’s wrong with shopping? At least we are loyal to something which most people cannot be. We tend to buy so many outfits but do you feel it when I say that we buy so many outfits but end up keeping most of them. Yes, we all do that. But what is the actual reason that we buy something but do not wear that? Well, we know these are some hidden but known to our reasons and I am sharing few of them to let us have a light felt the moment.


We all have great outfits in our closet but we do not always wear them. That Lacey off shoulder tops which we bought so fondly is still stacking up in the cupboard with its price tag. We love it a lot but we think to spare it for some grand occasion. And in this process, the outfit becomes old and we are late in wearing it. So, instead of keeping it, it is better to wear it, NOW.

Image result for women and her closet


You again came across to that cute lacey off shoulder top in your closet. But again you will not wear today just because you are not in a mood to wear today. And you will again keep it saved for the next day and it will be spared.

Image result for women and her closet


There will be lots of outfits in your closet which you will not be wearing just by saying that you are not too young to wear these outfits now. But you are never too old to experiment with your looks and style, anytime.

Image result for women and her closet


You bought a cute crop when you had the flat tummy but now you have gained a bit, and hence you have stopped wearing. You would swear to wear it again when you will loose those extra pounds but instead of waiting for so long, you can wear it just by styling it in newer ways.

Related image


You must have bought skinny jeans before, but since the fashion of it has faded a boyfriend and mom jeans have taken over, you will switch to it and not ever bother for wearing that again. Hence, it is stacked till the trend of it refreshes.

Related image

So, these were some of the hilarious and the terrific reasons as for why women do not wear their clothes more than once or why they have so many outfits. we hope you could relate to this.




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Who doesn’t love long flowing tresses! Recently the trend of Bob and the short hair trend are going extremely popular but the fondness of long hair is something never ending. But it becomes difficult to manage the long hair and we are always short of hairstyles when it comes to styling the long hair. No doubt there are plenty of hairstyles which can be done with the long hair but it takes a lot of time and hence we either tie a ponytail or just twist it into our most comfy buns. So, here we bring some of the easiest hairstyles for the long hair which you can do instantly without wasting much time.


Tying a ponytail on long hair is something we all do. And the braids from all the corners are always a good idea too. This loose braided ponytail is very easy and would also take very less time. It is great for the college look and also for the brunch look.


Leaving your long hair open always can be a problem and also it can be messy. So, it is nice to braid the upper section in two layers and pin it and leave the extra hair open. It is a great and a quick hairstyle which will compliment the traditional outfits.


This hairstyle may look twisted and tough but actually, it is not. If you look at it properly and try to do it in real, you will find that it is extremely easy and it would look so pretty after doing it. It would also not take much of your time.


This donut bun is really pretty and a decent hairstyle for work as well for parties. It takes nearly 2 minutes to make it and you are done. Securing the long hair in a bun never goes out of style and also makes you stay fuss free.


As I said earlier, the ponytails are the best hair style options for the long hair. And the sleek ponytail is one of the best because it literally takes less than two minutes in doing and stays that way all day long. It is ideal for a date night look as well if you are wearing a gown.


This is another chic hairstyle which can be flaunted with lots of your looks. The front pouf and the twists at the back make it a great hairstyle for the casual and as well as when you are dressed in ethnics.

These were some of the easiest hairstyles for the long hair which you can do in minutes and stay stylish all day long. We hope you found these hair tutorials super easy.