Fashion Tips for the Office Goers

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Office is that one place were we spent so much time working that we always want to wear anything that gives us comfort. We look for anything that is easy to wear and has not too much going on. Only the daredevils opt to wear a saree at work which in itself is a task to do. But there should be a style manual for the office goers. They surely need one. I see people wearing almost anything for the sake of work. Their is no colour coordination, or anything but some might contradict that its an office and not a runway but this one is only for those who wish to make fashion their best friend!

Zara Formals

First things first, no matter if you’re going to an office looking pretty and smart is never off limits. One should always look presentable not because the world wants it but also when you dress good you feel good. Its all about feeling good. Opt for things that are for your body type, skin tone and that suits you. Because wearing anything that makes you feel uneasy is not something that we want.

Then try to find time for fashion, before you good to bed choose the outfit you want to wear the next day and then find the appropriate accessory to go with it. Even in the morning wake up a little early to spend time on yourself, REMEMBER: its an office and not a runway so don’t stress on putting to much makeup. Just a good amount of moisturiser along with a right of BB cream, maybe an under eye cream (only if you need one), along with an eye liner or a kajal which ever you prefer. After doing so its completely onto you whether you choose to pick a darker shade of lipstick or lighter shade. But then again, if you are putting both an eye liner and a kajal and then a dark shade of lipstick it will look as if you are out for a party.


Thirdly, the right kind of clothes. For the ones who always prefer traditional, I think Aurelia and W have the best collection for office goers. Their kurtas are very office friendly there is not much work, it’ll either be thread work or some print and thats it. Moreover, W is trendy they have kurtas and suits which are very modern in terms of style.



The Label Life

For those who are modern and also dress in a casual way like jeans and trousers and stuff. The label life is the brand for you. They have a very trendy collection of shirts and tops which can be worn in meetings and offices. If you think that the designs are to much for you to carry, then Zara Basic is extremely in that sense. In terms of shirts their formal collection is outstanding and the same is with H&M but then in H&M you might have a problem with the lower, their lowers or trousers don’t really have the right fit. And for the modern ones, who prefer wearing skirts and dresses to work, all hail Donna from the TV series, Suits. Make her your goddess and workshop her because her fashion sense and her office dresses will surely become a dream for you to have.

Donna from Suits

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